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Translation Services of the near Future


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Presentation at the Conference of the EU Commission 'About the Near Future of Translation Services', October 2017, Luxembourg

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Translation Services of the near Future

  1. 1. About the near future of translation services
  2. 2. About ten years ago: “Nowadays, translating is not just a matter of finding the right word, but also of using the right technology.“
  3. 3. Today: Real-time translation everywhere, connected to everything Terminology Language Data CAT MT-Engines Speech2Speech Translation Specialist
  4. 4. 163 ZB 2025 Our digital universe is expanding at incredible speed 2016 16 ZB Source: IDC/Seagate – The Evolution of Data through 2025 5 MB 1956
  5. 5. And with it the potential market volume for MT A Ω 阿 2016 $400 million A Ω 阿 2025 $1,6 billion Source: Global Market Insights $0 1956
  6. 6. Maybe, once the machine gains consciousness, until then... But does machine translation alone do the trick?
  7. 7. Machine translation application Terminology and language data grooming Linguistic and cultural advice Content transcreation ...the translation business keeps evolving Translation and localization system expertise Process analysis and optimization
  8. 8. In our digital universe... ...translating is a matter of deciding to use technology for the right things.
  9. 9. We asked our clients: Translation services of the near future are... “...always on. Happen in the background.“ “... needed without delay. Lower quality is acceptable when speed is essential.“ “... efficient and automated, avoiding redundancy.“ “...the core of a multilingual content strategy.“
  10. 10. What our clients are working on Speech2SpeechMachine Translation End2End-Content  Language data  Linguistics, Quality  Terminology data  Content Strategy  Speech data  Culture, Quality
  11. 11. So, what are translation services of the near future?
  12. 12. Translation space – the final frontier
  13. 13. Thank you very much! @blcTeam +49 (0) 211 22 06 77 0