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KGCInsights Speaker Profile 12-2015


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KGCInsights Speaker Profile 12-2015

  1. 1. 1 11-2015 Kevin G. Coleman is a seasoned technology professional with a comprehensive background in technology strategy and innovation. Having over twenty years of success in the development and implementation of cutting-edge technology strategies, he continues to work with innovative leaders in business, government and industry on strategic issues and opportunities of critical importance. Kevin is the recipient of a number of awards including eight awards for innovative design including three from Design News and the Bronze (IDEA) Industrial Design Excellence Award as well as the Shingo Prize in Manufacturing Excellence for his contributions. Mr. Coleman has spoken multiple times on technology issues before U.S. Congressional bodies and has worked with and briefed a congressional task force on strategic technology related issues, and spoke at the United Nations as well. He served for six years as a Science and Technology Advisor to the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, a world-renowned institution known for conducting over $1 billion in advanced research. With strong expertise and insights into current and emerging technologies, Coleman has built a speaking reputation for addressing strategic issues and implications of emerging technologies and innovation. Coleman has personally briefed over 30 boards of directors and spoken at numerous corporate events on these strategic topics. In addition, he has briefed U.S. Strategic Command (StratCom) multiple times as well as Special Operations Command (SOCOM) on technology issues and opportunities of critical importance. He has spoken on innovation and emerging technologies for leading organizations within the government and private sector, as well as speaking to professionals in 42 countries. Furthermore he has spoken at the request of the FBI at one of their public conference and has lectured at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, the U.S. Army War College, the Naval Post Graduate Program, as well as other programs for senior executives and professionals. He is frequently published on numerous industry, trade and news web sites including USA Today and ComputerWorld. Keynote Speeches Business Innovation Disruptive Innovation Innovation Leadership Stealing our Innovation Competing on Innovation Innovation Driven Change The Coming Innovation Era Innovation Driven Healthcare The Art and Science of Innovation Experience In Business Education Healthcare Government Retail Industry High Technology Defense/Intelligence Start-ups/Entrepreneurs “Kevin is a visionary who has a deep understanding of the leverageable qualities of disruptive technologies.” Mike Schiller ________________________________ CONTACT KCInsights Kevin G. Coleman 4017 Washington Road # 348 McMurray, PA 15317 P 412-818-7656 T @KCInsights I E
  2. 2. 2 11-2015 Speaking Program Include (partial listing) Innovation Driven Change in Healthcare – This speech is an enlightening and energizing look into the world created by technologies that will emerge over the next three to five years. The coming period of technology driven healthcare will result in a period of unprecedented change that will have implications for everyone. It is the furiousness of that technologically driven change that will prove to separate the winners from those that are pushed aside. This speech provides the information needed to effectively navigate the issues and opportunities that are created by emerging technologies that will affect healthcare. The Coming Innovation Era - Rapid Technological Advancement – This is a consultation, speech, briefing, and presentation all rolled into one. It looks at the issues and opportunities created by multiple technologies that will enter into their rapid advancement and adoption phase of their evolution at the same time. This period of technological advancement will create an era unlike any we have experienced in the past and the winners and losers will be decided by their ability to quickly adapt these technologies and rapidly address the issues that will accompany this event. Competing on Innovation – This speech addresses the need for individuals and organizations to innovate and unleash the creative capabilities that are often hindered. To stay slightly ahead of the market and your competitors, you must innovate. To drive the market, you must create. The choice is yours. Things are changing quickly and being driven by multiple technologies entering the rapid development & adoption phase in the same period of time. Your future success is at stake, so you had better act quickly. The Art and Science of Innovation – This is a highly engaging speech and provides an overview of the advances that are likely to occur in the next few years. It presents unique opportunities for individuals and organizations that come during this exciting time. In addition, it focuses on how to become agile enough to capture the coming opportunities created by multiple technologies entering the rapid development & adoption phase at the same time and creates a period of technological advancement that is likely to surpass what we experienced during the Internet era. “Kevin is an engaging speaker whose insights into current and emerging technologies and their impact, resonate very well with business audiences. His ability to explain complex subjects in simple terms makes his topics relevant for both technical and non-technical audiences.” Bettina Engelmann “Kevin served as a keynote speaker for our firm at a customer event. His insight and perspective on the future of technology really impressed the audience. He made the event a success.” John DeMoss “After attending one of Mr. Coleman's lectures, I was very impressed with his strong command of the subject matter, clear and concise delivery, and the way in which he held the attendees' attention throughout the entire day-long program.” Tom Jacobs
  3. 3. 3 11-2015 Speaking Program Include (partial listing continued) Innovation: a Trillion Dollar Colli$$ion - Change is happening at a faster rate today than ever before! This change is being driven by innovative technological advancement within multiple segments. Many of these individual segments are about to collide and create an era of change unlike any other period we have experienced in history. This will result in a Trillion Dollar Colli$$ion that makes it necessary for organizations and individuals to better understand what awaits all of us. Innovation - The SMART Movement – This movement is just beginning. Smart homes, buildings, highways and even sidewalks are beginning to have a profound impact on our personal and professional lives. The technologies that enable this movement is rapidly advancing and given the trillions of dollars of economic impact these initiatives will have, this is an area that requires close and continuous monitoring. Tomorrow's Healthcare –Healthcare is rapidly changing to meet the demands of the digital world and that change is enabled by technology. Technology is helping drive our national health spending which is projected at reaching a whopping $4.6 trillion by 2020. This non-technical speech looks at the future of healthcare combined with insights into emerging technology. Medical professionals and healthcare consumers are the target audience for this speech and its impact is supported by a handout of the PowerPoint slides. This is a very popular high value topic and covers PHI cyber security. Given the rapid era of change that the world is currently experiencing, new topics get added regularly. In addition, the development of custom content for speeches and presentations that is specifically designed to meet your needs is also available. “You gave a wonderful presentation at PMI Pittsburgh.” Kelly Lawson “I learned more from the lunch with Kevin then I did in the rest of the entire program.” J. Turso Kevin firmly believes that one size does not fit all! He is above all a true partner with the event planner for his speaking engagements. That is why he strives to meet the needs of those sponsoring the events that he speaks at as well as those of the audience. His speeches are a distillation of substantial cutting edge research and analysis that has been recognized by businesses, governments and industry groups around the world. He connects with the audience and enhances critical thinking around the topics on which he speaks. To do that, his speeches are fully packed with current information and insights as well as meaningful handouts with meaningful content. This is not the generic fluffy content that is used by many speakers. Don’t Wait!!! Call Today
  4. 4. 4 11-2015 For over two decades, Kevin has covered the implications of high impact innovative technological advancements from a business perspective. His work took him before government leaders, business executives, boards of directors and many others. These groups are all drawn to his innovative insights into the world of technologies, as well as the issues and opportunities they create. His compelling work leaves a lasting impression on his readers and those that attend his keynote speeches. In fact, the insights he provide allow individuals and organizations to envision their trajectory into the world of emerging technologies that affects all organizations. We live and operate in challenging times. Some find that exciting and exhilarating, while others find it deeply concerning. Either way many executives and organizations have come to believe that they need the insights of individuals that have been there and done that! Kevin certainly fills that need, unlike others that merely write or speak about the most popular topics of the time with little or no real world experience. Kevin brings a unique and engaging perspective that has resulted from over two decades of real-world business experience. This is what makes him a grounded visionary. He is far different from others that take a pie-in-the-sky solution or an all woes approach to their content contributions. Kevin provides consumers of his content (in-person or readers) with his vision of both the short and near-term future for technology, including those most important to professionals across multiple disciplines. This is perhaps the single most critical element in his content. Given he is independent and does not have products or services that he is trying to position or sell, the information he conveys about the fast-paced world of emerging technology that will bring meaningful trends into reality is a valuable knowledge transfer. This is what allows his audiences and readers to capitalize on the disruptive trends that are accompanying these emerging technologies. Get a glimpse into what the coming innovative era of rapid technological advancement holds. Kevin’s unique insights are regularly published in print and online. His work has been covered by the following. • USA Today • American City & County Online • American Management Assoc. • • • ComputerWorld • Customer Care News • CSO Magazine • CIO Online • Directions Magazine • Defense Systems • Defense Tech • eForensics Magazine • Extreme Tech • Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine • Fed Scoop • GCN Magazine • GSN Online • Information Week • Innovation Excellence • LinkedIn • Nanotechnology Now • Net Economy Forum • • • Smart Meeting • Startup Magazine • Strategy+Business • 9-1-1 Magazine FACT: Kevin contributed two complete sections of the “Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology.” FACT: Kevin has been cited/quoted in technology and business publications including INC. FACT: An article Kevin published about the coming STEM resources crisis was quoted in Data Center Journal. FACT: Kevin’s work was quoted by researchers in publications known for their in-depth, unbiased coverage.