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Crab Power Point

  1. 1. Crabs, crabs and more crabs                                                                                                             Shore Crab                                                           
  2. 2. What is a crab? <ul><li>A crab is an animal that has 10 legs, a hard shell body and walk side ways. </li></ul>
  3. 3. How many types of crabs are there? There are almost 5,000 different species of crabs. But only 4,500 of them are true crabs and the other 500 of them are Hermit crabs. Did you know that Hermit crabs don’t have a very hard shell so they steal other animals shells for protection.
  4. 4. Awsome facts about crabs Did you know that a barnacle can sometimes get in my shell and take nourishment from my blood. This changes my hormones so the next time I lose my shell I will be a female crab. Male crab
  5. 5. The BIGGEST crab in the world! The biggest crab is the Japanese Spider crab which lives on the floor of the north Pacific Ocean; it has a 3.7 meter leg span. The biggest land crab is the Coconut crab which lives on islands in the Pacific Ocean; it has a leg span up to 75 cm .
  6. 6. What colour are crabs? The kelp crab is brown on top and red on the bottom. The rock crab is light purple and red. The hermit crab is grey and green. The lined shore crab is reddish and purple. The purple shore crab is dark purple with light purple dots on its claws. The lumpy crab is red and brown. And lots lots and lots more
  7. 7. Where are they found Crabs are found on different beaches around the world.
  8. 8. Diagram of a crab Difference between male and female crab
  9. 9. Anatomy Crabs are invertebrates which are animals with out a back bone. Their shell is a exoskeleton which provides protection from predators and also support for their muscles. Protection support
  10. 10. Diet Some crabs are scavengers and eat dead animals. Some eat plankton and some young crabs eat worms. Larger crabs eat shrimp and other shellfish. I am a very hungry crab Ouch!
  11. 11. glossary Abdomen belly or stomach Anatomy different parts of the body Exoskeleton outer shell Hormones fluid in blood to make organs work Invertebrates animals without a back bone Nourishment food that gives you goodness Predator something that hunts others Scavenger animals that eat dead animals
  12. 12. Conclusion As you can see crabs are very interesting because they come in all shapes all colors and all sizes. They can protect themselves by hiding in their shell and they also clean up the oceans and rivers by scavenging.