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Battle Royale in SEA


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How Battle Royal in SEA goes now

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Battle Royale in SEA

  1. 1. Battle Royal in SEA Kevin Hwang April 20th, 2018
  2. 2. Birth of SEA BR Game “Immediately catching up with the new trend, many net shop owners have installed Fortnite Battle Royale quickly to meet the gamers who want to replace PUBG with a completely free game that is smoother on most.” There have been several online FPS games covering SEA game market but those are aged ones SEA online game market is run by PC café and the pc spec is worse than Korean and Chinese one PUBG shocked SEA shooter gamers too but they cannot find good place to play it In this situation, Fortnite attracted those shooter gamers with its low-requirement and casual game style Fortnite BR dominates SEA by replacing PUBG
  3. 3. ROE - Turning Point Tencent started their experiment via <Ring of Elysium> in SEA Developer Tencent Publisher Garena Territory IDN, TH, (VTN) Launching Date April 18th, 2018 Genre Battle Royale (Hardcore) Engine Quicksilver (Tencent own) We should keep ours eyes on the way how SEA game market changes by this game launch This would affect the market share of Fortnite and other FPS games
  4. 4. Core features of ROE ① ② ③ ① PUBG Copy Able to feel 90% similarity to PUBG Anyone who played PUBG adapts to ROE quickly ② Twice as many weapons as PUBG Many weapons are in the game Not just the number but types also ③ More beautiful environment Different to PUBG’s wilderness There are various and delicate environment
  5. 5. Low Spec – the best adv. Min Spec ROE Fortnite H1Z1 PUBG CPU i3 2.4 i3 2.4 I5 Quad I5-4430 RAM 4GB 4GB 6GB 8GB Video GTS 250 Intel HD 4000 GTX 280 GTX 960 Recom. Spec ROE Fortnite H1Z1 PUBG CPU i5 2.4 i5 2.8 I5 Quad I5-6600K RAM 8GB 8GB 8GB 16GB Video GTX 750 Ti GTX 660 GTX 560 GTX 1060 ROE needs only 4GB ram to run the game and it works perfectly PUBG can shows the best graphic quality with its full spec but players have to pay more ROE is can be the best substitute for low spec PC players with its similarity of PUBG
  6. 6. Global Strategies of Tencent Buy All Self Develop Recapture Bought all kinds of BR genre games Launched 2 mobiles and Opened ROE CBT Going to encroach the global PC market with ROE Tencent is ready for launching PUBG, Fortnite, and H1Z1 They will seize the China online shooter market with globally proven games The launched games like Cross Fire and Paladins also are preparing BR mod Launched 2 mobile games with PUBG IP contract Tencent tried to copy the feeling of PUBG with less pc spec requirement by ROE Garena opened ROE for SEA region which is the best test bed for online game Tencent can publish PUBG and Fortnite in China but they are not its own ROE, low spec PUBG, can be the best challenger for hoping to play PUBG or other BR With its own engine of Quicksilver, Tencent will make its debut in Steam and global market
  7. 7. Conclusion 1. Depending on Garena is risky Tencent can test their own PC BR game ROE in SEA market If Garena does publish ROE first in SEA, who else would Garena give full support? Garena might not be the best answer to seize the SEA market, so need to find other local ones Tencent acquired Garena years ago 2. Optimize to run with 4GB ram PUBG made huge pc upgrade market globally but there are regions which feel unaffordable ROE runs well on 4GB PC with PUBG feeling but H1Z1 does not If one really want to make success in SEA market, it should run well on 4GB ram pc ROE runs well with 4GB PC 3. Quality Upgrade ROE provides amazing environment with its low pc spec SEA game market is maintained by net-café and owners would choose the best cost-effective title The title should shows the latest graphic quality without paying more They are poor but they wants the latest one