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Production diary


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Production diary

  1. 1. Production Diary<br />By John Okello<br />
  2. 2. Part 1<br />Production Diary #1 - Wednesday 23rd June 2010 -> Today we started our Advanced Production course: We went over generic codes and conventions.<br />Production Diary #2 - Friday 25th June 2010 -> We are put into groups and sort out a genre between us. We then begin designing questions to put on our questionnaire for our audience research and feedback (i.e. Focus Group s or VoxPox)<br />Production Diary #3 - Sunday 27th June 2010 -> I complete my first textual analysis of the music video “Never Too Late” by Three Days Grace<br />Production Diary #4 - Monday 28th June 2010 -> We use the lesson to hand out our questionnaire to our peers and friends to gather data for our focus group.<br />Production Diary #5 - Wednesday 30th June 2010 -> Today lesson is based upon the ideology of Feminist and Post-Feminist theories. We use these theories to analyse certain music videos such as “Buttons” by The Pussycat Dolls, “Toxic” by Britney Spears and “She’s a B***h” by Missy Elliot<br />
  3. 3. PART 2<br />Production Diary #6 – Thursday 16st September 2010 -> Filming for the VoxPox began. We gathered several of our peers within the sixth form block and asked them to take part. We asked them questions we developed throughout previous lessons and got it done in one sitting.<br />Production Diary #7 – Friday 17th September 2010 -> Editing for the VoxPox began. First introduced to Adobe Premiere.<br />Production Diary #8 – Monday 20th September 2010 -> Gathering focus group data and putting it into the form of a bar graph.<br />Production Diary #9 – Wednesday 6th October 2010 -> VoxPox Editing complete<br />Production Diary #10 – Thursday 7th October 2010 -> Storyboarding for the music video begins. We gather up our ideas in the group and draw up plans on locations, costumes, actors, music e.t.c.<br />
  4. 4. Part 3 <br />Production Diary #11 – Friday 8th October 2010 -> We are introduced to and are told we must find an unsigned artist to use as audio for the music video.<br />Production Diary #12 – Tuesday 12th October 2010 -> After spending the weekend finding suitable song for the music video, we each submit what we would like to use. First choices – “Footsteps” by Rosa Francesca and “Wimbeldon Dogs” by Paperadio.<br />Production Diary #13 – Friday 22nd October 2010 -> It is not until now that we finalise what song we are going to use: “Right On Time” by Singnature.<br />Production Diary #14 – Tuesday 26th October 2010 -> A shooting schedule is created and rent out the video camera to start film.<br />Production Diary #15 – Monday 1st November 2010 -> First on the shooting schedule is the club scene filmed in the drama studio. We gather up several of our friends during lunch time and invite them to the studio after school. There are slight problems as the room has been double booked for School Musical as well as our club shoot.<br />
  5. 5. Part 4<br />Production Diary #16 – Tuesday 2nd November 2010 -> We invite Jamal (our main performer) in for green screen recording and photography for the ancillary tasks.<br />Production Diary #17 – Saturday 6th November 2010 -> Our initial female lead (Jaymee) cancels on us and decides to decline being our performer. We are in Central London gathering photos deciding on decent locations to shoot our music video.<br />Production Diary #18 – Thursday 18th November 2010 -> We continue with more green screen shooting with Jamal and Otis. Dominic and Ibrahim cancel on us declining to become our performers. We found a new female performer; Sarai.<br />Production Diary #19 – Saturday 20th November 2010 -> We shoot Sarai’s bedroom scene at Ornela’s aunt’s house in Hounslow.<br />Production Diary #20 – Tuesday 23nd November 2010 -> Our friend Tara agrees to choreograph the dances for our video. We film the newly choreographed dances in the green screen today.<br />
  6. 6. Part 5<br />Production Diary #21 – Sunday 27th November 2010 -> Filming cancelled due to poor train service<br />Production Diary #22 - Monday 28th November 2010 -> In the process of editing up the footage we’ve shot so far. Discover what chroma key is; start editing the green screen footage with newly found knowledge.<br />Production Diary #23 – Tuesday 29th November 2010 -> We are told that we have a deadline for all the shooting Friday December 10th. <br />Production Diary #24 – Saturday 4th December 2010 -> Film the last pieces of footage we need for the video; several London scenes; some scenes of the couple together; some establishing shots.<br />Production Diary #25 – Tuesday 7th December 2010 -> Capturing filmed footage. Still editing the music video. Intro of the video complete.<br />
  7. 7. Part 6<br />Production Diary #26 – Wednesday 2nd February 2011-> Back from study leave. Continue Editing. Start work on ancillaries. <br />Production Diary #27 – Thursday 3rd February 2011 -> Editing continues, using free periods and Tuesday and Thursdays after school to edit.<br />Production Diary #28 – Saturday 19th February 2011 -> Use this time to film a few more scenes with Jamal and Sarai. Some decent pictures taken for the ancillaries.<br />Production Diary #29 – Tuesday 8th March 2011 -> Our party scene isn’t looking as good as we’d hoped and decide to reshoot which never happens.<br />Production Diary #30 – Friday 11th March 2011 -> Peer Assessment – we would show each other our music videos so far and give feedback. Unfortunately we struggle to get our music video playing due to the amount of times the computer froze on us.<br />
  8. 8. Part 7<br />Production Diary #31 – Thursday 17th March 2011 – *Presentation Evening* The day in which the rough cut of our music video is going to be shown to all our peers and friends in order to be enjoyed. Feedback was given (shots slightly too fast, fix up the feet walking e.t.c.)<br />Production Diary #32 – Friday 18th March 2011 – We are given the remaining two weeks to fix up any anomalies that were present in the rough cut of the music video and work on our feedback.<br />Production Diary #33 – Wednesday 30th March 2011 – We are told we have to reshoot some of our music video to keep the consistency. We rent out the video camera.<br />Production Diary #34 – Monday 4th April 2011 – Shooting several scenes within the CLC (Turntable) and Hall (Disco Ball for added transitional effect to the video).<br />Production Diary #35 – Thursday 7th April 2011 – Music Video and Ancillary deadline! Use this day to render and upload the final music cut. Advanced Production Complete!<br />