Kevin abdulrahman Winning The Game Of Life


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Kevin abdulrahman, Winning The Game Of Life

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Kevin abdulrahman Winning The Game Of Life

  1. 1. groups, and companies. They wanted to push through the envelope of their mind, and they wanted me as their coach to help with the process. And in the Middle East, can peo- ple achieve the same success as in the West? Absolutely. I sincerely believe that you can be the best that you can be, no matter who you are or where you are from. All you need is the desire and determination, along with the winning information. I see an immense amount of potential waiting to be unleashed in the Middle East. What has been the response to your book, Winning the Game of Life, and have you any touching, personal accounts from others on how it has changed their lives for the better? I have had an immense amount of feedback on Winning the Game of Life. I have been fortunate to have some of the biggest BOOK worldwide names from all walks of life support my message in the book, including Life’s a Game Dr. Denis Waitley, bestselling author of The Psychology of Winning and a teacher from The Secret. Apart from that, I have dozens and dozens of pages of people who wrote to me saying how the book has changed their livesTough times are just what you are looking for according through a new way of thinking. I meet people who read back to me certain lines to mind nutrition expert, Kevin Abdulrahman. As or chapters that really struck a chord withauthor of the bestselling book, Winning the Game of Life, them, and they tell me how they use it in he has already inspired millions of individuals to “get- their day-to-day lives. up-and-go” during testing moments, to reach their full potential, and accomplish their goals.T ell us a bit about yourself us – the goldmine that is hardly mined is and what you do? our mind. I am an author, keynote What is your definition of success? speaker, and mind nutrition Success means different things to different expert. Organizations around folks. I define success as winning inthe world hire me as a trainer to help them whatever game you are playing in life. Wedevelop “A Winning Mind,” benefits of all play a different game in life, and successwhich include leadership development is being the best that you can be – it is notwithin their teams, morale boosts, a race with anyone else.increased productivity, and therefore their What’s one lesson you have learnedbottom line. I help organizations catapult in life so far?from where they are to where they want to A wise man once told me, ‘If you thinkand should be. knowledge is expensive, try ignorance.How did you get interested in Always invest in your mind.’mind nutrition? Who inspired you to keep movingFrustration! I spent the best of my forward?teenage years wondering how very few My wonderful parents.people seemed to achieve what they When did you realize that you couldset out to do in life, whilst the majority teach others about winning in life?tried and failed. This applied across the I began to help those close to me, whoboard in financial success, life happiness, wanted to perform at their peak, and thesports, friendships, relationships, response was overwhelming. Throughemployment, and businesses. The word of mouth only, I was being asked toanswer was in the undervalued and fly around the world to further train someunderutilized power that is within all of already successful individuals, athletes, 39