Sports Public Relations <br />Writing Portfolio<br />Presented by<br />Kevin T. Johnson<br />Kevin Johnson<br />(419) 706-...
Hard working
Program is active in its surrounding community </li></ul>Target audience <br /><ul><li>Fans
Season ticket holders
All stakeholders</li></ul>Tools <br /><ul><li>Athletic website
local and regional TV
Press release
Through other athletic events
Ex. Video clip of both teams at halftime of the football game</li></ul>Initiatives <br /><ul><li>Player interviews and app...
coach  interviews and appearances</li></ul>Timeline <br />September 1, 2009October (1st week) 2009Schedule player and coac...
Revenue earned
Amount of raffle tickets sold
Fan feedback
Measure the increase of support to the program after the event</li></ul>Contact: Kevin Johnson                            ...
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Kevin Johnson Sport Public Relations Portfolio


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This portfolio is a collection of written works that I have completed as part of a Sport Public Relations course I completed at the University of Cincinnati. The instuctor for the class, Jackie Reau, is CEO and Co-Founder of Game Day Communications, a sports and entertainment public relations and marketing firm, based in Cincinnati.

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Kevin Johnson Sport Public Relations Portfolio

  1. 1. Sports Public Relations <br />Writing Portfolio<br />Presented by<br />Kevin T. Johnson<br />Kevin Johnson<br />(419) 706-1451<br /> <br /><br /><br />Table of Contents<br />Personal Bio  3Social Media research paper  4Media Contacts  13Public Relations Plan  14-15Press Release  16Flying Pig Marathon Press Release  17Game Notes  18Game Wrap  19<br />Kevin T. Johnson<br />University of Cincinnati Student- Athlete<br />Mr. Johnson is currently in his fourth year at UC. He is pursuing an Associate of Business Management and a Bachelor of Sport Administration. At this time, he is scheduled to graduate from the program this coming spring ’10 quarter. However, to do so he must carry 19, 18 and 18 credit hours in the fall, winter and spring quarters respectively. Also, Mr. Johnson is working on fulfilling the program’s practicum and co-op requirements. Mr. Johnson will be balancing school while playing baseball for the University of Cincinnati. His aspiration is to play professional baseball after he graduates. This 4past spring Mr. Johnson was drafted by the Florida Marlins, but turned down the opportunity to finish his degree. Career goals include, but are by no means limited to, becoming the director/manager of sport marketing and/or advertising for a sport related organization. Also, Mr. Johnson would like to become a leading force in the local sport community by helping manage and develop local sporting ventures.<br />Kevin Johnson<br />Sport Management<br />October 19, 2009<br />Social Media in Sports<br />“Social media is here to stay”, said Kevin McGuff, Xavier University’s Women’s Head Basketball coach, at the CSPN Sports Professionals meeting (10/27). Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Myspace or Blogging, social media is a new wave of communication that is not only changing the way we communicate but is taking the sport media community by storm in the process. For example, Twitter is becoming more and more popular with every day that passes. “Twitter has become so popular, so fast, that keeping up with its fast-growing user base is a real issue. So many people now use Twitter to update friends that the system often crashes” (USA Today). Twitter gives a great opportunity for Sports teams, along with their players, to reach out to their fans/customers in a more personal light. The promotion of the sport franchise is very important at every level, whether it is collegiate or professional. Social Media allows teams to reach its fan base through alternative avenues. One of the benefits with social media is just that, it’s social. Generally the information shared is not heavily regulated or restricted. This is beneficial because then the message is able to carry a greater sense of levity and personality. As a result, the fan feels a greater sense of connectivity and belonging to that particular team or player. For example, <br />“Pro athletes, teams, leagues and TV networks have joined the Twitter craze, using the website to promote themselves and bypass traditional media to break news. On Friday, for example, the world learned through Lance Armstrong's Twitter post that French anti-doping authorities had dropped charges against the U.S. cyclist for failing to follow testing protocols. (If found guilty, he could have been banned from the Tour de France)” (Boston Globe).<br />Along with teams promoting their product, individuals too have an immense opportunity to promote themselves. Social media has begun to evolve into a way for people to endorse their own name. In a sense people are advancing their brand which is not only their name, but their image. Perceived image is a very important concept to most, especially those in the spot light. Social media gives a chance for those parties to utilize the means and develop their image and mold the public’s perception. As an example Shaquille O’Neill created a Twitter account by the name of @THE_REAL_SHAQ (Twitter). The reasoning behind the name was because there were individuals posing to be Shaq, so he decided to ‘get connected’ and set the record straight. In a sense he wanted to keep his good name. <br />“When Shaquille O'Neal and his management team learned of a Twitter impersonator using the NBA superstar's name, they wanted to take legal action. Media strategist Kathleen Hessert convinced O'Neal to open his own Twitter account under the handle The Real Shaq. The rest is Twitter history. Since O'Neal joined Twitteronia, as he calls it, he has amassed almost 1.5 million followers in 7 1/2 months, easily topping the circulation of major newspapers and undoubtedly interesting companies with products to market. Although O'Neal tweets run the gamut, they usually give expressions to his large, fun-loving side” (Boston Globe). <br /> Another instance of an athlete promoting his own name is Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals. @OGOchoCinco (Twitter), Chad’s Twitter name, currently has 416,926 followers. Just last night (11/18/09) Ochocinco had a live broadcast from his home computer where he talked about his thoughts on the Bengal’s latest trade, the acquiring of Larry Johnson. Chad conducts broadcasts and informs followers of breaking news through his own website, OCNN (Ochocinco News Network) which is powered by Motorola. <br /> Even with the seemingly endless opportunities of social media, the drawbacks follow close behind. With the ability to say whatever you want whenever you want to whomever you want, comes the consequences of sometimes pushing it too far or just simply offending people. “When you use words, know what they mean. Pay attention to what you say”, as said by OMGreds at the CSPN meeting. It is important to be mindful of the things you post on social media sites, whether it is words, pictures, or even videos. This becomes an even larger issue when an individual is perceived as representing a larger group of people. For example, anything that I myself put up that may be questionable or could be read as offensive is not only a poor representation of myself, it also reflects poorly on the entire University of Cincinnati Baseball team and more importantly, the University as a whole. Whether we like it or not, when we are involved with a group that is visible to the public eye, if one person messes up the entire group is painted with the same brush.<br />“Pick and choose what you like. Take it for what it’s worth.” John Thornton said this when asked what his final thoughts on social media were at the CSPN meeting. Mr. Thornton brings up a good point in that sometimes people do read too far into things and take social media too serious or too literal. It is important to remember that things you see on social media sites are usually spur of the moment off the cuff comments that someone is thinking, feeling or seeing at the time. Social media is kind of like a double edged sword, it is possible to make a really good name for yourself and really get your name out there. However, at the same time it is really easy to do or say something wrong that will stick with you for a long time. Unfortunately it is very tough to build a good name and earn the type of respect from people that you deserve when it takes only a matter of seconds to undo all the good that you have done.<br />Always keep an open mind when reading certain things. Also, when posting thoughts or ideas, do so responsively. Social media is a very useful means of communicating and can have great benefits if used properly and to the fullest. Even if you do not agree with what social media is all about, reality is what it is. Keep this in mind, “Social media is here to stay” Kevin McGuff.<br />…<br />The University of Cincinnati Athletic Department not only acknowledges social media, but also embraces it as an opportunity to reach out to its fan base. “We view ourselves (University of Cincinnati Athletic Department) as a link to the public for UC Athletics.” Said John Berry, Assistant Sports Communications Director in charge of Volleyball, Men's and Women's Track and Field/Cross Country and Baseball, when asked what he thought the University of Cincinnati Athletic Department’s role was. <br />John Berry is a 2007 graduate at Miami University where he received his Bachelors in Finance. Mr. Berry has always had a passion for sports, college basketball in particular, but had no intensions of working in the field of sport. However, when searching for an internship at Miami while completing his undergraduate studies, a paid intern position in the Miami Athletic Department was being offered. He decided to take that opportunity and run with it. Upon his graduation, the Miami Athletic Department offered him a full-time paid position as the media contact for volleyball, women's basketball, men's/women's swimming and diving, and baseball. After one year at the position, a job opportunity became available in The University of Cincinnati Athletic Department. John took the position and is now Assistant Sports Communications Director and overseas media relations for volleyball, Men's and Women's Track and Field/Cross Country and Baseball. Even though working in athletics is often perceived as being a ‘glamour’ position in which everyone wants to get involved in, John gives some insight on what it’s really all about, <br />“Athletics is fun but the pay is not very good. Along with that, it’s takes time to move up in the ranks and be promoted not to mention all the sacrifices that must be made. Long hours are to be expected and you often have to take work home with to be able to stay ahead of the game and always be In the know with the constantly changing sports world. People that work in athletics do it because they love it. I have had the opportunity to travel places and do things all over the country that I otherwise may not have been able to experience.” <br />Mr. Berry explained to me what he felt were some of the most important skills and traits with regards to his position and the Sports Communications Department as a whole. <br />“It is essential to be able to relate well with people. You are constantly meeting media and people that are associated with various organizations. You must build relationships with these individuals so you will be able to better serve them, and in return they will be able to be an asset to you. Writing is important. The style in which you draft documents is significant.” <br />In addition to the technical skill of writing, Mr. Berry also mentioned a program by the name of “Netitor” ( This is a tool that as a Sports Information Director is very helpful. The program is set up as a template for the athletic website ( It allows John to easily insert and organize stories the way he wants them to appear on the website.<br />Just like any organization, the University of Cincinnati Athletic Department too has an organizational design. Because of its essential input activities such as academics, external affairs, communications, facilities, and faculty representative, the athletic department organizes in functional departmentalization (Lussier & Kimball). Below is a modified segment of the University of Cincinnati Athletic Department’s organizational structure as it relates to the external affairs department and the chain of command that Mr. Berry must follow.<br />University Of Cincinnati Athletic Department organizational structure<br />(<br />As mentioned before, the University of Cincinnati Athletic Department is extremely proactive when it comes to the social media revolution. Mr. Berry and his associates are responsible for continuing the development of social media for the Cincinnati Bearcats. With regards to the sports that John is responsible he had this to say, <br />“T.V. and print are cutting back on their coverage so it is up to us to invent new ways to push stories out to the media. To promote minor sports there is a challenge because there just isn’t the same type of following as there is for the major sports. For the minor sports you have to push human interest stories. Human interest stories must appeal to the reader’s emotion, we hope to spark an interest that way.”<br />Along the lines of being creative and finding new ways to push stories comes the on sought of social media platforms such as Twitter. “UC Athletics has a Twitter account, @GoBEARCATS_com, along with several individual teams such as Basketball, Football, Volleyball and Men’s Soccer along with a few others.” John spoke very highly of the positives of using Twitter and what it has the potential to do. <br />“Twitter is a positive by far. For example, when the Athletic Department was informed of the upcoming game time of the final Bearcat football game against Illinois, it was immediately tweeted by @GoBEARCATS_com even before we drafted a press release for the public. It’s things like this that give followers the luxury of getting the inside scoop on breaking news. Also in the last month, our website,, has received 1.5 million hits. This is partly because of the success of the football team, but also to the use of Twitter by the Athletic Department.”<br />Mr. Berry’s enthusiasm with regards to the endless possibilities of social media platforms was apparent. He continuously expressed the benefits and even said that social media is what the focused on the most as a department. It is clear that social media is a legitimate link between not only people, but between corporations and there consumers.<br />Works Cited<br /><br />Graham, Jefferson. USA Today. “Twitter took off from simple to 'tweet' success”. July 21, 2008. November 18, 2009.<br /> <br />Springer, Shira. Boston Globe. “Keeping You Posted”. July 3, 2009. . November 18, 2009.<br />Whiteside, Kelly. USA Today. “College Coaches Chirping about Twitter”. April 29, 2009. November 18, 2009.<br />Miami Redhawks Women’s Basketball Media Base<br />NamePositionContact InfoWLWT Channel 5- TVStacey OwenNews Departmentsowen@hearst.comKen BrooSports Directorken.broo@wltw.comGeorge VogelExecutive Sports Producergvogel@wlwt.comWCPO Channel 12 – TVDennis JansonSports Anchordjanson@wcpo.comBob MorfordNews Directorbmorford@wcpo.comJohn PopovichSports Directorjpopovich@wcpo.comMichael MattinglySports Producermmattingly@wcpo.comWXIX Channel 19 – TVSteve AckermannNews Director sackermann@fox19.comSports Department19sports@fox19.comCincinnati Enquirer – NewspaperJosh PichlerAssistant Managing Editor/Sportsjpichler@enquirer.comJennifer ScrogginsDeputy Sports Editor/Nightsjscroggins@enquirer.comDustin DowXavier/college basketballddow@enquirer.comPaul DaughertySports columnistpdaugherty@enquirer.comKatie GiovinaleSports Editorgiovink@muohio.eduThe Oxford Press – NewspaperBob RattermanEditorbratterman@coxohio.comRyan GauthierReporterrgauthier@coxohio.comThe Western Star – NewspaperJohn BoyleSports Editorjboyle@coxohio.com700 WLW – RadioDave ArmbrusterDirector of Sports Programmingdavearmbruster@clearchannel.comJim ScottSportsjimscott@700wlw.comMike McConnelPolitics/Sports Talkmidday@700wlw.com1530 Homer – RadioMo EggerBloggermo1530homer@fuse.netNick BrunkerBloggernick1530homer@fuse.netLance McAlisterBloggerlance1530homer@fuse.netThe Miami Student – NewspaperAustin<br />Public Relations Plan<br />Kevin Johnson<br />Miami Ohio Men’s and Women’s basketball<br />10/21/09<br />Objective <br />Introduce both Men’s and women’s basketball and create excitement buzz about the upcoming 2009/10 season.<br />Key messages<br /><ul><li>Create positive image of the basketball program
  2. 2. Hard working
  3. 3. Dedicated
  4. 4. Program is active in its surrounding community </li></ul>Target audience <br /><ul><li>Fans
  5. 5. Students
  6. 6. Alumni
  7. 7. Season ticket holders
  8. 8. All stakeholders</li></ul>Tools <br /><ul><li>Athletic website
  9. 9. local and regional TV
  10. 10. Press release
  11. 11. Radio
  12. 12. Newspaper
  13. 13. Through other athletic events
  14. 14. Ex. Video clip of both teams at halftime of the football game</li></ul>Initiatives <br /><ul><li>Player interviews and appearances
  15. 15. coach interviews and appearances</li></ul>Timeline <br />September 1, 2009October (1st week) 2009Schedule player and coach appearancesConduct interviewsSet up interviews with the local and regional mediaMake the scheduled appearancesCarry out prospect clinics and campsContact local media to cover event<br />Budget<br />Cost Revenue Radio and TV air timeConcessionsRent gymMerchandise soldAdvertising space in print mediaRaffle <br />Measurement<br /><ul><li>Attendance
  16. 16. Revenue earned
  17. 17. Amount of raffle tickets sold
  18. 18. Fan feedback
  19. 19. Measure the increase of support to the program after the event</li></ul>Contact: Kevin Johnson <br />Miami University Athletics<br />(419)706-1451<br /><br />Coach Maria Fantanarosa set to retire after 12th season <br />MIAMI (November 10, 2009) – Coach Fantanarosa announced today that she is planning on retiring after the completion of the 2009-2010 Women’s Basketball season. <br />Coach Maria Fantanarosa’s record at Miami University<br />Fantanarosa has had nine winning seasons in the past 11 years, including two Mid-American Conference East Division crowns, the 2003-04 MAC regular-season championship and the 2008 MAC Tournament championship.<br />Fantanarosa became Miami's all-time winningest coach in program history with her 132nd win, an 87-79 victory over IUPUI on Dec. 30, 2006, passing Pam Wettig, who previously held the mark with a career record of 131-103. Fantanarosa's all-time record at Miami now stands at 177-148.<br />Coach Fantanarosa feels the time is right to pass the torch, that of which is Miami Women’s Basketball<br />Coach Fantanarosa’s family is extremely important to her and played a mojor role in her decision<br />Coach Fantanarosa had a long career at Miami University both as a player and a coach and feels it is now time to start a new chapter in her life.<br />For more information on the Miami University Athletics, visit<br />###<br />Contact: Kevin Johnson <br />Game Day Communications<br />(419)706-1451<br /><br />Online registration for the 2010 Flying Pig Marathon is now open!<br />CINCINNATI (October 20, 2009) – The Flying Pig Marathon announced today that the online registration for the events is now open. This year’s race will include a new and exciting opportunity for the athletes to showcase their cross training abilities. <br />The LORD'S GYM Pump N' Run (PNR) Cross Training Events.The PUMP N' RUN (PNR) is an optional " Full Fitness Competition," offered to all 5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathon participants. The participant will have the exact same running experience as their race peers, but will now be able to compete for additional awards, which uniquely combine running ability and weight lifting skill. In addition to the PNR, there are also non-running cross training events, which include indoor rowing, hi-rep weight lifting and a cardio circuit challenge.<br />Marathon Events include:<br /><ul><li>Marathon
  20. 20. Wheelchair Event
  21. 21. Pump n’ Run
  22. 22. Walkers
  23. 23. Half Marathon
  24. 24. 4-Person Relay
  25. 25. 10K Event
  26. 26. 5K Event
  27. 27. Hope & Possibility 5K
  28. 28. Kid’s Marathon
  29. 29. Piglet Fun Run
  30. 30. Packet Pickup
  31. 31. Expo Info
  32. 32. Pasta Dinner
  33. 33. Post Race Party</li></ul>For more information on the Flying Pig Marathon, visit<br />###<br />Advance Notes<br />Game 4 ALCS<br />NY Yankees vs. LA Angels<br />October 20, 2009<br />Coming of a disappointing 5-4 loss to the Angles in 11 innings Monday night, the Yankees are ready to hit the field again tonight. As CC Sabathia and Scott Kazmir face off in game 4 of the ALCS.<br />Watch for:<br /><ul><li>Everyone wants to see how CC is going to react to starting on only 3 days of rest
  34. 34. A-Rod’s bat is coming alive again. He has homered in the last to ALCS games. </li></ul>Starting lineup<br />NY YankeesLA AngelsJeter, SS Figgins, 3B Damon, LF Abreu, B, RF Teixeira, 1B Hunter, CF Rodriguez, A, 3B Guerrero, DH Posada, C Rivera, J, LF Matsui, H, DH Kendrick, H, 2B Cano, 2B Swisher, RF Morales, K, 1B Napoli, C Cabrera, Me, CFAybar, E, SS <br />Game WrapGame 4 ALCSNY Yankees vs. LA AngelsOctober 20, 2009<br />October 20, 2009  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  R  H  E NY Yankees0 0 0 3 2 0 0 2 3  10130LA Angels0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0  151<br />NY YankeesABRHRBIBBSOLOBAVGJeter, SS 5020103.286Damon, LF 5112005.286Teixeira, 1B 5110022.111Rodriguez, A, 3B 4332111.375Posada, C 3110210.308Matsui, H, DH 5000035.286Cano, 2B 4211113.235Swisher, RF 2000104.167  1-Gardner, PR-CF 1110000.667Cabrera, Me, CF-RF 4134102.353Totals38101397825   LA AngelsABRHRBIBBSOLOBAVGFiggins, 3B 4000002.125Abreu, B, RF 3000122.125Hunter, CF 3000111.235Guerrero, DH 4010001.263Rivera, J, LF 4010002.118Kendrick, H, 2B 3000002.364  a-Matthews, PH 1000000.000Morales, K, 1B 3111011.125Napoli, C 3010011.111Aybar, E, SS 3010000.286Totals311512512  NY YankeesIPHRERBBSOHRERASabathia (W, 2-0) 8.05112511.13Gaudin 1.00000000.00 LA AngelsIPHRERBBSOHRERAKazmir (L, 0-1) 4.06444309.00Bulger 0.01111013.86Oliver 1.01000100.00Santana, E 2.11111301.93Palmer 1.244411113.50Box score official statistics approved by Major League Baseball Office of the Commissioner<br />Coming into Game 4, all the talk was about CC Sabathia on short rest. Sabathia was effective, pitching a gem and putting the Yanks on the cusp of a World Series berth. And he had plenty of helpers, one being Alex Rodriguez, who homered in his third straight ALCS game.<br /><br />