Communications Priority 2009 2010


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Presentation to Council on the 2009-2010 Communications Priority action plan, September 2009.

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Communications Priority 2009 2010

  1. 1. Communications Priority Reno Council Priorities 2009–2010 City of Reno, Nevada
  2. 2. Goals & Objectives Continue excellent public communication through all media Be proactive and strategic in decision-making Increase public awareness Encourage participation in local government Promote public confidence in City of Reno Measure effectiveness City of Reno, Nevada
  3. 3. Overall Strategies Increase presence in social media Bring broadcast in house Continue to enhance website Support opportunities for public participation Update and improve plans, policies, and procedures Pursue low/no cost strategies (41% Decrease in operating budget) City of Reno, Nevada
  4. 4. Long-Term Communications Strategies Implement 2009-2010 Strategic Communications Plan Create workflow management plan Establish intellectual property policy Create internal communications plan Evaluate need for multi-language communications Enhance emerging issues plan City of Reno, Nevada
  5. 5. Enhance Website Transfer to “” Website users focus group Evaluate City business processes for online access Develop online reputation management and search engine optimization strategies City of Reno, Nevada
  6. 6. City Television Ensure original programming is available on the City’s website, news blog, and YouTube Channel Restructure programming and update design elements Contract for citywide research on general television viewing patterns and local media audiences Begin in-house broadcasting and channel management by October 1, 2009 City of Reno, Nevada
  7. 7. Social Media Develop a social media strategy Deploy a news blog/virtual newsletter Increase the number of subscribers, categories of subscription lists, and broadcast messages sent by Reno Connect Design a social media tracking program City of Reno, Nevada
  8. 8. Around the Arch Stories can Latest news include photos releases And video Tags for Users can popular topics share stories on social media City of Reno, Nevada
  9. 9. Social Media Link back to blog 715 5,271 Answer questions publicly City of Reno, Nevada
  10. 10. Regional Cooperation Evaluate cooperative or shared services for television production and broadcasting; graphic design and printing; and call center operations Assess the City’s web accessibility by the Federal Government’s “Open Government Directive” City of Reno, Nevada
  11. 11. Communications Priority Team Kevin Knutson, Director of Community Relations Susan Schlerf, Assistant City Manager Rick Vandenberg, Director of Communications & Technology John Hester, Director of Community Development Renée Ruņğis, Director of Human Resources Sven Leff, Recreation Supervisor Terri Hendry, Strategic Communications Program Manager Sharon Spangler, Television Production Program Manager Kristy Fifelski, E-PIO (Web Services Program Manager) Steve Frady, Public Information Officer – Public Safety Michele Anderson, Public Information Officer – Public Works City of Reno, Nevada
  12. 12. Reno Direct (334-4636) City of Reno, Nevada