Branding and markeging strategies for large medical clinic practice groups


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Branding and markeging strategies for large medical clinic practice groups

  1. 1. Content, Nurturing, Trust and Referrals New Paths to Clinical Practice Branding and Marketing Presented at the Large Urology Group Practice Association (LUGPA) 2010 National Conference
  2. 2. Challenges • Medical Complexity • Competition • Noise • Choice 2
  3. 3. People Hate to be Sold, But Love to Buy 3 Hate to be sold Love to buy
  4. 4. What is a Brand? More than a collection of marketing tactics, a brand is the perception of an organization (product or person) in the mind of the market. 4
  5. 5. Customer Tribes selling, marketing or relating?
  6. 6. Patients Have Many Needs • Special circumstances • Regular screenings • Emergency care 6
  7. 7. Primary Care Doctors • Market to primary care physicians for referrals to urologists • Strengthen those relationships to overcome fears that the specialist will steal the patient 7
  8. 8. Managed Care Providers • To be included on managed care panels 8
  9. 9. Give Them What They’re Looking for...
  10. 10. The Communication Responsibilities of Leaders • Market leaders become synonymous with the category. They: - Have a responsibility to promote the category - Avoid promoting features or benefits - Enjoy attributes inherent to leadership: innovation; depth of resources; recognition 10 Leader #2special- ist special- ist special- ist special- ist special- ist special- ist special- ist
  11. 11. Draw on Your Subject Matter Expertise • Rather than present the features & services of your practice, focus on such topics as - care models - trends in health - trends in science - trends in research - diet & exercise behavior affecting health - genetics - self-care 11
  12. 12. Build Trust... 12 Be Transparent Speak in a human voice Reflect back Culturalize trust Sustain engagement Provide a sense of control Provide choices Listen a culture where you can’t say: “trust me” [Distinguishing the patient experience, when excellence in care is the ‘price of entry’]
  13. 13. Offer Transparency Northwestern Memorial Hospital publishes their quality of care scores 13
  14. 14. Manage for Consistency • Consistency of visual standards and message • Consistency over time • Consistency at all marketing touch points 14 Sales materialWebsite Newsletters
  15. 15. Focus on the Patient Experience • Put the patient / audience at the center of the strategy • Eon moved away from the medical technology of dental implants, to communicate the life-changing benefit of a new smile • Strategy: Perfect teeth for a lifetime • Marketing: Smile Celebration campaign 15
  16. 16. Plan: Content, Sources and Publishing Process 16 Content strategy Sources Publishing process Sales process integration • Determine content relevant to the steps in the purchase consideration process • Develop the editorial calendar • Establish marketing automation tools • Establish metrics monitoring tools • Aligning content with the stages of the purchase or selection process, which should also match stages in the sales funnel • Collect CRM database leads • Follow up content marketing leads • Develop and publish new content and resources over time, as leads are nurtured and insight into audience interest is deepened Develop content to: - Identify the complexity of the problem - Show how to think about the problem - Share best practices - Develop confidence in your expertise Monitoring tools ¯ Industry blogs ¯ Google Alerts ¯ LinkedIn Groups ¯ Twitter hash tags Your organization and experts - Salespeople in conversation with prospects - Patients (and other audiences) and problems they are solving - Support staff and other departments
  17. 17. Automate: Content Marketing (Publishing) 17 Website Webinars Advertising Event Tradeshow Patient Database with current patients, new opt in targets CRM automation tool Loopfuse Email Marketing: Editorial strategy and calendar Content: White papers, articles, blog posts, news, enewsletter promotions Sales Calls Funnel Management Lead Handling NAME CAPTURE SALES PROCESS SEGMENT 1 SEGMENT 2 SEGMENT 3 WAVE 1 WAVE 1 WAVE 1 WAVE 2 WAVE 2 WAVE 2 LEAD GENERATION ANALYTICS: OPEN AND CLICK RATESLONG TERM PROSPECTS AUTOMATION PROCESS: NURTURE CONNECTIONS OVER TIME AUTOMATION PROCESS IN-MARKET
  18. 18. Search: Your New Home Page is • Be available to the people looking for your solution • Help patients, primary care docs, and managed care providers to find what they need • Search activators: - content - activity - video: YouTube is #2 search engine - keywords and phrases audiences use 18
  19. 19. 19 Develop The Content Marketing Strategy Case Studies Search (SEO / SEM) Keywords Press Releases/ media relations Speaking (panels, tradeshows, associations Webinars Point of view, thought leadership content email marketing/ eNewsletter White paper, articles, blog posts Subject expert videos How we work, process Spec sheets and tech info Product photos and demos CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY EXPERT SPEAKER WRITING PUBLISHING CRM WEBSITE PLATFORM PUBLIC RELATIONS ADVERTISING/ ONLINE DIRECT TRADESHOW/ EVENT SALES STRATEGY MARKETING STRATEGY Marketing asset or action BRAND POSITIONING & MESSAGE WORD OF MOUTH • REFERRAL • REPUTATION SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS YouTube Facebook Twitter
  20. 20. Resources - David Meerman Scott • Cashing in with Content • The New Rules of Marketing and PR - Jim Cecil And Eric Rabinowitz • Nurturing Customer Relationships Kevin Masi, Co-Founder and President Torque ltd. 20