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Docker practical solutions


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Docker meetup slides

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Docker practical solutions

  1. 1. Docker Practical Solutions Kesav Kolla ( CTO Hotelsoft Inc
  2. 2. About Me Over 18 yrs of Experience in Software industry Focused in application development 15yrs working in HealthCare domain Worked at (Stanford Hospitals, Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health ….) Architect & Develop enterprise solutions for Hospitals Founder & CTO Hotelsoft Inc
  3. 3. Founded in 2014 Goal to provide unified application for managing hotels Multi-tenant applications as SAAS Released first product Revenue Management Analyzing data over million+ records Looking to hire people like you
  4. 4. Tech @Hotelsoft What we use? JavaScript - Full stack Front end - (HTML5, AngularJS, ReactJS, Webpack, CSS3, CSS components ….) Application Server - (Node.js, Loopback ….) Database - (PostgreSQL both RDBMS and Document Store) R - statistical analysis
  5. 5. Tech Ops @Hotelsoft Contd…. Load balancer (HaProxy, PgPool) CI/CD (Jenkins) Distributed Rotating Proxy (Tor) Distributed Queuing (Apache Kafka, Nats) Central Logging (ELK stack) Distributed Cache (Redis, Infinispan)
  6. 6. Challenges Multi-Tenant + Multi-Application Scale applications per each tenant and per application Multiple Physical Servers across different data centers Multiple environments (Dev, Staging, Prod) Version upgrades
  7. 7. Docker @ Hotelsoft What do we run in Docker? - Everything Database (PostgreSQL) Master / Slaves Application server (Node.js) Caching, Queues Load balancers
  8. 8. Database
  9. 9. Application
  10. 10. Problem 1 - Base image Keep the base image as minimal as possible Install all purpose packages (Eg… curl, pigz, wget, vim, etc…) Configure all required repositories (ppa for git, nodejs, haproxy etc…) Setup appropriate locale, timezones etc… (locale-gen en_US.UTF-8 && echo 'LANG="en_US.UTF-8"' > /etc/default/locale)
  11. 11. Problem 2 - container processes Docker container only runs single process. (CMD [xxxx]) How can I run multiple services in single container? There is no init process in container so how to start multiple processes? How to make sure the process is keep running?
  12. 12. Problem 2 - Contd... We’ve a solution for all the container process issues. Base image ( Phusion base image provides: init system (based on supervisor) syslong-ng cron
  13. 13. Problem 2 - Contd... The init system in Phusion will auto start /etc/service/<xxxx> Will start at the start of container Each service is monitored by supervisor so app crashes it will restart automatically
  14. 14. Problem 3 - Securing container No standard file/remote access services inside container No Telnet/SSH daemon inside container No FTP daemon inside container No port mapping to host Only way to get inside container is to use docker exec Only application protocols are allowed inside container
  15. 15. Problem 3 - Contd ... No access to container directly from internet. Only pre identified containers (HAProxy, pgpool) are open to internet. Access to applications and database are routed through HAProxy and pgpool Only HAProxy and pgpool ports are mapped with host and thus accessible from internet
  16. 16. Problem 4 - Grant Access How to give internal developers access to containers? SSH authorized-keys with command Eg: Give user to access to app container: command="docker exec -it container-app",no-port-forwarding,no-X11-forwarding,no-agent-forwarding ssh-rsa xxxxxxxxxxx When user does ssh to host machine then he will automatically placed inside container
  17. 17. Problem 4 - Contd... SSH authorized_keys only allow one command Allow multiple container access to internal users. Custom shell script for each user based on what he needs Eg: command="",no-port-forwarding,no-X11-forwarding,no-agent-forwarding ssh-rsa xxxxxxxxxxx
  18. 18. Problem 4 - Contd... #!/usr/bin/env bash case ${SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND} in app1) docker exec -it container-app1 bash -l ;; app2) docker exec -it container-app2 bash -l ;; db) docker exec -it container-db su -c "psql hotelsoft" postgres *) echo "Invalid command" ;; esac exit
  19. 19. Problem 5 - Transferring files Transfer files into container docker cp <file> container:<path> Transfer files from container docker cp container:<path/file> <path> From internet (Use git, dropbox, gdrive etc…)
  20. 20. Problem 6 - Multi host networking We’ve physical machines located in 3 data centers Each datacenter hosts multiple machines. Containers deployed across machines across data centers Communication between containers Using overlay networking
  21. 21. Problem 6 - Contd... weave (
  22. 22. Problem 6 - weave fast path
  23. 23. Problem 6 - Contd...
  24. 24. Problem 6 - Weave Features Virtual ethernet switch Fast data path Seamless Docker integration Docker network plugin Address allocation Naming and discovery Application isolation Host network integration
  25. 25. Problem 7 - Storage Mounting volumne docker create -it -v <hostpath>:<containerpath> --name app1 hotelsoft/hotelsoft-app Data is not lost with container removal Data can be accessed from multiple containers on the same host
  26. 26. Problem 7 - Shared Storage
  27. 27. Problem 7 - GlusterFS Physical machines are part of GlusterFS cluster Physical machines mount the Gluster volumes using GlusterFS Client Docker containers get storage by volume mapping Good for high reads and low writes Not good for databases. Databases are handled using physical disk mappings.
  28. 28. Problem 8 - HAProxy loadbalancing Auto scale application nodes Update HAProxy configuration