Week 2 - Design


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  • Week 2 - Design

    1. 1. Application Design Where to begin?
    2. 2. APPS, APPS, APPSAn application is simply a program thatgives a computer the machine codedinstructions required to provide a USERwith the necessary tools to accomplish atask.
    3. 3. The User• In Multimedia, there is really only one person who matters... the USER.• Users have history, expectations, dreams and yes, even feelings.• Where musicians call their audience the LISTENER...we often call our USER the VIEWER.• You are the composer and the USERS are your audience..
    4. 4. UX - User Experience• The field of UX design is growing at an alarming rate.• The IXDA is a growing group that discusses issues with Interaction Design. SIGN UP!!!• We need to PREDICT what the user expects from the experiences that we are creating because...• YOU HAVE 8 SECONDS TO GRAB THEM!
    5. 5. Interactivity• INTERACTION with our media is the one thing that differentiates us from our sisters and brothers in Media, like film or tv.• We help the user to play, explore, to learn through the use of our applications.• We must design applications for our users thinking the entire time about how they will interact. Let’s listen to the pros.
    6. 6. The “WHY” question.• Ask yourself at the beginning of every project: • “WHY AM I BUILDING THIS APP?”.• The answer to this question will lead to more questions and will ultimately expose the SCOPE of the application and the TECHNOLOGIES that you will use.
    7. 7. Be Thorough & DESIGN your ideas are• Do not touch the computer until complete. We might believe that the computer is the most creative tool of all time...I personally disagree.• It may be one of the best tools in our kit to build an app once the design is complete.• Time will teach all of you that this is not the case. You may need a few years in the industry to believe me.
    8. 8. Off the Keys• We will investigate strategies over the next few weeks to ensure that our creativity is flowing and that we are ready to create a meaningful application.• White board sessions, team drawing, mind mapping, sketching and flow diagrams will be our new creative suite.
    9. 9. Onto the KeysWhen the time is right and we have come toa consensus about the applications purpose,the USER experience and our technologies,we build.
    10. 10. Planning our AppOver the next two weeks, as we investigate methodsof design. I will need input from all of you relating towhat your final app will be!
    11. 11. Designing YOU!1. Consider your portfolio.2. Using simple language, describe the function of that application, remember it is about you.3. Look to Blackboard, to the JOURNALS area. There we will sketch out our portfolios... ...YES THIS IS HOMEWORK