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Understanding and Leading Millennials


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Managers and leaders who are able to understand, communicate, motivate, train, and retain four or five different generations at the same time is mission critical in every industry.

This cross-generation management skillset is not one that managers may naturally have, but it is one that can be developed through learning and practice.

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Understanding and Leading Millennials

  1. 1. Multi-Generational Workforce – Understanding and Leading Millennials Learning Segment November 2016
  2. 2. Purpose of Today’s Training • What is a Millennial? • Perception vs Reality • What do I need to know to more effectively lead?
  3. 3. Traditionalists Baby Boomers Gen X Millennials Gen Z Four Generations in the Workforce • WWII, GI Bill, College • Authority • Delayed gratification • One company career • Vietnam, Cold War, Civil Rights • Kennedy & King assassinations • Find identity in their work • Technology to do more work, not less • Persian Gulf, AIDS • Video games, MTV, computers • Mobility and autonomy important • Technology for work-life balance • 9/11, Terrorism • Latch Key • Texting, Social Media • Emphasis on social responsibility • Technology for work-life blending • Mortgage crisis • ISIS • Tech savvy • Globally connected • Flexibility • Entrepreneurial • Still evolving definition 1933 - 1945 1946 - 1964 1965 - 1979 1980 - 1995 1996 - Present
  4. 4. Perception of Millennials What is your perception of Millennials? • Autonomous • Entitled • Imaginative • Self-Absorbed • Defensive • Abrasive • Myopic • Unfocused • Indifferent
  5. 5. Reality of Millennials • Work – Life Blend • Reward • Self- Expression • Attention • Achievement • Informality • Simplicity • Multitasking • Meaning
  6. 6. Challenges for Millennials • A lack of experience • Not being taken seriously • Not getting respect • Being perceived as "entitled" • A lack of patience • Getting helpful feedback • Understanding expectations • Rigid processes • Proving my value
  7. 7. How to Lead Millennials What Millennials Need What Millennials Need From Their Leaders Work-life blending acceptance Be flexible when letting them have it their way makes sense Reward for work, more opportunity and promotions Reward the right things in the right way; Teach and guide them; Be clear and patient when setting expectations Self-expression and being listened to Put their imagination to work; Listen to them for ideas and strategies Attention and knowing what is expected out of them Build a relationship; Be clear and detailed Feeling achievement and knowing how they are doing Give affirmation when they do achieve; Assure them about your relationship with them when providing information on performance improvement Informality and a say in how they do their job Don't take things personally when they go around the normal channels to build relationships; Let them challenge you Simplicity and the big picture Show them the big picture and broaden the short term; Help them connect the dots Help sculpting ability to multitask with attention to detail Include the details and give them direction; Demonstrate, coach and then empower them Help finding the meaning Make it matter to them; Help them see how their daily contribution matters
  8. 8. Villainize, Tolerate, or Engage!