Post 1/1 Health Reform Update


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Explaining the ACA's impact on Wisconsin since Jan 1

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  • The cow logo is because of our longstanding campaign even prior to health reform. We added the “Don’t let them take it away” to imply that there are benefits even now that you would lose if the law was gone, even before the big parts are here.
  • We recommend just reading this slide verbatim and moving on, don’t spend as much time here
  • We try to explain to people why we talk about healthcare, why it is something they care about (or should) even if they are experts in health policy. We are explaining it at an emotional level, through core progressive values that many people already feel. We don’t just try to convince the head, we want to convince the heart.
    You can say that these are the values for why Citizen Action has been promoting this law
  • I like to give the example after the 2nd bullet point: “We all know at least one person who says: ‘I hate my job, but at least I have healthcare’, or even ‘I’d love to start my own company or be self employed, but how the heck am I going to get health insurance?’. This law makes that much easier.”
  • We tell people that this law is a promise: we will, both now and in the future, look at access and affordability, and in turn you must do your part and get covered. The vast majority of uninsured people don’t lack coverage because they don’t want it, it’s because they can’t get it!
  • These are in effect right now, with a few exceptions. Here is what I’d say after each point
    -Preventive care: things like (but not limited to) mammograms, colonoscopies, flu shots, doctors visits, depression screenings, cancer screenings, pregnancy screenings etc are all now coverage with no co-pays or deductibles. Because for the first time in American history, we’re not making you wait until you get so sick you need care, we’re trying to keep you healthy long term! Prevention saves lives and saves money. Cancer screenings are cheaper than chemotherapy for example, and save more lives.
    -Young Adults: just read that point for now
    -For Medicare: We mention this separately because people on Medicare had it a full year longer than everyone else
  • Just read this through. I would emphasize that if you have coverage now and you like it, you can keep it! You do not have to change your coverage.
  • Through more transparency, more competition, no more discrimination and now tax credits to reduce costs, this law will go a long way to allowing more people to access healthcare and bring down costs.
  • Open enrollment is there to encourage people to sign up sooner than later. Don’t want people buying insurance after they need it! But special circumstances allow you to go back again even after open enrollment ends. Things like losing insurance, being laid off, getting married, having a child etc.
  • We describe navigators to those who don’t know what they are as basically an agent that doesn’t get a commission, has no incentive to sell you any plan
  • BadgerCare is a good program, it is an expanded basic medicaid program. But there are different eligibility levels based on if you are (1) a child, (2) pregnant, (3) parents, or (4) child-less. Because of which there is a waiting list of about 157,000 people
    The ACA would have ended the waiting list. But when the Supreme Court gave states the ability to reject the funds, Walker did.
  • Just read this through
  • Post 1/1 Health Reform Update

    1. 1. The Affordable Care Act In to 2014! 1
    2. 2. We’ve made it! And we must never go back! It is now illegal for health insurance Companies to DENY COVERAGE to anyone with pre-existing conditions like cancer and diabetes!
    3. 3. Access to Health Care is an American Value Freedom: • Every American now has the freedom to control their own medical decisions without interference from insurance companies. Insurance companies can now longer decide issues are “preexisting”, or put additional barriers between you and your doctor
    4. 4. Access to Health Care is an American Value Opportunity: • Every American now has opportunity to change jobs or start a small business without losing health coverage. Small businesses can access new options and prospective entreprenuers can leave their job and/or start a business and still be able to get affordable health coverage!
    5. 5. Access to Health Care is an American Value Responsibility: • • Now we must make sure that everyone take responsibility for getting health care coverage for themselves and their families as long as it is made affordable and accessible. We now also have the responsibility to improve upon the law to improve access and reduce costs long term
    6. 6. Quick Reminder of the Benefits The Affordable Care Act holds insurance industry responsible for: • Preventive care coverage & screenings with no co-pays or deductibles • Young adults can stay on parents private insurance policies until age 26 • Accept everyone, regardless of preexisting condition, gender etc • Playing fairly – no more “got-ya’s”, excessive insurance industry profits
    7. 7. Competitive Health Marketplace: • Open to all Americans who don’t have affordable health coverage options now or in the future. • You choose your own private insurance on a website, like Travelocity or Expedia etc. • Consumers in control, with clear information and real competition. • Members of Congress offered same choices we have.
    8. 8. Competitive Health Marketplace: • Coverage more secure: bans denials of coverage due to preexisting conditions or dropping coverage when someone get sick. • Coverage more affordable: premium tax credits on a sliding scale. • New options, such as nonprofit member owned cooperatives. • No discriminatory pricing based on medical condition, age, and gender.
    9. 9. Dates to Know • March 31st is the end of open enrollment. But there are ways you can still go after open enrollment is over • April 1st is the first day 77,000 people kicked off of BadgerCare can go to to purchase private plans. They have until May 30th to do so. • November 15th is the start of the next open enrollment
    10. 10. Where Can I Go? You can get coverage in a number of ways. • • • • Online: • • • Local institutions: hospitals, health centers, etc 24/7 Hotline 1-800-318-2596 Public Libraries Many nonprofits will become “navigators”, entities whose role is to find you coverage. Brokers/agents Our call center – 855 848 9587
    11. 11. BadgerCare for low income Wisconsinites • The Affordable Care Act gives billions in federal dollars to WI to fill in the holes in BadgerCare. • Governor Walker rejected the federal funds, which the Legislature agreed to in the budget. • Walker’s approach costs Wisconsin $149 million more in the current state budget and forces 77,000 off BadgerCare • On top of that, the Legislature delayed the adding 83,000 until April 1st in order to hold off kicking the 77,000 off until March 31st
    12. 12. • The good news is that Wisconsin can take the enhanced BadgerCare money at any time. • This will happen, the only question is how long people have to go without health coverage. • Many organizations are speaking out on this, • Rejection is very unpopular, only 36.5% agreed with Gov in Oct MU Poll
    13. 13. 10 Million! • • 2.1 million new through Marketplaces • • 3.1 million new through parent coverage 4.3 million new through Medicaid (not updated) ~500,000 direct enrolled through insurer • = ~10 million, could be 13 million with new Medicaid numbers
    14. 14. Questions? • Kevin Kane Healthcare Organizer Citizen Action of Wisconsin 414 550 8280 (cell) More info: Kaiser Family Foundation –