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  1. 1. Front Page<br />Preliminary Front Page<br />Final Front Page<br />
  2. 2. Contents Page<br />Preliminary Contents Page<br />Final Contents Page<br />
  3. 3. Main Article<br />Final Main Article<br />
  4. 4. Preliminary Contents Page<br />Good<br /><ul><li> Consistent dynamic colour scheme (Yellow, Black, White)
  5. 5. Funky background
  6. 6. Direct Address
  7. 7. Main image of student (audience can relate)
  8. 8. Big cell lines
  9. 9. Nice chrome effect added to masthead</li></ul>Bad<br /><ul><li>Looks simple, not enough effort put into it
  10. 10. Poor choice of costume for main image (doesn’t go well with colour scheme)
  11. 11. This all shows my lack of photoshop skills at the time.</li></li></ul><li>Final Front Page<br /><ul><li>The colour scheme is consistent using nice, appealing colours like Gold, black and white.
  12. 12. Subvert the conventions of a stereotypical magazine by not using direct address
  13. 13. Edited the photo to make it suit the sort of look I wanted to express the genre of soul.
  14. 14. Kept my font consistent throughout the magazine. Choosing the right font was key as I wanted it to be sophisticated enough to look at for my mature audience
  15. 15. Learnt how to manipulate colours as I have done with the masthead before it was just black and white now I can use any colour.
  16. 16. Can now manipulate the shadow around text like I have done with the main cover line to make it stand out</li></li></ul><li>Preliminary Contents Page<br />Good<br /><ul><li> Arranged neatly
  17. 17. Colours look attractive
  18. 18. Editors Note full with important information (Colloquialisms e.g. ‘Grimiest’)</li></ul>Bad<br /><ul><li> No pictures
  19. 19. Shows no effort
  20. 20. Looks too similar to Front Page, it should vary from it.
  21. 21. Spelling mistakes and some grammar errors
  22. 22. Not very appealing
  23. 23. Looks very simple</li></li></ul><li>Final Contents Page<br /><ul><li> I actually use images this time.
  24. 24. Every section is neatly arranged
  25. 25. Simple and sophisticated layout, not too cluttered
  26. 26. The Editors Note is filled with more information relevant to my audience and my magazine.
  27. 27. Developed many influences and ideas from my analysis of contents pages
  28. 28. Images are well cropped and proportioned within the page
  29. 29. Colour scheme and font is consistent with the front page
  30. 30. Not to similar looking to front page. This is good to show off my new Photoshop skills</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>I hadn’t made a main article for my preliminary so this task allowed me to further enhance my Photoshop skills
  31. 31. Question and Answer style interview to fully get to grips with my artist.
  32. 32. Mainly open questions used to develop the interview more
  33. 33. Use of floating quotes to feel more attached to the artist
  34. 34. Alliteration used to stick within the readers mind
  35. 35. One base picture for the background. It’s simple and sophisticated
  36. 36. Doesn’t look anything like the contents or front page. It is as if this page is dedicated to the artist alone and Smooth shouldn’t interfere.
  37. 37. Image looks very natural. The sun gleaming behind the trees; it made the artist seem like he’s looking at the trees and title and it looks almost romantic. </li></ul>Final Main Article<br />
  38. 38. Conclusion<br /><ul><li> I’ve learnt how to attract my audience through use of colour, the size of the font, the pictures, puffs and cover lines
  39. 39. Developed many influences and ideas from my analysis of different genres of magazine and learnt about codes and conventions magazines used to communicate with their audience
  40. 40. Discovered the most successful techniques to communicate with my audience; superlatives, hyperboles, floating quotes, register etc.
  41. 41. Can now manipulate images and text with a whole lot more skill.</li>