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Work life partners for community development


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Organisations willing to collaborate in community development.

Published in: Education
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Work life partners for community development

  1. 1. COS - work life organisations Marianne Nylund & Prakash Dhakal Diaconia University of Applied Sciences Autumn 2017
  2. 2. Work life organisations • Nicehearts - Immigrant women • City of Vantaa - Volunteers • Setlement housing – residents in all ages • Happi – Youth center • Others?
  3. 3. Nicehearts - immigrant women's group • Group of 6 women + coordinator+ community pedagogy students • Mondays on 13-15 (event on 20.11.?) • Art-based methods Contact information: Jannica Wiik Järjestökoordinaattori (association coordinator) Nicehearts ry Espoo Tel. +358 50 462 1771 Address: Terveyskuja 2 B, 02770 Espoo(Espoon keskus)
  4. 4. Setlement housing (Setlementtiasunnot) - communal living • Different housing units in different parts of Helsinki • Residents: elderly, families, students etc. • "The tenants create their community the way they see fit in their building. We have over 2,000 different tenant stories. Our neighbors Care taken care of" • Different type of art-based activities planned together with residents: discuss the idea in weekly coffee hours • Contact person: Minna Kuntsi-Lehto Tiimivastaava (team coordinator) Setlementtiasunnot Oy Sturenkatu 11 B, 00510 Helsinki minna.kuntsi- +358 46 923 3506
  5. 5. City of Vantaa – volunteers in Myyrmäki • Recreation & relaxation event (2- 3 hours) for volunteers • Retired persons • Some basic knowledge of Finnish • Myyrinki: different activities by various NGOs • Eg. "Common table" (yhteisöruokailu) • Community worker: Katri Laaksonen Tel. 0503181577 Asukastila (Community center): alous/osallistu_ja_vaikuta/asuka stilat/myyrinki
  6. 6. Happi - Activity based Youth center • "People are free and able to come when they please • Not so much open door active users on a day to day basis • The projects organise their own happenings and these occur on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. • The project workers are very friendly and open to student input, especially organising events" Options for COS course: • one or two students groups would be able to come to Happi. • AGE GROUPS of youth depends on the group. The record company are usually 24+ years old. The activity group for persons with disabilities ranges from an open age group to a 24-29 group. Theatre group is a younger age range and the radio, graffiti and media is very open
  7. 7. Happi - Youth center Projects: • Graffiti Studio • Recording Studio • Weekly Activity group for people with Disabilities • Youth Media Productions (filming, interviewing, radio) • Theatre Group • Video Game House (in Olunkylä). • Contact information