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Kevin abdulrahman Who's Buying?


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Kevin Abdulrahman, opinions

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Kevin abdulrahman Who's Buying?

  1. 1. DILEMMA Who’s buying? By Kevin Abdulrahman I t is said that the cheapest commodity in this world is people’s opinion because everyone has a truckload to give away. The sad part that fuels this phenom- enon is that it’s free, and, unfortunately, most of it is worth its weight in rubbish. Every Tom, Dick and Harriet has something to say. You can’t stop people from giving opinions, but you sure can choose how to deal with them.14 l UAE Digest, July-August 2009
  2. 2. Here’s the bottomline. You are in I would turn around and say, “So if once said, “Too bad that all the peoplecontrol. You choose whether to ac- you can’t give me what I want, would who know how to run the country arecept those opinions or not. You choose you be kind enough not to give me your busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair.”whether you let what Tom says affect you opinions either? I am an all or nothing We can’t help how many opinions areand you choose whether Dick’s criticisms guy; how about you give me all or noth- made available to us, especially in this daymakes you feel down and out. You choose ing.” I never hear their opinion from that and age. When each person seems to wantwhether what Harriet thinks of you af- point on. It’s a bit harsh, but it helped me to offload a dozen opinions at a time, wefects how you do your business. stay focused. have the choice to buy into their opinions Always consider this—if those people I want you to imagine shopping for or let them slip away at the same speedgiving you their opinions don’t have what groceries at your local supermarket. that they come toward want or aren’t where you want to be, You want some fruit, vegetables, milk, Fear and personal limitations rule mostthen why should you accept their opin- orange juice, and some pasta for dinner. people’s realities. People give you theirions? Just think about it. Why take their You enter armed with your list, knowing opinions based on their own fears. Theyopinion if that’s all they are giving away? exactly what you need to buy. But is what will talk you out of an idea or a ventureSomeone might think that it’s a good idea you want all that there is on offer in the you might be planning. They are unable tofor you to jump off a cliff, but would you supermarket? Oh no. see what you see. They will not have yourdo it? Someone else might think that it’s Supermarkets are great at strategically skill set, talent and knowledge. They willa good idea for your child to hang around displaying thousands of products, all to have their own set of limitations.street gangs, but would you agree to it? tempt you to pick them up off the shelves. Unfortunately, these people are oftenOne person might think your spouse isn’t Let me ask you, how many times have those who are the closest to you. Theythe right person for you, but would you you fallen for this marketing ploy? How don’t really want to do you harm, but inswap? (Some of you might !) Another many times have you ended up buying most instances, they have absolutely nomight not like the shirt you’re wearing, things that were not on your shopping clue about what they are talking about. Ifbut would you let others choose your list, things that you had no intention they did, they would be doing somethingclothes for you? Isn’t it interesting that of buying? Those products did not just more active with their lives rather thanmost poor people like to give their advice jump off the shelf and into your basket giving their opinion.on how to make money and become rich? (although at times it feels like it). Those Kevin Abdulrahman is an interna-Isn’t it interesting that most people will who are on a strict budget and those who tional author of the book on Winning Thetell you how to have a successful relation- are serious about going in and getting out Game Of Life. He is also a world class in-ship when they’re going through their are usually the best at avoiding this trap. spirational keynote speaker, a sought aftereleventh spouse? Isn’t it interesting how They simply go in, buy what they come mind nutrition expert and a mind coachmany will commentate on an athlete’s per- for, and leave—mission accomplished. to the elite in every field. Kevin providesformance as they are watching the game Your life is like going through a super- customised trainings to his clients includ-on television from their couch? market. It’s filled with people’s opinions. ing individuals, teams, companies and I have always asked myself—and, It’s completely up to you what ends up in athletes who want to catapult from whereat times, challenged some friends who your basket, which will determine what they are, to where they should and want towanted to give me their opinions, to an- you take through the checkout with you. be. If you want to go from Good to Great,swer this question: I would say something Successful people have mastered the art you can log on to “I like to have a lavish time free life so of being able to keep opinions shelved comI will need a fair amount of money to keep with the owner. They only listen tome happy. Being the spontaneous person the right people in the right field. Justthat I am, I could be in New York one day because someone has an opinion doesn’tand feel like sitting on the beautiful sands mean you have to buy it. Successful peo-in the Gold Coast of Australia the next. ple are good at becoming unaffected byI could be walking on the Great Wall of opinions, good or bad. They go with whatChina midweek and then want to head to they have set out to do. They go withPisa to admire the leaning tower for the their shopping list.weekend. I want to be able to give my fam- Again, we don’t let others chooseily whatever they need, without a blink. the clothes we wear. We don’t let othersThat would cost a lot purely in monetary choose our spouse, the sport we play, orterms. You are suggesting very strongly our friends. Therefore, never let someonethat I do not do this project, so, would you else choose how you should live or whatbe able to wire the funds that I require you should do with your life. You are notinto my account every year?” disrespecting anyone; you’re just choos- To this, every friend would stutter and ing not to take in the opinions others arethen always say, “No.” (Can’t seem to find offering—it’s that that will take the bait) George Burns, an actor and comedian UAE Digest, July-August 2009 l 15