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Employee engagement across cultures


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Challenges of engaging an Increasingly Multi-cultural Workforce: A quick taster from our industry research of things to focus on in management.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Employee engagement across cultures

  1. 1. Employee Engagement How do we harmoniously engage across different cultures?
  2. 2. Everyone has various motivations Money Travel Progression Responsibility Ethics 100 other things
  3. 3. So what happens when a team also consists of a range of cultures? Culture is a multi-layered phenomenon Each of us has a culture shaped buy many things e.g. - Country of origin - Family values - Beliefs - Life experiences and influences
  4. 4. Taking this increasingly richly varied mix into account. How does a manager motivate everyone… At the same time… To create a harmonious workplace AND maximise engagement to create a hugely productive team?
  5. 5. Research points to three simple things for any manager to analyse and act upon
  6. 6. 1. Self Awareness 1. Self Awareness 2. Establish a base of knowledge to identify differences and similarities between manager and employee 3. Constructive efforts to bridge significant gaps
  7. 7. We often dismiss differences as unimportant – it is only when we recognise differences that we can act to engage all employees effectively
  8. 8. To find out more in detail about how to engage a multi-cultural team: Come along to our ‘Engagement Innovation Summit’ 2015