Shooting script


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Shooting script

  1. 1. Unborn Love Written by Kerry Obihara
  2. 2. Living Room SetCamera: Wide shot zooming outThe scene is set in a living room, where we can see a TV,couch & general ornaments.News Reporter (Maisha): Good morning and welcome.Today’s story; A small boy by the name of Ruben has beenreported missing after his parents realised he had not returnedhome, during the weekend. It’s thought that he is still in hislocal area, ad his parents plea that anyone who sees himshould report the authority’sXthina (Xara): *Whimper*Camera: Over shoulder viewWe can see just behind the couch and over Xthinas shoulder,showing the news report she is watching.Xthina (Xara): *whimpers*Camera: Close upA close up of Xthinas face shows us she is crying and it isrevealed who this character is. Flashback SetThe camera fades from the previous set to Xthinas bedroomduring the night.Camera: Long ShotWe see Xthina lying in bed.Camera: Midshot zooming inThe camera draws close to Xthina and she shoots up fromunder the bed covers in pain
  3. 3. Xthina (Xara): *Sudden gasp*Camera: Close upWe see Xthina clutching her stomach and her hands arecovered in blood.Xthina (Xara): *crying* no, no, no! Living Room SetThe scene is set in a living room, where we can see a TV,couch & general ornaments.Camera: Close upThe flashback ends and we are brought back to Xthinas face,cryingXthina (Xara): *whimpers* huh? (pauses whimpering when shehears Ruben)Ruben (David): *whimper*Camera:WideshotWe watch Xthina get up from the couch and walk out into thecorridor.Corridor SetWe are in Xthinas corridorCamera: point of view shotIn the corridor there is a small door under the stairs. we watchXthina open this.Ruben (david): *whimpering*Camera: point of view shot
  4. 4. Ruben: *crys* Flashback SetThe camera fades from the previous set to Xthinas thoughtsand we see her in the park.Camera: Long Shot /point of view shot.We see Xthina looking about the park.Camera: close upWe see Xthinas face.Camera: Long Shot / zoomWe see Xthina walking towards a childCamera: midshotby the swings Xthina and Ruben meetCamera: two-shotXthina (Xara): do you want a push?Ruben (David): yes...Camera shot:midshotby the swingsXthina (Xara):whats your name?Ruben (David): Ruben.Xthina (Xara):ImXthina.Camera shot: close upwe take a close up look of Xthinas face and facial expressions
  5. 5. Xthina (Xara): *pause/looks around* cumonCamera shot:midshotRuben (David): where are we going!?Xthina (Xara): to my house, we can play over there if you likeRuben (David): ...okay Corridor Settheflashback ends and we are back in the corridor.Camera shot: two-shotRuben (david): *crys* i want my mum! Take me home please.Xthina (Xara): *panic facial expressions* (overlapping sound ofRubens crys)Ruben (david): please let me go!! *crys*Camera shot:midshotwe see Xthinahitting the childCamera shot: close upwe see Xthinas facial expressions as she does thisXthina (xara): stop it, stop it, stop crying!! *crying/hurtingruben/slapping child)*Camera shot:midshotwe view ruben and his reaction to being hit.Camera shot: long shotwe watch xthina get up and walk away from the scene Living Room Set
  6. 6. camera shot:midshotwe follow xthina traumatically walking away, into the kitchen.Kitchen SetCamera shot: point of view shotwe watch xthina open a cupboard and pull out some anti-depressant shot:midshotit shows xthina overdosing on pillscamera shot:wideshotwe watch xthina walk away, out of the kitchenLiving Room Setcamera shot:close-upwe view a close up of xthinas legs as she is walking awayCamera shot:wideshot/zoom inwe view xthina collapse to the ground due to overdose