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The business of blogging: How to make your blog part of your marketing stategy


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The business of blogging: How to make your blog part of your marketing stategy

  1. 1. The Business of Blogging @Sahmedia @CrunchyCarpets
  2. 2. Why are you asking to do MORE work???
  3. 3.  Create dialogue with your customers  Simple way to communicate about who you are and why you do what your do  Share more information about your product service  Become the Go To for your niche. Become the TRUST person  People use social media and their browsers to research as much as they can before a purchase. Give them a reason WHY to pick you  Instant Marketing Material  Your blog is your content marketing for sharing on your social channels  SEO & Keywords  You have now increased your searchability for your website and business
  4. 4. Being a ‘Trust Agent’ in your field…
  5. 5. Become the ‘Expert’…
  6. 6. • Identify your goals for blogging - WHY • Determine whom your blog is for – WHO is your audience • Create killer content – EXPERT STATUS • Find a sustainable blogging rhythm – MAKE IT WORK • Grow your audience – SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING
  7. 7. Blogging Tools: Editorial Calendars
  8. 8. Setting up an editorial calendar is probably the simplest way to make sure your blog is part of your overall marketing strategy. Merging your marketing plan for your year ahead (you do have one?) with your blogging plan allows you to layout your content strategy for the year ahead.  Seasonal events/sales & promotions  Company Milestones  Product launches/changes and additions  Customer questions  Community events (charities)  Professional events/tradeshows/niche awards and events  General issues/news that are related to you or your product or business The list is endless….but your blog has now become the heart of your marketing strategy.
  9. 9. Blogging Basics  A Catchy Title: A long tail keyword headline that draws readers in and indicates what the post is about. Use action verbs and questions.  It is a blog post, not a novel: Aim for between 250 and 500 words per post. If it is a HUGE topic, split it into two parts.  Post Regularly: Once a week is fine in my opinion for a business blog. Consistency is key and twice a month is okay if you keep to that and produce good content.  Get Help. If you HAVE a team, get everyone involved in content creation. If you are on your own, plan it out and ask for guest posts. The next step is to outsource the content creation.  Don’t forget the visuals. Photos, Images, Infographics are all great shareables on your social media channels.
  10. 10. Measure What? Blogging doesn’t always direct immediate sales, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t contribute to the final deal One way to measure the ROI of your blog and social media is to track lead generation. Encourage readers to subscribe to your blog, join your newsletter list, or submit contact info to access gated content You can also calculate the cost of writing and publishing (time) that post to how many views and shares it gets using your sites analytics tools Don’t have TOO high expectations for your blogging efforts. It is not a short term project. It takes time to find and build your audience and your own creative voice and what works with your marketing and branding efforts