Developing Astonishing apps on BlackBerry 10


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Developing Astonishing apps on BlackBerry 10 By Zacharias Manuel, Knowledge Architect, Startup Village.
Presented at MobileCamp Trivandrum on Saturday, April 27, 2013.

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  • Integrated: BlackBerry 10 allows for total integration across all apps. It all starts with the BlackBerry Hub: All notifications come into one location; including notifications from your app. This allows the customer to stay connected to everything... Using one gesture, customers will access the Hub events in your app are visible immediately. Then they navigate to your app with a single touch - ....there's no need to scroll through dozens of apps. In other words, we've built BlackBerry 10 to allow your apps to become an integral part of the customer experience.
  • Social: You've got a great app.   You want to share it. You want your customers to share it. Friends help friends choose your app. So sharing needs to be easy to do. BlackBerry 10 apps are designed to capture this impulse ....and build on the heritage of connectedness that BlackBerry has always offered. We've learned that connected apps are 15 times more likely to be downloaded. And our share framework enables the user to be one gesture away from sharing content... without having to leave your app. So, everything about the interface is designed to make it easy for your apps to go viral.
  • Beautiful: With BlackBerry 10 we want to make sure we provide the best possible experience for our customers.   We want your apps to surprise and delight customers as well.   You will see the care and thought that have been put into this platform ....and how it's adaptive nature allows you to create something really unique.
  • When you add all of this together - Integrated - Social - Beautiful get an experience that is unique.   You get.... BlackBerry Flow. 04/29/13 11:14 AM
  • One of the most best examples of Flow is the way it allows you to quickly and fluently move between apps and different parts of the UI With this peeking gesture. There ’ s no barrier to going to the home screen or to switch apps and you may gracefully access the most important information And reverse this glancing gesture and you’ve never left what you were doing
  • We’ve redesigned how a Context Menu should be with BlackBerry 10. It reduces the need for redundant navigation, by allowing users to perform one or several tasks very quickly in context – This is available as a core component The key thing is that this Context Menu is non-modal, You never stopped what you were doing easy to dismiss without halting the experience but also quick to interact with You hold the item and the context menu sidebar appears from the right. And simply drag finger up and down the context menu As you drag your finger up and down, The context menu icons pops out to display the text The beauty of this is that you can use it with one or two hands – we don t let the software define the path but make it ready for the users preferred interaction style
  • This is my personal favorite And it embodies the principle of Connectivity and Sharing between apps The concept of Card is critical to maintain that Flow It breaks down barriers and silos On how Apps talk to each other A card is similar to an application, but when a card is invoked, the context does not switch to a separate application. Instead, the card is transitioned into the foreground of the application that invoked it, thus integrating more fluently into the flow of the invoking application. You can do this between any two applications. You can easily create a card from your app to be used by others.
  • So to sum up, BlackBerry 10 It lets you create applications (Click for animation) - That are integrated, (Click for animation) - Social, (Click for animation) - And beautiful.   ...They're integrated, -They're social, -And they're beautiful I encourage you to come to our sessions to learn about we we’ve embodied these principles And made it easier for developers to build such apps Let’s look at a short video on BlackBerry Flow!
  • Developing Astonishing apps on BlackBerry 10

    1. 1. Developing Astonishingapps on BlackBerry 10
    2. 2. Zacharias ManuelKnowledge Architect @ Startup Village(BlackBerry Certified trainer)Myself
    3. 3. 3Q10 Z10
    4. 4. Z10 Configuration4•CPU - Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait•GPU - Adreno 225•Chipset - Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon•2 GB RAM•8 MP Camera•NFC
    5. 5. IntegratedBlackBerry Hub
    6. 6. SocialConnected AppsShareFrameworkGamification
    7. 7. BeautifulUser Experience
    8. 8. Flow
    9. 9. 9Peeking and notifications
    10. 10. 9Context Menu
    11. 11. CardsInclude functionality fromother apps – withoutbreaking the flow Can be included as part ofthe nav flow, peekingavailableInclude a dedicated card or rely on mime-type and letinvocation FW find one foryouExport a card from your appfor others to use19
    12. 12. Integrated Social Beautiful
    13. 13. BlackBerry 10 SDKsC++/QtCascadesActionScriptAdobe®AIR®HTML5 BlackBerry®WebWorks™C/C++Native SDKJavaAndroid™Runtime
    14. 14. C++/Qt Cascades Using C++/Qt and Qml Same as Java and xml in android Beautiful UI out of the box Integrate APIs Device Deployment Tools VMware Eclipse CDT 8 based IDE (Momentics)14
    15. 15. HTML5 - Webworks Platform is called WebWorks Easy to create app using html5 bbUI.js can be added Use Apis using javascript wrappers. Ripple Emulator: Best Score for HTML5 implementation of allplatforms score 48415
    16. 16. Android runtime Includes Android player Supports 2.3 Gingerbread Will support 4.1 Jellybean soon 3 Repackaging tools to convert Apk to Bar Online tool Command-line tools Eclipse Plug-in16
    17. 17. Eclipse plugin17
    18. 18. CASCADES
    19. 19. • BlackBerry 10 NDK - IDE• Java• BlackBerry Simulator• Vmware - playerCascades - Tools Needed
    20. 20. Create your first Hello World App
    21. 21. Create your first Hello World App
    22. 22. The QML edit perspective
    23. 23. Running an Application
    24. 24. Running an Application
    25. 25. Running an Application
    26. 26. Running an Application
    27. 27. Folder structure of a Cascade App
    28. 28. Sample qml codemport bb.cascades 1.0Page {content: Container {Button {text:"Play”}ImageView {imageSource: "asset:///images/bg_turtle.png"}}}
    29. 29. Sample qml code
    30. 30. Sample qml code
    31. 31. Sample qml code
    32. 32. Javasript function in qml code
    33. 33. 33THANK YOUZacharias