ICI project 1


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ICI project 1

  1. 1. Landscape architecture magazine Introduction to landscape architect Questions to landscape architect Differences in landscape architect and other consultants
  2. 2. Introduction to landscape architect - Landscape architect combines creativity and visionary to make beautiful landscapes - They have to research books and get lots of experience to have ideas in landscaping - They will start to design after the building is built and follow the rules and regulations from the local authority - The very important part of landscape architect is they have to know lots and lots of types of tree and plants.
  3. 3. Questions to landscape architect What is the scope of a landscape architect? ? ? Which stage of the project does landscape architect take place? • Firstly, it is designing a concept • After that, finalize the concept with the client • Then do the construction drawing • Lastly, get approval from the local authority When the building approval is obtained by the architect
  4. 4. Differences between landscape architect and other consultants  Specializes in designing landscapes in an area.  Needs to know all sorts of plant species and experiences in landscaping.  Needs to know the site planning and land use planning.  Pays more attention towards the building.  Pays attention to the design and structure of the building.  Focuses in building materials and foundation. Landscape architect Other consultants
  5. 5. Conclusion Though this project, I have understood the work as an landscape architect and the differences between landscape architect and other consultancies. All thanks to the landscape architect, Mr. Eric Koh and Miss Norma lecturing me through this project.