The Affordable Care Act Values PP May 2013


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What is the Affordable Care Act? How does health reform impact me and how do I talk about it?

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The Affordable Care Act Values PP May 2013

  1. 1. The Affordable Care ActMaking health care more secure andreturning control to consumers1
  2. 2. Freedom:• Every American should have the freedom to control their ownmedical decisions without interference from insurancecompanies.• Health insurance industry discrimination against Americans withpreexisting conditions violates fundamental rightsAccess to Health Care is anAmerican Value
  3. 3. Access to Health Care is anAmerican ValueOpportunity:• Americans who lack access to stableand affordable health coverage donot have a fair shot at the Americandream. They face a constant threatof having their lives and careersdevastated by health disasters thatalso become financial disasters.• Every American should have theopportunity to change jobs or start asmall business without losing healthcoverage.
  4. 4. Access to Health Care is anAmerican ValueResponsibility:• Everyone should take responsibility for getting health carecoverage for themselves and their families so long as it is madeaffordable and accessible.• The insurance industry should be able to make reasonable profitbut in return should be held accountable by not profiting fromabusive practices and discrimination.
  5. 5. The Affordable Care ActThe national health care lawadvances American health care values--Passed March 23, 2010--Reforms Come in 2 StagesBut first, we’re talking aboutthis because…
  6. 6. It’s the law of the land and it’s time to move forward. Theprivate market failed to guarantee access to affordable healthcoverage. For the first time everyone will have somewhere togo to get good coverage at a reasonable price, no matter what.
  7. 7. Stages of Reform
  8. 8. Stage 1 Early ReformsThe Affordable Care Act holds insurance industryand government responsible for:• Preventive care coverage & screenings with no co-paysor deductibles• Young adults can stay on parents private insurancepolicies until age 26• Preventive care without cost sharing for seniors onMedicare
  9. 9. Stage 1 Early ReformsInsurance industry violations of health care freedomalready outlawed by the Affordable Care Act• Preexisting condition exclusions (kids now/everyone in2014)• Lifetime limits• Dropping coverage after a person gets sick• Excessive insurance industry profits and overhead capped
  10. 10. Sami’s Story“My 7-year-old son, Sami, suffers from adisease that causes tumors to grow allover his body. Sami’s treatments couldnot continue if we hit our insurancepolicy’s life time limit. Thanks to theAffordable Care Act, insurance companiescan no longer impose lifetime limits ordeny health coverage to children like Samiwith preexisting conditions. We can’t goback to being on our own against theinsurance companies.”--Tracy, Appleton, Wisconsin.
  11. 11. The Affordable Care Act ends healthinsurance industry assault onopportunity and freedom of 1.3 millionWisconsinites• More than 1.3 millionWisconsinites under the age of65 have been diagnosed with pre-existing conditions that, withouthealth reform, could lead todenials of coverage ordiscriminatory rates.• As we age, the risk of insuranceindustry discrimination escalates.
  12. 12. Just Some of the Examples of PreexistingConditions
  13. 13. Gender Discrimination
  14. 14. Competitive Health Marketplacefor Middle Class• Created by each state, or federalgovernment if state refuses (Wisconsinrefused)• You choose your own private insurance ona website, like Travelocity or ConsumerReports.• Consumers in control, with clearinformation and real competition.• Members of Congress offeredsame choices we have.• Open to all Americans who don’t have affordable healthcoverage options now or in the future.
  15. 15. Stage 2 Full Reform:Guaranteed affordablehealth care (2014) that cannever be taken away!•Health coverage guaranteed to everyone who buysinsurance on their own or works for a small businessthrough new consumer-friendly competitive marketplaces•For lower income Wisconsinites, billions in federal dollarsavailable to states to fill the holes in BadgerCare.
  16. 16. Competitive HealthMarketplace for MiddleClass• Coverage more secure: bans denials ofcoverage due to preexisting conditions ordropping coverage when someone get sick.• Coverage more affordable: premium taxcredits on a sliding scale.• New options, such as nonprofit memberowned health insurance cooperatives.• No discriminatory pricing based on medicalcondition, age, and gender.
  17. 17. Remy’s Story“I own a small café. Over 20 years ago Ibeat cancer, but ever since then noinsurance company would sell me a policybecause my cancer is called a preexistingcondition. Starting in 2014 under theAffordable Care Act, no insurancecompany will be allowed to discriminateagainst me because I’m a cancersurvivor.”--Remy, Pepin, Wisconsin
  18. 18. BadgerCare for low incomeWisconsinites• Seeks to end complicated eligibility requirements &waiting lists: everyone below an established income linewould get BadgerCare.• HOWEVER: The Supreme Court gave states the abilityto reject the additional federal money for Medicaid(BadgerCare).• Governor Walker plans to reject the new Medicaidmoney. (The Legislature can change this).• Walker’s approach costs Wisconsin $100 million morein this budget to cover 87,000 fewer people.
  19. 19. Over 170,000 Statewide Would BeEligible If We Take the Money
  20. 20. Before You Assume This isA Partisan Issue…• Chris Christie, New Jersey, (R)• Jan Brewer, Arizona, (R)• Rick Scott, Florida, (R)• Rick Snyder, Michigan, (R)• Brian Sandoval, Nevada, (R)• Susana Martinez, New Mexico, (R)• Jack Dalrymple, North Dakota, (R)• John Kasich, Ohio, (R)• Lincoln Chaffee, Rhode Island, (I)Conservative Governors Who Have Accepted FederalMedicaid Funds
  21. 21. Terry’s Story"Im a personal care worker, I work at agroup home and makes $9 an hourtaking care of peoples health. Eventhough I work to keep other peoplehealthy, I do not have affordable healthcare myself. I have not been able toqualify for BadgerCare, in fact Im justover number 141,000 on the waitinglist. Im father of three, I want to givemy children their chance at theAmerican dream but without healthinsurance, were looking at anuncertain future."-Terry O, Milwaukee
  22. 22. Why Is This Even AnIssue?• Big Insurance wants to repeal healthreform so it can continue to profitthrough discrimination.• Some unscrupulous politicians wantto sabotage the implementation ofhealth reform in order to furthertheir political ambitions.•There are ideological opponents who refuse to accept health reformand cannot be swayed by any amount of facts showing the benefits.
  23. 23. The Affordable Care Act isWorth ProtectingInsurance companies must now play fairly.It’s the law.• PROTECTION: Working families no longer can be denied coverage forpreexisting conditions, risk losing their coverage when they get sick or hit a“lifetime limit”• PREVENTION: Preventative care must be covered free of charge byinsurance companies--including mammograms for women and wellness visitsfor seniors.
  24. 24. The Affordable Care Act is WorthProtectingInsurance companies must now play fairly.It’s the law.• FAIRNESS: Millions of Americans will receive a rebate because theirinsurance company spent too much of their premium on administrativecosts or CEO bonuses.• PEACE OF MIND: Families will not be forced into bankruptcy whensomeone gets sick, and can get affordable coverage no matter where theychoose to work or what gender they are; with no loopholes or fine print inyour policy!
  25. 25. Questions?• Kevin KaneHealthcare OrganizerCitizen Action of Wisconsin414 550 8280 (cell)