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Kevin abdulrahman, michael jackson

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Kevin abdulrahman on michael jackson

  1. 1. The Last Page By Kevin AbdulrahmanTHIS IS IT Let me begin by asking you, What’s your purpose in life? exercises, going to the gym are some of the actions that need to be What do you want to achieve? taken. So many people already know this but choose inaction instead, How do you want to positively affect the people you love? not realising the price they pay is much higher. They pay the price How do you want to contribute to your society? of having low self confidence, being unhappy and miserable to say Many live their lives in constant frustration. Even when life is OK, the least. I briefly mentioned weight loss, but it is applicable to everyso to speak, they are frustrated in their own hearts because they know aspect of your life, both on a personal and professional level.that life has more to offer. Because they know that they have a lot of What actions do you need to further develop your career? Whatpotential that is not being utilised. What many have become good at actions do you need to take in order to have passionate relationships?is postponing doing things in life. Which brings me to a question - What actions do you need to take to go to The Next Level? Youand I am not testing your intelligence here. I simply want you to fully know the answers, you simply need to take the time to think about it,understand where I’m coming from. make a decision and more importantly, act on it. How many days are there in a week? I will go over them so that Inaction has a price. And if you are going to pay the price anyway,we are absolutely certain. “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, then why not pay the price to live your dreams and live your purpose?Friday, Saturday, Sunday.” Why not live to be the winner that you Would you agree that there are only are born to be?ever seven days in any given week? There are two types of people in thisEven when some weeks seem longer world. Those who have potential to livethan others, there are only ever seven their dreams, yet never do. And then,full days. there will be those who will make a I want you to therefore think about decision and take action to do whateverwhy many (some whom you might Life doesn’t reward those with it takes to live their dreams. Life doesn’tknow very well, i.e. you) use terms such reward those with potential. It rewards potential. It rewards those whoas one day and some day when you those who have the guts to pursue theirknow such days don’t exist? have the guts to pursue their dreams and take action. Your life has a Why is it every time I ask anyone dreams and take action. purpose. Find out what it is, then taketo name me the days of the week, they action to live your dreams.will mention Monday right through to The late Michael Jackson said it best,Sunday, but never the days one day and some day? “This is it.” Yet I am sure you know of people who tend to say, “One day I will He said it repeatedly when promoting what would be his last tourstart a home based business,” “Someday I will get up and go to the of the UK, This is it, This is it, This IS IT. He was planning to do hisgym,” “one day I will start to work on my dreams,” “someday I will last tour but sadly never got the chance to even start. His time was up.spend more time with my family.” The life that you are living is your show. Every day is your last I will assure you that you will be severely disappointed waiting show. The question you must ask your self is, Am I truly performingfor one day and some day to come. These days will never come to my master piece? Am I living my purpose in this world? Or am Iyour rescue. Just as it never exists in the days of the week, it doesn’t waiting for some day and one day?exist in this real world. Most people only associate taking action as Live your purpose.being uncomfortable, one with a price to pay. By that I mean, they Make a decision and back it up with massive action.think of all the sacrifice they have to make if they were to say, lose You never know when the lights will go out.weight. Not eating junk food, being disciplined with portions, cardio Have a Winning Month Kevin Abdulrahman, a british Yemeni, is an International Author of THE bOOK on Winning The Game Of Life. Contact Kevin Abdulrahman by jumping on or email his team at info@MeetWithKevin.com84 YEMEN TODAY FEbruArY 2010