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Strategic sourcing and solution in vietnam market


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Vietnam Support Industry is developing more in recently years, most of factories are changing method(procedure systems) how to improve efficiency an quality to meet global manufacturing. Therefore they need more support from customer to guide them how to do. Sourcing strategy is some guides to improve that.

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Strategic sourcing and solution in vietnam market

  2. 2. I. MECHANICAL INDUSTRY SECTOR IN VIETNAM 1. Structure Of Mechanical Production Process Ø Ø Mechanical Industry as a group of producers of manufactured inputs Finish Goods are produces though multi- progress Final Assembly Sub-Assembly Production parts Tooling Machinery Material& raw material Mechanical (Supporting) Industries
  3. 3. I. MECHANICAL INDUSTRY SECTOR IN VIETNAM 2. Basis Mechanical (Supportive) Industry Sector Motorbike Home Appliance PC Peripheral AV Automobile Common Mechanical (Support) Industry Sector Parts Rubber Plastic Metal Screw/nut Spring Electric Wire hardness Process Pressing Casting Forging Molding Machining Plating Heat treatment
  4. 4. II. SOURCING AND SUPPLIER STRATEGY 1. Strategic Sourcing Sourcing • Low cost sourcing • Total cost assessment • Outsource assessment • Procurement process assessment Strategy Selection Management • Supplier qualification criteria • Statement of work development • RFP/RFI/RFQ development and support • Supplier assessment • Supplier performance • Take corrective action • Supplier management process development • Improve quality and operation efficiency • Partner collaboration • Strategy alignment Solution Sustain
  5. 5. II. SOURCING AND SUPPLIER STRATEGY 2. Sourcing Selection Process Supportive Document Receive sourcing assignment Classify sourcing objective Prepare RFI/RFQ Weight assessment criteria Send out RFI/RFQ Evaluate answers from RFI/RFQ Select supplier for further negotiation Filing
  6. 6. III. MECHANICAL SOLUTION 1. Mechanic Solution Mission • – – Provide Competitive and Executable quote solutions New Design Build to Print • – – – – Mechanical Supply Chain Solutions Metals Plastics Tooling Raw Materials • – Execution Support Mechanical Supply Chain Program Management
  7. 7. III. MECHANICAL SOLUTION 2. Mechanic Solution End to End Service Concept Design/ Build to print Kick off Mechanical SC Strategy & prototype Process Realization & Qualification Production Ramp up Sustaining Mechanical SC Strategy Mechanical Quoting Tooling Engineering Quality Management Supplier Development RFQ cycle Leadership Mechanical SCM •Part Design •Customer Support •Strategy •Development •RFQ Management • Process / Part Qualification •DFM (Part Design) •Cost Engineering • Tool Design •DFM (Tool) •Products transfer •Quotes analysts •Supplier Development •Customer •Supplier Audits •Access to supply chain technology advances • Quotes cycle times •PPAP (if need) • Or FAI •PPAP (or FAI) management •Design approval involvement • Resource aligned by supply technology Plastic/metal management • Tooling approval •Design •Supply process optimisation • Scrap reduction programs •Cycle time reduction •Execution Support • Supplier contract • Supplier relatioship •Negotiation cycle •Business review cycle •Quotation support •Strategy development
  8. 8. III. MECHANICAL SOLUTION 3. Mechanic Solution Service Details • • • • • Design – The person in charge work with coordinator and Customers to develop manufacturing cost effective solutions that are aligned with requirement for new product designs containing mechanical Mechanical Costing - The person in charge able to understand, manage mechanical processing and quote mechanical parts through complete integrated enclosures. Tooling Management – The person in charge able to providing technical support for the design, creation, validation, maintenance and/or transfer of the custom tooling. Supplier Quality Engineering – A team of engineers managing supplier quality across the entire product life cycle, including Advance Quality Planning, Part Qualification, Supplier Development and Surveillance Audits Supplier Development – Working and supporting together to provide cost effective executable solutions, develops new suppliers or new capabilities at existing suppliers to close any technology, capacity in supply chain and work with quality control to solve supplier’s execution issues.
  9. 9. III. MECHANICAL SOLUTION 4. Mechanic Commodity Management Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 2 • Injection, Compression Moulding • Cycle time, overhead rates, scrap, profit, labour • Raw material specified by customer • Raw material management • Price • Delivery terms (Payment terms) • Hardware material specified by customer • Hardware contract management • Price • Delivery terms (payment ) • Tooling Management • Tooling supplier • Tooling approval and project management
  10. 10. III. MECHANICAL SOLUTION Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 2 • Metal Stamping, forging, casting, machining.. • Cycle time, overhead rates, scrap, profit, labour • Raw material specified by customer • Raw material management • Price • Delivery terms (Payment terms) • Hardware material specified by customer • Hardware contract management • Price • Delivery terms (payment ) • Tooling Management • Tooling supplier • Tooling strategy • Tooling approval and project management
  11. 11. IV. SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT 1. Quality in Supply Chain Management Supplier Development Supplier Program Execution • Supplier Audits • Full PDCA • Supplier Performance reporting • Worst Suppliers • Continuous improvement programs • Process validation audits • Process checking • New Program Quality control Lead • Process Management • Manage FMEA • Manage Control Plan • Sign off FAI • Align with Supplier on Acceptance levels Metrics • Raw material usage • Update and manage Quality Control tools and procedures
  12. 12. IV. SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT 2. Cost management/Process Improvement • • Tooling service management •Cost control from initial quotes to engineering change orders through production approval. •Quality tooling optimized to meet production demands. •Management of customer/vendor technical issues. •Program portability via standardized tool construction and process development. Preventive/Predictive Maintenance Programs – Introduction of Planned Maintenance for all equipment/tooling used for production • Assessment of needs • Plan for execution • Participate in audits of process • Feedback findings back into process (PDCA) – Cycle Time Improvements • Conduct Process Studies • Conduct DOE activities • Implement process changes through trial and re qualification activities • Report on improvements achieved – Stock Reduction Programs • Provide stock details • Participate in Value Stream Mapping Activities (Lean Manufacturing) • Plan and implements changes • Report on improvements achieved
  13. 13. V. SUMMARY Best Practice sharing Create partnership with suppliers Access to new supplier Cost savings Strategic Sourcing Improve operation efficiency Increase quality Specification Standard pricing
  14. 14. WELCOME TO VIETNAM FREELANCE SOURCING Thinking how to print your products innovation to Vietnam factories manufactured and coordinated to all customers and suppliers to become partner. We are Vietnam Manufacturing Partner (VMP) founded with specializing in mechanical sourcing, coordinating and supplying manufactured to assist companies more competitive by working and producing components or assemblies in Vietnam. Our manufacturing include sub assembly, main assembly, plastic parts, rubber parts , casting parts, stamping parts, machined parts, and others. Our services include product engineering, manufacturing and tooling solution with purposing increasing your profitability and our partner Contact us today to learn how we can deliver our manufacturing solutions for your projects by: Pham Doan Ket (Mr) Email:; Skype: doan.ket HP: +84 908188400