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Streamlining AI Prototyping and Deployment with R and MLflow


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We provide a recap of the MLflow R interface which was announced at Spark+AI Summit Europe and discuss recent developments. The session includes a live demo showcasing the intersection of big data (Spark) and deep learning (via TensorFlow) and how the end-to-end lifecycle from prototyping to deployment can be managed by MLflow.

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Streamlining AI Prototyping and Deployment with R and MLflow

  1. 1. Kevin Kuo @kevinykuo, RStudio Streamlining AI Prototyping and Deployment with R and MLflow #UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit
  2. 2. Daily specials - Quick update on the R ecosystems for AI stuff - Recap of MLflow - Demo - Discussion + Q&A 2#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit
  3. 3. Sparklyr Update - Arrow integration to massively speed up UDFs - XGBoost - TFRecord read/write - SparkNLP on the way 3#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit
  4. 4. TensorFlow Update 4#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit
  5. 5. TensorFlow Update 5#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit
  6. 6. TensorFlow Update He looks skeptical, as if you were nothing get it right. It drives me crazy, I can do this reproachful look no longer endure. His name is Olaf. 6#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit
  7. 7. TensorFlow Update - library(keras) defaults to tf.keras - TensorFlow Probability for probabilistic modeling - Eager execution - Preparing for TF2.0 drop 7#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit
  8. 8. Quick recap of MLflow Open source platform for - Experiment instrumentation (Tracking) - Reproducible runs (Projects) - Model deployment (Models) 8#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit
  9. 9. Tracking Keeping track of stuff mlflow_log_param("num_hidden_units", 64) mlflow_log_artifact("training_history.png") mlflow_log_metric("accuracy", metrics$acc) 9#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit
  10. 10. Projects Packaging up (reproducible) building blocks mlflow_run("data-prep.R") 10#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit
  11. 11. Models Deployment flavors: keras: version: 2.2.2 data: model.h5 python_function: loader_module: mlflow.keras data: model.h5 env: conda_env.yaml utc_time_created: 19-04-25T01:00:21.21.72 11#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit mlflow_rfunc_serve( "keras_model", run_uuid = training_run_id )
  12. 12. Demo! 12#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit
  13. 13. Roadmap How are package dependencies handled for R projects? Conda? Packrat? What if your packages depend on Java/Python libraries? 13#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit
  14. 14. Quick excursion on dependency management 14#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit
  15. 15. Renv is in 15#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit renv::init() renv::restore()
  16. 16. Renv is in 16#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit Conda support in progress for reticulated packages
  17. 17. What about... What about stuff with Java/rJava dependencies?!?! 17#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit
  18. 18. Betting on new tech Why MLflow and not something else? 18#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit
  19. 19. Roadmap Better integration with deployment tech - MLeap ( - H2O - TensorFlow Serving - Arbitrary R models (plumber + docker) 19#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit
  20. 20. Resources - - - - - - Demo Repo: 20#UnifiedAnalytics #SparkAISummit