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Kevin abdulrahman challenges


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Kevin abdulrahman challenges

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Kevin abdulrahman challenges

  1. 1. 01 • 11 Triangle of life OBTAINER 1
  2. 2. Game Part of the In my first book “Winning the Game From what I have seen, I believe that make on how to view challenges in your of Life” I talked about playing a vid- Winners face even more challenges life. eo game. However, unlike most video than most people do. However, Win- games, this one lacked any challeng- ners understand that challenges are re- Successful people and Winners are not es. You could simply play the game quired ingredients to win. shaped by the challenges they face, but through from start to finish without more so, by how they choose to face being challenged. In fact, the truth is, if you are not fac- their challenges. ing challenges, then chances are you’re I want you to think how you would feel operating well below your true capa- When faced with a challenge, you need if you played a game where you were bilities. to push through it, over it, to the side not challenged? It’s fair to say that the of it. You do whatever you have to do, chances are very high that you would What about if you choose to resign and to get to the other side. As difficult as it get bored very quickly and lose interest be at the complete mercy of the chal- may seem, or as hard as it may feel to in the game. lenges you face? What if you continue recognize this fact, an event will always to do what most people are currently have two sides to it, just like a coin. The reason you actually play a game doing? (and others do so in the first place) is Take a large organization such as because of the challenges you face on Well, you won’t stand a chance at win- Google as an example. screen. To make it through the game, ning. you might have to jump, side step, take Do you think they let challenges hold a tumble, do whatever it takes to get to I would like to suggest that it’s not the them back?Kevin Abdulrahman the next level. challenges that define you. Do you think they bring everything to When I speak at conferences, every Some challenges arise as a result of a complete halt because they are faced single attendee raises their hand for poor choices you’ve made in the past, with a crisis? Column The Man Inspiring Millions, as he is known around He is the Author of a series of books which are used the simple fact that they are either fac- whilst others are at times, out of your the globe, Kevin Abdulrahman is a sought after by leading Direct Selling Teams as part of their fun- ing challenges today, or have done so at control. Nevertheless, you must learn No, they continue to push forward, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker who will damental Development, Learning and Mind Training some point in their life. to understand that a challenge, no mat- fine-tuning and working on their chal- be writing regularly for OBTAINER WORLDWIDE to create a form of Leadership that is much needed ter how severe, is simply part of any lenges along the way. from now on. Kevin Abdulrahman is regularly in- especially in Today’s Testing Times: “Leadership Which means that life is not just pick- game you choose to play in life. vited by the most varied companies to speak to, from within.” The OBTAINER Editorial Team is very ing on you alone. It’s important to note that Winners still train and conduct workshops with Direct Selling pleased to be able to welcome Kevin Abdulrahman to It’s a REQUIRED ingredient of the keep their eyes locked on their vision, Teams across five continents. our circle of columnists. Life is a game, and it’s no different from game. You use challenges to get stron- and therefore are constantly moving a video game. We are all regularly faced ger and move forward. What I’m talk- forward as opposed to many who are with challenges in life. ing about is an Attitude – a choice you taking the “sit and wait” approach.134 OBTAINER WORLDWIDE 01/2011 01/2011 OBTAINER WORLDWIDE 135
  3. 3. “When the winning ing for. Challenges in the game of life are what they have to face, play with International Author, Inspirational Speaker on Motivation and Leadership. get’s tough, the and win over to get to the other side and enjoy their goals and dreams. The Authority in the field of Mind Nutrition. tough FIGHT Keep on telling yourself that the chal- lenges you face (and will overcome) back.” will make for a great story when shar- ing your success with others, with your kids and with your grandkids.How you deal withchallenges will determine whether you dreams, goals and ventures too soon. When you get called onto the podiummake the cut. It will determine whether You won’t get a gold medal for quitting. as an esteemed member of society,you rise and inherently, whether you And you certainly won’t win, or get someone who has inspired others towin or not. For it’s not what you are hit your desired results by quitting. achieve greatness through their ac-with, but how you deal with being hit. tions to be the best that they can be,It’s not how hard you are hit, but how Failure is never true failure unless you you will be able to talk about what youhard you can hit back. It’s not your size quit. faced and how you chose to deal within the fight that matters, but the size it.of the fight in You that will ultimately We all know that Quitters Never Windetermine whether they will stand a and Winners Never Quit. Think of what a great story that wouldchance at winning. be! Time never stops for anyone, so thoseWhat I share with my students is to re- who choose to quit are the ones who Get Excited!member this phrase when faced with will be in the same place five years fromchallenges - “When the winning get’s now. Don’t let that be you. Challenges are part of the game.tough, the tough FIGHT back.” Quitting in the face of challenges is not Always Remember - Your PersistenceWelcome challenges into your world. the answer. It’s not Your Answer. Must Outlast the ResistanceWelcome challenges from your compe-tition. The challenges you face will help Develop a tough skin. Have a Winning Month.expand your thinking. It will help yougrow stronger. Life is tough, and life Learn to be resilient. Kevin Abdulrahman is internally rec-is challenging. Life is full of ups and ognised as The Man Inspiring Millions.downs. That’s the way life is. Most peo- Hang on to your dreams He is regularly ranked by his attendees “No one needs to give you permissionple moan about it, because they don’t as The Best Motivational, Inspirational to be Great. You hold that Authority”realize that everything they desire lies You will have things go against you and and Leadership Speaker in Asia, the Kevin Abdulrahmanon the other side of the challenges they when you do, simply smile at them. Middle East and the Indian Subconti-face. nent. You can contact him by visiting Remember, Winners are not those his website www.BestMotivational-The same holds true for you and your who are fortunate enough not to have Speaker.melife’s results. experienced challenges, in fact they probably do so more than most people. Receive Kevin Abdulrahman’s freeEverything you desire is on the other Winners simply choose to do and think book “What Ever You’re Into” by goingside of the challenges, which you learn differently when faced with challenges. onto choose to overcome. They see beyond the challenges. thegiftEveryday will bring you the opportuni- Winners know that if they want some- Enter the code “vision” to receive your If you want an engaging speaker to connect with the Book Kevin Abdulrahman for your next company andty to give up. But why today?Hang on thing, they have to go and get it. Win- Audience of Today, then You Will Want to have The group conference by contacting his management team full free e-copy courtesy of Kevin Ab- Man Inspiring Millions at your next event. throughin there. Most people give up on their ners know that the prize is worth fight- dulrahman and Obtainer Magazine.136 OBTAINER WORLDWIDE 01/2011 01/2011 OBTAINER WORLDWIDE 137
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