Shakespearean tragedy with special reference to hamlet


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This presentation is for the students who are initiating in the wonderful world of Shakespearean drama

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Shakespearean tragedy with special reference to hamlet

  1. 1. Shakespearean Tragedywith special reference to Hamlet Ketan Pandya Associate Professor M. B. Arts & Commerce College, Gondal have questions? Write to
  2. 2. Constituent elements of Tragedy• plot (mythos)• character (ethos) good –appropriate–consistent• thought (dianoia)• diction (lexis)• melody (melos)• spectacle (opsis) have questions? Write to
  3. 3. Aristotle’s Concept of Tragedy• “Tragedy is serious”• “It is in action and not narration”• “Plot is the soul of tragedy”• “Elements of anagnorisis and peripeteia.”• “Death of the protagonist.”• “In embellished language” have questions? Write to
  4. 4. •“Function of Tragedy is Catharsis” Catharsis means purgation or purification . have questions? Write to
  5. 5. •“Cause of tragedy is hamartia” Hamartia means tragic flaw in the protagonist which becomes the cause of his downfall. have questions? Write to
  6. 6. William Shakespeare have questions? Write to
  7. 7. Shakespearean Tragedy• Hero is a noble man, of high status – a king or a prince• A tale of hero’s suffering culminating in his death• Tragedy issues from character. Character is destiny?• Supernatural elements have questions? Write to
  8. 8. • Profound sense of fate• Conflict: Internal as well as external• Lack of poetic justice• Final sense of reconciliation and hope• An essentially moral world.• Mingling of tragedy and comedy• Use of blank verse have questions? Write to
  9. 9. Shakespeare’s Hamlethave questions? Write to
  10. 10. Character’s in Hamlet• Claudius - King of Denmark• Hamlet - Son of the former, and nephew of the present King• Gertrude - Queen of Denmark, and mother to Hamlet
  11. 11. Character’s in Hamlet• Ophelia - Daughter to Polonius whom Hamlet loves• Horatio - Friend to Hamlet• Laertes - Son to Polonius• Rosencrantz, Guildenstern - Courtiers, friends to Hamlet have questions? Write to
  12. 12. Character’s in Hamlet• Ghost of Hamlets Father• Fortinbras - Prince of Norway• Gravediggers - A sexton and a clown have questions? Write to
  13. 13. Themes• Revenge• Incest• Treachery• Death• Deception• Moral corruption
  14. 14. Characteristics of Revenge Tragedy• Revenge as a theme• Supernatural elements: a vengeful ghost• A play within a play,• Scenes of madness or insanity• Melodramatic and gory scenes• Onus of taking revenge on the hero
  15. 15. Hamlet as a revenge tragedy• Hamlet’s father’s ghost reveals that he was poisoned by his brother Claudius• The Ghost demands: "Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder“• Play within play: Hamlet is sure that Claudius is the murderer• Gets a chance to murder Claudius but refrains as Claudius is praying
  16. 16. • Hamlet kills Polonius mistaking him for Claudius from behind the curtain.• Claudius sends Hamlet to England• Plans to assassinate him in England• Hamlet returns to Denmark safe• Dual between Hamlet and Laertes• Hamlet kills Claudius and dies himself due to poisoned sword.
  17. 17. have questions? Write to
  18. 18. Hamlet’s character•Rises above the stock figure of avenger•A noble and sensitive man
  19. 19. have questions? Write to
  20. 20. have questions? Write to
  21. 21. Opheliahave questions? Write to
  22. 22. The famousgrave diggers sceneShakespeare’smingling oftragic andcomic. Thisscene occursimmediatelyafter Ophelia’stragic death. have questions? Write to