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Lyric analysis for singnature


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Lyric analysis for singnature

  1. 1. Lyric Analysis for <br />Rite on Time by Singnature<br />
  2. 2. INTRO:Be right on timeBe right on time I’m right on time <br />CHORUS:<br />Since I laid eyes on you I don’t know what to do‘Cos baby girl you're the truth sitting next to youIf its ok with you can I come on through?Promise I’ll be there in a fewAnd I’ll be right on time (Be right on time)Time (Be right on time)‘Cos baby your so fine (I’m right on time)VERSE:Shawty talk to meWould you like it baby what’s your name?‘Cos for some reason I can’t stop thinking about your frameFrom your eyes, to your lips, to your thighs, your so damn flyWanna know youIf it’s possible lay you downCan I show you how I feel about you deep insideHow I feel real deep insideYou don’t have to be shy<br />Love struck by a beautiful woman<br />Possible reference to lust<br />The guy will always be there for her. Emphasised with the elongated saying of ‘time’<br />Conventional slang used in R&B songs<br />‘Frame’ adjective for body. He’s checking her out.<br />Noticing woman for first time.<br />Definite reference to sex<br />
  3. 3. Appears to be impatient, he wants to know if she likes him or not<br />CHORUS<br />VERSE 2:Clocks ticking, so tell me what its gonna beIf you listen, I guarantee your gonna come home with meGuarantee you'll come home with me then you'll seeHow I put it down and I promise you won't wanna leaveGirl I’ll make a soundI'm a give you everything you needEverything you need is with meSo get back with me<br />Guy is cocky and confident about his flirting sills<br />Possible past troubles but wants to sort it out<br />
  4. 4. Last attempt to get the girl to go out with him. This part is slower than the rest of the song to convey more emotion.<br />CHORUS<br />BRIDGE:<br />Now do you think , I can be the one for youI promise I will never make you sadI refuse, refuse to be the fool to let you go on by<br />And not try and to get at you‘Cos you wanna be with meI will be guaranteeGirl you’re so peng to seeThat I need your love, and make you my booAnything that you ask for I’ll do, BABY!Ooohh, ooohh oh oh<br />Feels incredibly passionate for her and screams out to her<br />
  5. 5. To Conclude<br />The general concept of the song is a guy wanting a girl to notice him enough for him to ask her out. Throughout the song he woos her describing what it life would be like with him. A sure fire way to get her to like him, telling her things she wants to hear. A simple narrative that can easily be worked around within a music video.<br />