How to take a screenshot on a mac


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How To Take A Screenshot On A Mac
How to take a screenshot on your Mac or PC is not a question that popped up very often a few years back, because most people either didn't know what it was, didn't know that such a thing was possible, or couldn't be bothered to learn how.

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How to take a screenshot on a mac

  1. 1. How To Take A Screenshot On A MacHow to take a screenshot on your Mac or PC is not a question that popped upvery often a few years back, because most people either didnt know what itwas, didnt know that such a thing was possible, or couldnt be bothered tolearn how.Like many people, until lately, I was content to look at websites that displayedsuch graphics, be impressed or interested by what I saw, wonder how they did it.......but content to assume that such skill should be chalked up to graphicdesigner secret kung fu. (A hidden art known only to the best and brightest).Obviously, thats not the case.Taking screenshots is a very simple task available to anyone with a moderncomputer. (Mere mortals need not despair).I would have to research to see if there are simple step-by-step processes todo the same thing on PCs, as Im not sure such applications come bundledwith them, as they are on Macs.To take screenshots on my PC or laptop, I use a free application called Jing(from Its handy interface is a small, goldenball that offers the options to capture a specified, box area of the screendrawn out by the user. Or capture video. You can also insert text captions and
  2. 2. arrows.Very handy.On a modern Mac, its even simpler, as theres nothing to download. Its allPre-bundled, and requires several 3 key commands (as I like to refer to them),depending on the particular type of screenshot you are trying to accomplish on aMac - full or selected area screenshots.For a full area screenshot, you will be capturing an image of the entire Macscreen. Here are those three and hold command, shift, and 3.You will see a picture1 icon pop up on your desktop.For a selected area screenshot, you will be able to specify the exact area ofcapture with a selection tool (or you can refer to it as cross hair curser,as I do). The three keys that you press and hold are command, shift, and 4.This brings up the curser. Next, imagine a box in the dimensions that you want(preferably with a border of a few centimeters around the area you want to capture).Place the curser at one corner of that box, press and drag diagonally to theopposite corner, then release.You will then see a picture1 icon appear on the screen for this method as well.In either case, you can see these images open in your favorite default graphicsapplication by double clicking on them to see if you got the results that you were
  3. 3. hoping for. (Its worked flawlessly for me every time Ive tried taking screenshots).A simple way to remember the difference between the two sets of commands isthe number 3 looks like a backward capital letter E (for Entire Macscreen). The number 4 reminds you of the 4 corners of the square/rectangularselection tool.Finally, if you would like to video screen capture on a Mac, (and better yet,do it for free), read on. Heres the step-by-step......1) Go to your applications folder and open it. 2) Open Quicktime. 3) Go to File,and click on New Screen Recording. 4 ) Near the bottom of your screen you willsee a small grey box appear. 5) Press the record button when you are ready. 6) Adialog box will then pop up with a button start recording. 7) Once you do, therecording has begun. 8) If you look at the top right-hand side of the screen, youwill see a Stop Recording button which you can press to stop your recording.8) To locate your new recorded video capture, go into Quicktime again, and clickon file, then Open Recent.Have a look at the following link: in mind, what you have read above just scratches the surface. Differentversions of Mac Os give screenshots with different formatting. And there arequite a few other shortcuts that give you more options for your screenshots.(Just Google to find your specific solution).
  4. 4. If you found the above information interesting, then you should really love whatyou’ll find at the following links. (Copy and paste them into your browser if thelinks aren’t live). They should help to round out your knowledge.