Attracting My Audience


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Attracting My Audience

  1. 1. Colour Scheme/Photos<br />Colour Scheme - Gold(Yellow), Black, White. They are warm and subtle colours and not to in-your-face. The use of black and white images made my artists look sophisticated, the black and white made the image look strong and dynamic. Magazines are placed with other magazines on the counter, Gold/Yellow is a very eye-catching colour and helps to separate it from the rest of the magazines around it and make it stand out more.<br />I decided not to go for your traditional direct mode of address because I believed my magazine sophisticated enough not to have the main image directly address you because my audience are mature enough to buy the magazine anyway.<br />
  2. 2. Mise-en-scene<br />Living Blues Magazine<br />Jazzwise Magazine<br />Costume and Instruments (Mise-en-scene) - Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Drums. These are very soul themed instruments; these jazz type musicians help connote the genre of the magazine similarly how to Living Blues and Jazzwise have done. The style of costume I decided to use varies from traditional jazz/soul magazines as they would tend to use smart dress where I have gone for Casual dress so that the reader finds it easier to relate to the artist. <br />Smooth Magazine<br />
  3. 3. Superlatives<br />The use of superlatives was a useful technique, words like 'exclusive' or 'only' words that caught the audiences attention. These are strong words to use as they make my magazine seem like it's the only source to read about Soul music making it seem like the best to try and sell my magazine to as many people as I can.<br />
  4. 4. Puff<br />"Love Soul. Love Smooth." - If you love Soul music, you will love the magazine. Repitition of 'Love' implies Soul music is about Love (it will make you fall in love with a person and with the genre of soul).<br /> 'Number 1 SOURCE FOR SOUL' was the puff for our magazine as it suggested that our magazine was the best magazine ("Number 1") to read about Soul music and the soul genre. The use of alliteration was key in this puff as I wanted my audience to go away and remember the puff and therefore remember the magazine. I wanted it to stick in their mind giving them enough reason to buy it, because it's memorable and seems trustworthy.<br />
  5. 5. I've used appropriate forms of register and tried to keep my words formal because my target audience are mature adults and using such terms and colloquialisms would not fit with the mature messages my magazine is trying to convey. I’ve also tried incorporate floating quotes “Music is the soundtrack to my life” as I believe the audience can relate to this because they may feel music is their life also and feel more connected to the artist even though he’s famous.<br />Register<br />