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Kevin abdulrahman game

  1. 1. June 2009 Have you got game? April 2009 By Kevin Abdulrahman- Mind Nutrition Expert Tips About Taking On Life’s Challenges By World-Class Mind Coach Kevin Abdulrahman46 NETW RKER A D I R E C T S E L L I N G M A G A Z I N E
  2. 2. Success“If only you could see the potential I see in you”- turn your value to the world is diminished. Those who haveKevin Abdulrahman great influence on others are those who have high self-worthThe first question anyone will ask upon meeting with you Unfortunately, many of the beliefs held by the majority arefor business is ‘Have you got game?’ Now they may not use limiting ones. These limiting beliefs hold people back fromthe exact phrase, and they will certainly not say it aloud, but having amazing results. It’s not their environment or thewithin seconds of meeting with you, they will want to know, people that get in people’s way; it’s really the beliefs they‘Have you got game’? hold of themselves that stops them. I have found that in most cases, even those who have done well, are performingSo, have you got it? far well below the greatness they can truly achieve.When you are presenting your products or services, have What kind of beliefs are you armed with? Do you believe youyou got the right confidence to, first of all sell yourself, then can do it? Or do you believe you can’t? Do you believe thatsecondly, what you have on offer? No one will want to buy you deserve it? Or do you believe that you don’t? Do you be-from someone (what ever the product/service is- including lieve that you have game? Or do you think your competitorsyourself) if you are not confident about it. If you lack the have and will always have one over you?confidence in what you have, how could you expect others tohave confidence in you? Henry Ford said, ‘If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.’What underlies this confi-dence? Why does Henry’s quote hold true? Because weThe confidence you have are what we think aboutis set by the beliefs you most of the time. Whathold of yourself, what you we think about most ofdo, and where you plan to the time becomes our be-go. Speak to any confident liefs. Our beliefs then leadperson and you will find us to take certain actions.that they hold empower- These actions have theiring beliefs about them- consequent results andselves and what they do. It depending whether theis because of these beliefs that they enjoy playing their cho- beliefs were empowering or limiting, so will be the nature ofsen game and also get rewarded well for doing so. In short, our results. You simply can’t think that you are destined forthey know what they stand for and are unwavering about failure and at the same time expect to build a lucrative homewhat they need to achieve. based business. Your beliefs must be in line with what you want.In my line of work, I come in contact and coach some alreadyhighly successful people in life, business, relationships and Up until 1954, the four minute mile was seen as an impos-sports. What I find common with all of them is that their be- sible feat. Then came Roger Bannister and shredded that be-liefs are the reason they got there in the first place. They be- lief. Since then thousands of people from around the worldlieved that they can play at a top level and therefore their ac- have bettered the four minute mile. What happened? Didtions were in line with their beliefs. The results were simply they gain more seconds in each minute? Have they reduceda by-product of the actions they took. The reason they hire the length of a mile? The only changing factor has been theme is their desire to further breakthrough their results to the beliefs people carried with themselves since that event. Priornext level. This usually comes with a requirement to further to 1954, the belief was ‘it’s impossible’. Shortly after Rogerenhance those beliefs. If they believed that they were good, broke the barrier, the belief in some people was transformedmy role is to help them find it within themselves that they are to ‘if he can do it, then I can to’great. If they think they are the best, my role is to help themsee the possibility of being best with yet another 100%.You must understand that your beliefs will create an aura Here is a hint: Copy and practice the beliefs of those whoabout you. That aura can attract potential partners to help already have what you want. Be who they are (by way of be-you achieve your goals and deflect anyone who even attempts liefs), do what they do (by way of actions they consistentlyto get in your way. Think of your aura as a magnetic field that take), and have what they have (destination, eg. A lucrativewill attract everything you need and deflect everything that is home based business).of no value to you. Where ever you are in life, whether you are achieving orThe worth that others place on you is a reflection of the self- not, there is always room to improve, there is room to playworth you have for yourself. Your self-worth is determined on another level, there is room to break through and chal-by your beliefs. For you to have a high self-worth you need lenge yourself to higher grounds. Just when you think thatto have beliefs that are empowering and high of yourself. If you can’t, remember that there are others who were in youryou think low of yourself, your self-worth is affected and in shoes and have done it. Just when you think you can’t take NETW RKER A D I R E C T S E L L I N G M A G A Z I N E 47
  3. 3. July 2009 April 2009 it anymore, believe in the fact that the challenges in your life difficult of times will only be seen as a process. Your belief are there because it is you who can conquer them. Just when will help you see any downturn or rejections as mere obsta- you think it’s not worth fighting for what you want, think of cles that need to be tackled and dealt with. Those lacking the price you will pay living the rest of your life in regret won- belief will focus on the obstacle where as those with strong dering ‘what if’. There is always room to take one more step, beliefs look through and past the obstacles focussing on the there is always room to push for more, as long as you carry vision of where they want to go. They know that all setbacks the belief that if anyone can, then indeed, YES YOU CAN. are temporary and every failure and mistake is a lesson to be learned from on the road to success. Those with empowering Will the road to your destination be smooth? Definitely not. beliefs have their focus not on the road but on their destina- Expect a bumper ride because that’s what life is all about. tion. Developing empowering beliefs help people see the opportu- nities in every crisis because they know that doing otherwise Where ever you are in life, I guarantee that you can take it will not aid in their purpose of moving forward. You bet- up a notch. ter learn to have fun through your journey. We are all often hit with opportunity, hit with disaster, hit with happiness, If it’s going to be you against the world, then so be it. sadness and disappointment. What is the reason there is a variance in results amongst different individuals and teams If you have enough belief in yourself and decide to never ever when faced with similar challenges? ever ever give up, then the world is yours for the taking. It is not what we are hit with, but how we deal with the hit. About the Author It is not what we are we are hit with, but how hard we can Kevin Abdulrahman is The Man Inspiring Millions. He is an hit back. It is not the size of the person in the fight, but size International Author of a series of books under THE BOOK of the fight in that person that will determine whether they label, Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Mind Nutrition Ex- will make it or not. And what underlies the size of your fight? pert, World Class Mind Coach to the elite and an In-Demand Your beliefs are what will give you the confidence to win your Trainer. Kevin helps organisations, universities, sports fights. teams and individuals create leadership from within and achieve breakthrough results. Strong empowering beliefs also reduces the feeling of uncer- tainty that is experienced by many. Most people are unfor- If you want to go to The Next Level, you can contact Kevin tunately gripped by the fear of uncertainty and remain in the Abdulrahman on doldrums not achieving anything. Empowering beliefs help “” reduce the uncertainty because you will know that it’s all part or email his team at of a process. There is nothing personal.” When you believe in yourself no matter what, then the most48 NETW A D I R E C T S E L L I RKER N G M A G A Z I N E