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Kevin abdulrahman passing the test

  1. 1. Motivation Motivation challenges that define us. It is how we deal For it’s not what we are hit with, but how with those challenges that shape leaders and we deal with the hit. It’s not how we are hit, organisations that are built to last. Acknowl- but how hard we can hit back. It is not the edging there is a problem is fine. Staring at size of the organisation in the fight, but size it and giving it power and shape by focussing of the fight in that organisation that will de- on it is crazy. When faced with a challenge, termine whether it will stand the challenges you need to push through it, over it, to the in this shakeout period. side of it. You do what ever you have to do, With every challenge comes breakthrough, to get to the other side. As difficult as it may if, as leaders you ask the right questions. It’s seem, or as hard as it may feel to recognise matter of a choice, a choice made by winning this fact, just like a coin, an event will always minds, a choice made by leaders in both their have two sides to it. personal life and within their organisation. Winning leaders address their challenges ultimately we must remind ourselves whilst still holding an immense focus of the that challenges have brought about the birth organisation’s vision and where they would of great strategies, thoughts and processes like to be once they have passed a bumper which would have otherwise remained dor- ride. They have the end reward in mind. This mant in the unchallenged mind of many is what marks whether an organisation is a great leaders, happy to be playing the ever so player worthy of being in business long term familiar tune of complacency. when more than 80 per cent of businesses fall out in the first ten years of operation. Take a large organisation such as Google “When faced with a challenge, you need to push for a second. Do you think they let challenges hold them back? Do you think they bring ev- through it, over it, to the side of it. You do what ever erything to a complete halt because they are faced with a crisis? No, they continue to push you have to do, to get to the other side” forward, fine tuning and working on their challenges along the way. It’s important to note, that winning leaders still keep their eyes Welcome challenges in this world. Wel- odds are stacked against us. locked on their vision, and therefore are con- come challenges from your competition. If failure was not an option, and every- stantly moving forward as opposed to many The challenges you face will help expand thing was simply a lesson learned along who are taking the sit and wait approach. your thinking. If we weren’t challenged, we the way, then over time, success would be Challenges in a way shakeout those indi- wouldn’t have had the laptop, mobile phone, the only option. If you knew that without a viduals and organisations that jump on the email, air conditioning and automobiles. shadow of a doubt, you would not fail, would are you passing ‘easy to earn and do nothing when the times It’s through challenges that our thoughts you start to think and execute different ac- are good’ bandwagon from those who are are invoked. Through challenges, we are in- tions within your organisation? I believe truly committed to doing what ever it takes spired to think. Through challenges we are that you would. to attain their vision. Challenges are the inspired to dream. Through challenges, we If you have to succeed one way or anoth- tests that separate champions from the field are inspired to lead. Through challenges, er, tackling challenges along the way, then the test? of players. How you deal with challenges we set forth towards victory, for nothing is you simply can not fail. will determine whether you make the cut. sweeter than winning, especially when the Have a winning day. Kevin Abdulrahman I would like you to think about how you lenges? After all, we are all often hit with would operate your day to day life, both per- our share of opportunity, disaster, happiness, addresses the core issue of sonally and professionally if you knew that sadness and disappointment. “challenges” in the present failure was not an option? Every leader and organisation is regu- If you knew you had no way of failure, and larly faced with challenges. In fact if you global scenario and tells us are not facing challenges, then the chances that sooner or later, you would attain the success how to use the power within you desire, what would you dare to do? More are you’re operating well below your true ca- to overcome them. importantly, how would you dare to think? pabilities. Some challenges arise as a result If you begin to think of failure as a mere of poor choices made, whilst others are at Kevin Abdulrahman is The Man Inspiring Millions. He challenge and not an end point, could it possi- times, out of ones control. Nevertheless, you is an International Author of THE BOOK on Winning bly be that your views on certain events become must learn to understand that a challenge, The Game Of Life, a Keynote Speaker, Mind Nutrition Expert, world class Mind Coach to the elite and an in- different? Could the actions you take begin to no matter how severe, is simply part of the demand Trainer. Kevin helps organisations, universi- change? Could this in turn alter your results? game you have chosen to play. ties, sports teams and individuals become globally competitive by developing A Winning Mind. Why do we witness a variance in results What about those who resign to being at the If you want to go to The Next Level, you can contact across different organisations and different complete mercy of the challenges they face? Kevin Abdulrahman by jumping on http://www.The- or email his team at info@ countries when faced with similar chal- I would like to suggest that it’s not the MeetWithKevin.com50 juLY 2009 juLY 2009 51