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The Resume of Kevin Leal Joseph Galasino


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The Resume of Kevin Leal Joseph Galasino

  1. 1. KEVIN GALASINAO 186-6448FinchAvenue West Unit 186 Etobicoke Ontario. Canada M9V1T4 Home 416 7443458 E: Male August 30, 1995 Mon-Fri Sat-Sun Objective: As an introverted working kind Filipino-Canadian individual, I seek to work to express my skills and abilities that shall help other people, to keep society functioning by working like how beavers work by building and maintaining their dam in the bodies of water, have a job so that my parents stop nagging me to get a job, to get money to buy what I want like food and clothes. Also, Galasinao is pronounced Gal-As-Seen-Now. Woking Experience: Thrift Store Volunteer-on Saturdays Volunteered at Thrift store to complete 40 hours of community service to help others such as the staff and customers for free, and graduate from Father Henry Carr  Placed hangers  Hanged clothes  Moved antique objects wit care  Install holiday displays  Sweep with broom  Put books in shelves Child Youth Worker -Weekdays The Samson Family Took care of an Ethiopian Boy, Dagim Samson, on weekdays • I fed him food given to me by his mother. • I have been with him to the daycare in Elbank Elementary School so they he may interact with other kids. • I played with him; we play toys especially cars. Brought him to take daycare on Fridays • Also took care of his brother, Rubelle, and sister, Blaine. • We socialized
  2. 2. • Watched TV together. • She said to get driver’s license. I’m trying currently to get it. The Darius Family I babysit Filipino kids, Geradine and Vince on Sundays • Played together like adventures using stuffed toys or jumping rope outside in the fresh air, walking together with them and dog, Willow • Watched TV together like kid’s shows in Cartoon Network and TVO Kids • Gave them food which was given to me by their parents Pet Sitting – At Requested Times Cearel, Filipino Teen Toronto Ontario • Cared for dog cautiously. • Maintained pet room, basement, in clean and orderly condition. • Monitored and addressed any signs of illness of a dog. • Learned to adjust pet conditions in a properly/ appropriate manner. Skills/Accomplishments: • Commercial Awareness • Communication • Preservation and Motivation • Teamwork • Negotiation and persuasion • Flexibility/Adaptability • Problem Solving • Social Intelligence • Openness • Decisiveness • Trusted and respected because of their ability to make wise decisions.
  3. 3. • Patience • Introvert • Writes Creative Fiction • Realistic Attitude • Multicultural Sensitivity/Awareness • Acts as a teamplayer • Leadership • Organisation • Good Listener • Self-Sufficient • Super Focused • Very Observant • Committed To Their Goals • Fast learner and reliable • Knowledgeable towards latest trends in media, sports gear and fashion • Knowledgeable towards sports • Listen to customer requests and respond appropriately • Effectively collect and organize information • React quickly and work well under pressure • Positive attitude and eager to take on new experiences • Friendly and energetic • Persevere on tedious and repetitive tasks • Received Honour Roll demonstrating superior achievement and academic excellence for the grading school by Pathway Nation to Education • Received Honour Roll Father Henry Carr C.S.S . Participated in cross country during my time in Father Henry Carr C.S.S
  4. 4. . Received University for Theology Award during the Father Henry Carr graduation ceremony Education: Graduated from Father Henry Carr Catholic School Was enrolled in Humber College’s Visual and Digitat Arts Program for three years References: • Meliton Tumamao • 416-825-4928 • • Elena Abogadil • 416-879-8879 • REFERENCE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST