Competing information systems used in emirates


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Competing information systems used in emirates

  2. 2. Emirates  Majority of its fleet is Airbus.  Airline ranks as the largest in the world by international seating capacity  It has a policy of maintaining a young fleet, which stood at an average of 6.7 years as of December 2011. It renews its fleet frequently  Relies on airbus for its fleet operations & support management.
  3. 3. Airbus  Their aircrafts is raising the bar for ecoefficiency with its low fuel consumption and noise levels.  Fly-by-wire controls.  It is known for Improved navigation techniques
  4. 4.  Airbus develops and provides all the support software required to maintain their aircrafts  AIRMAN : monitors the health of an operator’s jetliners, and instantly advises if a fault or warning message is registered through its on-board maintenance system and transmitted to ground control via the aircraft’s communication system.  AIRN@V : creating modules dedicated to navigation, engineering, repair & maintenance planning system.  AIRTAC : specialists and engineers at a site are available around-the-clock to serve Airbus operators, working to minimise on-the-ground time for aircraft troubleshooting and repairs wirelessly using state-of-the-art computer
  5. 5. ELISE (Exact Landing Interference Simulation Environment)  Airbus is facilitating safer aircraft landings with its advanced software.  The new-generation technology effectively eliminates disturbances to an airport’s ground-based Instrument Landing System (ILS) signal, which can be sensitive to interference caused by other aircraft, buildings and other objects in close proximity to the runway
  6. 6.  Improves safety in low visibility conditions  Increases runway capacity  Optimization of airside land usage, allowing for buildings to be built nearby without disrupting the facility’s Instrument Landing System
  7. 7. Cockpit Comparison :  Airbus Airliners  General Airliners
  8. 8.  The Air Traffic Management (ATM) system and technology on board their aircrafts unlocks transport congestion.
  9. 9.  Research suggests that due to use of this software. A route takes 13 minutes shorter. This would save around  9 million tonnes of excess fuel annually  28 million tonnes of avoidable CO2 emissions  500 million hours of excess passenger’s flight time.
  10. 10.  Emirates became the first airline in the world to introduce a personal entertainment system on a commercial aircraft after introducing the world’s first seat-back screens.  Currently they have seat-back screens for economy class also.
  11. 11.  You can access up to 1,500 channels of entertainment.  Can stay connected with OnAir inflight WiFi system  SMS, telephone and email service at every seat.
  12. 12.  Can Request any multicourse meal ahead of your flight.  Complimentary Chauffeur-drive service for business and first class flyers.
  13. 13.  Make a booking  Check fares and book your flight.  Check in and choose or change your seat on the move.  Mobile Boarding Pass  Manage your booking  Change your flights  Manage your booking.  request a meal and book your Chauffeur-drive service.  Check Flight Status  Emirates Timetable  Flights, routes, connections and timings.  Services by flight  List of book for aircraft type, cabin features and inflight entertainment before your flight  Learn about dedicated departure lounges.  Emirates Skywards login to check your Miles as well as present and past itineraries.  Inflight service.  Contact Emirates  Alert when loved ones arrive or when your flight is due to depart. Emirates App
  14. 14.  Can Book your flights, choose your seats, check in online and Mobile boarding pass – all from your mobile phone.  Dedicated Emirates Lounges as well as partnered lounges in more than 60 airports around the globe. Have a snack, enjoy a beverage, or catch up on business before your flight
  15. 15. Emirates Skywards Card :  Keeps record of Earned Miles.  Customer preferences and entire database.  When you collect more miles, you can collect bonus Miles with other offers in the airline’s hospitality, car hire, finance, lifestyle and retail sector.
  16. 16. THANK YOU