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September-October 2004 Roadrunner Newsletter, Kern-Kaweah Sierrra Club


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September-October 2004 Roadrunner Newsletter, Kern-Kaweah Sierrra Club

  1. 1. THE ROADRUNNER 1 must include human conditions in our definition The of the natural world, and that we must grieve in the same way for human despair as we do for the destruction of oceans, forests and wild species, and become as active in assistance to humanity asRoadrunner we are in the preservation of our environment. Further, I am becoming convinced that we must identify with suffering people in order to understand the magnitude of their misery and in September-October, 2004 – order to have a sense of urgency about it. Once, years ago, someone said this to me: "You Online Edition dont have to have a disease in order to sympathize with someone who does." I have THANK YOU SO VERY thought about that comment ever since, and I must say that I agree with it, but only in the most MUCH, ANN AND precise physical sense. I believe that real MICHELLE sympathy is only possible by a kind of transferTo Sierra Club members in Bakersfield: For a of identity. One must become the other personnumber of years, Ann Williams and Michelle and actually carry his burden in order fully toHoffman have faithfully given their generous understand his condition and fully to act upon it.marvelous gift of time every two months to do the Shakespeares King Lear discovers the truth ofmailing of Roadrunner. They would now appreciate this when, after a life of privilege and self-some other members stepping in to takeover this indulgence, he finds himself cast into a state ofresponsibility. We have been fortunate in having extreme deprivation. With only the company ofthese two stalwarts, and we offer our heartfelt thanks two loyal supporters, inadequately clothed andfor their years of commitment. delirious, he wanders in wild, open country If there are any of you who would like to assist us in besieged by a terrible storm. Suddenly hethis way and take on this responsibility, please understands, for the first time, that other humancontact Glenn Shellcross, 832-3382. We will team beings have been in the same desperate state, andyou with others so that the job is easy and takes very that he has been in willful ignorance of theirlittle time. This is an important and necessary task. suffering:Please volunteer to help. Thank You. "Poor naked wretches, wheresoeer you are, that Glenn Shellcross on bide the pelting of this pitiless storm, how shallbehalf of all 1600 members of the Kern Kaweah your houseless heads and unfed sides, yourChapter. looped and windowed raggedness, defend you from seasons such as these? O, I have taen too little care of this! Take physic, pomp; expose thyself to feel what wretches feel, that thou MIDGEBUZZINGS mayst shake the superflux to them (share wealth Most people who read this column probably live with them) and show the heavens more just." in at least reasonably comfortable circumstances. Currently, Americans are caught up in what many We have sufficient leisure from the vicissitudes believe is a new phenomenon: the demonstration often inherent in the scramble for livelihood to of a terrible hatred toward us on the part of allow us time for concerns beyond ourselves, people we havent really paid much attention to, particularly with the state of the natural world. if any. Who are these people, we wonder, and We stay informed through multiple conduits of why in the world do they hate us? We might information, and many of us actively and nobly have more understanding had we thought much participate in ongoing efforts to prevent excessive earlier about the breeding grounds for such exploitation of natural resources and to encourage anger, and had we read such books as Frantz preservation of natural values for future Fanons "The Wretched of the Earth", first generations. published in 1961. More and more, I am coming to believe that we Taking down my old copy I found the following sentences on two widely separate pages: "What
  2. 2. 2 2 THE ROADRUNNER is the real nature of this violence? We have seen Join Carla Cloer, Joe Fontaine, and Rich Kangas that it is the intuition of the colonized masses on this weekend outing featuring a hike in one of that their liberation must, and can only, be the most magnificent Sequoia Groves in the new achieved by force," and "The native and the Giant Sequoia National Monument. Meet the underdeveloped man are today political animals folks who stopped the bulldozers from coming in the most universal sense of the word." through this grove in 1984, who were Obviously, the causes of terrorism are complex, instrumental in the creation of the Monument, and involve much more than the unchecked and who are now fighting to make the Forest poverty of masses of people. Nevertheless, a Service truly protect this Monument. Educate primary question, in my opinion, is not whether yourself in some of the recent history involved in we must act differently toward the wretched of grove protection as well as have a fun weekend. the earth, but whether there is time. About that This Outing is open to all interested members of there will be more in the next column. the public. Sat am: Hike through the Freeman Creek Grove: Ann Williams We will view and discuss past and planned future activities in the Grove and Sequoia Monument. Maps for optional hikes on Sunday and lots of KERN-KAWEAH CHAPTER GET- information about the Monument will be TOGETHER NOVEMBER 6 available. Georgette Theotig is again organizing this No outing fee. Potluck supper,Sat pm, on your great occasion own for all other meals. You MUST contact Carla at 559 781-8445 or at by Mark your Sierra Club calendars for Saturday, Sunday, Sept 12th to reserve your place as space November 6, if you would like to enjoy an is limited. Directions and more information will evening of good food, visiting with friends, and be provided to those who sign learning the latest from our Chapter activists. The Annual Fall Social will be held at Bill Leeís ANNUAL KERN RIVER VALLEY Chinese Chopsticks Restaurant, 1203 18th Street, TURKEY VULTURE FESTIVAL Bakersfield, 661-324-9441 again this year. WELDON - CA Social Hour begins at 6pm followed by a 6 course September 24-27, 2004 Visit Southern Sierras Chinese dinner at 7pm. A mere $14.25 reserves "Valley Wild" (Kern River Valley) to experience your dinner, including tax and tip. A no-host bar one of the U.S. and Canadas largest known will be available during the Social Hour. As a Turkey Vulture migrations and the height of fall very special celebration, we will recognize Jim landbird migration at desert oases. Contact: Clarkís 98th birthday with song and special Valley Wild Nature Festivals, PO Box 410, dessert! Weldon, CA 93283 Phone: 760-378-3044 Reservations a MUST, to be received no later OHVS IN THE NATIONAL FORESTS than Monday, November 1.Questions? Call SEPT 11 DEADLINE FOR COMMENTS Georgette Theotig, 661-822-4371, in Tehachapi. Forest Service issues draft Rule to reform Please send a check ($14.25 per person) written ORV Management out to Kern-Kaweah Chapter, Sierra Clubî and mail it to Georgettte Theotig, P.O> Box 38, Last year, U.S. Forest Service Chief Dale Tehachapi, CA 93581. SEE YOU THERE ! Bosworth identified unmanaged recreation, particularly off-road vehicle use, as one of the greatest threats to Americas National Forests. SEQUOIA TASK FORCE /TULE RIVER He described a litany of adverse impacts to the CONSERVANCY CAMPING/HIKING land, wildlife and other visitors and highlighted WEEKEND the proliferation of unplanned - or renegade - QUAKING ASPEN AND FREEMAN CREEK dirt bike and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) routes that GROVE criss-cross many National Forests. Friday pm, Sept 24 through Sunday Noon, Yes, this really did happen, unbelievably! And there September 26. Reservations needed by Sept. is a plan open to public comment. 12th. The new policy requires all national forests to
  3. 3. THE ROADRUNNER 3identify specific roads, trails and areas where off- for the prospective hike? It will be a no-go for you. .road driving will be allowed considering Please let the leader know ahead of time that you areenvironmental sensitivity, potential conflicts with intending to participate.hikers and other factors. Areas not specificallyopened to such traffic would be considered closed.That would reverse the current situation where many Every Week. Bakersfield. Conditioning Hikes:forest lands are assumed to be open, allowing drivers (tuesday) 7 PM. 4–5 miles. Corner of highways 178to roam at will. Nationwide, the number of off- & 184. Gordon, 661.872.2432 or Larry, 873.8107highway vehicle users increased sevenfold from 5 (KK Chapt.)million in 1972 to 36 million in 2000. Sept 8th, Oct 13th Wednesday evening socials. OHVs Write! Give positive comments for steps 6PM. Local eateries. Call Harold Wood,said to be taken, then suggest the following 1.Create 559.739.8527 for designated places to dine. (Min.and enforce a timetable for the designation of roads King Gp).and routes. 2,Bar and outlaw all renegade ohv routes Sept 18 (sat) Hike in Mineral King National Park.from any travel. 3.Authorize off-road vehicle use 2 hour drive to area; modest hike. Call Sharononly to the extent that there are dollars to provide for Meckenstock for complete details. 559. 732.8458effective monitoring and enforcement on a (Min King Gp)permanent basis. Sept 25 (sat) STECKER FLAT (flat is on the ridgeROADLESS AREAS: Add this to your message: just south of Red Mountain Creek, the route to SplitProtect the Roadless Areas, one of the most popular Mtn; 8800 ft elevation; gain 2225 ft; 4.7 mi RT)plans ever designated concerning public lands. We will explore mysterious Stecker Flat, a trail toOverturning this plan would be an affront to the which is visible to climbers headed for Red Lakenation. Send your comments NOW to Proposed Rule and Split Mtn. Only recently have we poked aroundfor Designated Routes and Areas for Motor Vehicle Use a bit to see why a trail exists to this hanging valleyc/o Content Analysis Team P.O. Box 221150 Salt Lake or shelf on the E ridge of Cardinal Mtn. This isCity, Utah 84122-1150 Email: country that is rarely visited, but getting there offersFax: 801-517-1014C.· a great view of the Poverty Hills and Owens Valley. Come.with us and discover the secrets of Stecker Flat for yourself. Moderate hike, but steep and HAVE A PARTY...HELP TO GET partial off-trail. Dennis Burge 760,375-7967 or Jim OUT THE VOTE Nichols at 760.375.8161 for more info. (OwensTake time out for a little afternoon coffee ...or invite Peak Gp)folks to share breakfast with you at a local Sept 25 (sat) Kern Kaweah Chapt Ex-com Mtg.eaterie...or have a mini-picnic at a near-by park. I Beale Library. Bakersfield. Noon. Verify: 661.323.5569Invite Sierra Club friends to join you...and ask yourSierra Club friends to invite their join Sept 25 (sat) Mesa Springs Hike. 8 mile or soyou in the get-together to talk a bit about the state of hike into see Native American art and walk acrossyour home town, your county, our state , our nation. the beautiful mesa we all see at the side of CerroCopy pages 7&8 from this issue of the Roadrunner Noroeste. Mainly level with a bit of a ride to HWYto hand out to encourage folks to be sure to vote. 33 to reach starting point. Bring plenty of water.Letting folks know how easy it is to vote with an Call Dale, 661.242.1076 or Ches, 661.242.0423.absentee ballot will really help to determine the (Condor GP)direction of our governments in the next years. Sept 27th (mon) Project Vote Smart. 7:30 p.m.Want to know your candidates position on various issues? Where he or she gets funding?WALKS IN THE WOODS, DESERT, Voting record? Learn how "Project Vote Smart" canGRASSLANDS . help all Americans to obtain impartial informationEveryone is welcome, Sierra Club members and non- on candidates for office, environmental and othermembers, to join in any of the outdoor activities listed political issues at all levels ( Requirements:You must be in condition for type Maturango Museum, 100 E. Las Flores Ave,of hike, equipped appropriately for the activity, and Ridgecrest, CA. Open to all. Call Dennis 760.prepared to sign a Sierra Club release from liability. You 375.7967 or Jeannie 760. 375.8973 (Owens Peakwill be willing to follow leader directions. Unprepared Gp)
  4. 4. 4 4 THE ROADRUNNERSept 28th (tues) Kaweah Gp Start of the Year of the splendid Windwolves team, will be joining us.Social. 7:30 PM Be ready for talk, planning, Strenuous even though all down hill. Bringyummy refreshments. Call Pam Clark 559.784.4643 PLENTY of water, sturdy shoes for sure. Call Ches,for more info. 661.242.0423 or Dale, 661. 242 1076.Sept 29, (sun) 9 AM, done by 11 AM. Highway (RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST otherwise youCleanup Sierra Club, Buena Vista Group, has the may walk home....uphill!) (Condor Gp)privilege of maintaining the cleanliness of Hwy. 119 Oct. 25 (mon) Janet Westbrook will present a(Taft Hwy.) coming east from Buena Vista Road to program that will cover both the Faroe Islands andGosford road, a distance of about 2 miles. Meet at the Bering Sea, especially Russian and Americanthe mid-point at Old River Road in the parking lot of Eskimo and Aleut villages. 7:30 PM.Maturangothe Monte Carlo Club. Come and bring your kids Museum, Ridgecrest. Call Dennis (760) 375-7967 orolder than 16 (Hwy. danger considerations). Bring Jeannie (760) 375-8973(Owens Peak Gp) for morewater, a sun hat, gloves, sunscreen. We will then info. (Owens Peak Gp)head for Rite-Aide on Panama Lane for ice cream. Oct 30 (sat) Kern Kaweah Chapt Ex-com Mtg. Oct. 2 (sat) 6PM potluck, 7PM Beale Library. Bakersfield. Noon. Verify:(Condor Gp) 661.323.5569Oct 2nd, 3rd (sat,sun) California Nevada Voice of the Mountains: the Legacy ofRegional Conservation Committee (CNRCC)meeting in San Luis Obispo. Statewide conservation John Muirissues discussed and acted upon,. Call Lori Ives Oct. 23. (sat) Celebrate the life and wisdom of the909.621.7148 for more information. greatest naturalist in California’s history, John Muir. Enjoy an evening of reflection, inspiration and aOct 15 (fri) Frank Green will present his film: historical portrayal by Frank Helling. Saturday,"Counting Sheep--Saving the Sierra Nevada October 23, 2004 , Fox Theatre in downtownBighorn" at Visalia. Pre-show reception 6:00 PM, main showthe Burroughs HS Parker Performing Arts Center at ,7:00PM. Tickets on sale at Fox Theater, Sequoia7:30 pm. Green and the (human) stars of the film Nature Store in Visalia or online atwill be $15.00 per person. Morethere for Q & A. The OPG is jointly sponsoring this details call 559.565.3759. Fund-raiser for Sequoiapresentation. Donation $6; $4 for students and Natural History Association.seniors. Call Dennis for more info. 760-375-7967. Sierra club calendars available soon Oct 23 (sat) Monache Mountain (9418 ftelevation; 1500 ft gain; 2.0 mi RT) Monache Perfect holiday gifts. Large wall-size WildernessMountain, a 3 million year old symmetrical volcano, calendar, smaller Engagement calendar. onlyrises out of Monache Meadows. We have not $10.each. In Porterville, contact Pam Clark, 559-visited this area since the McNally fire, and need to 784-4643. Bakersfield and Tehachapi, contactcheck it out. This is a good aspen area and this is Georgette Theotig, 661-822-4371. Will be availablethe time of year for aspen color. This will be an at tChapter Dinner Social on November 6.easier hike, so maybe some of you who have been ****Help Wanted The Owens Peak Group is seekingholding back can join us. We will need 4x4s to an assistant treasurer. Duties: minimal, mostlyreach the area, so bring yours. We can probably find knowing where records are kept and familiarity withroom for those who need rides. Time permitting, we the program "Quicken". Contact: Dolph Amster,can fill out the day visiting the S Fork of the Kern, 760.446.3104,***the aspens, the ranger station, the Soda Springs, andother interesting points in Monache Meadow.Easy/moderate hike. Meet Sat, Oct 23 at 7:30 AM atthe Ridgecrest Cinema parking lot. Call DennisBurge at 760.375.7967 or Jim Nichols at760.375.8161 for more info.(Owens Peak Gp)Oct 23 (sat) The San Emigdio Safari Hike(Struggle?) 8AM start. Leaves from PMC, travelsdown the San Emigdio Canyon to Windwolves.Special treat this year: Sherryl Clendenen, one half
  5. 5. THE ROADRUNNER 5PRIVATELY OWNED CABINS IN MINERAL ballot request form. Step 2. Fill it out completely.KING ALLOWED ON NOW EXPIRING Step 3. Find an envelope in which to mail this form.SPECIAL PERMIT LEASES. RENEW Step 4. Choose the address of your county electionLEASES? EXPRESS YOUR OPINION TO office from those listed below. Step 5. Write it onOUR CONGRESSPERSONS. your envelope.When Congress added Mineral King to Sequoia Step 6. Insert the form, add the 37 cent stamp. StepNational Park in 1978 there were several private 7. Pop it in the mail box. Step 8. And now wait—atcabins in the area . Owners were given special least a little while.permits to stay for 25 years or until owner died. Counties by law cannot send out the absenteeThese permits could be renewed for 25 years more ballots until October 4th. So don’t get too anxious ifor until the permit holder died. you don’t receive your ballot shortly after you haveThe permits are expiring. Cabin owners are upset. mailed your request!The Park has suggested this compromise: if the Step 9. When your ballot arrives, fill it out as sooncabin owners choose to donate the cabins to the as possible. Be sure to follow all the directions,Park. those cabins that meet current standards would including signing it where directed to do so. Andbe available for public use with the current cabin once done, put your ballot .in the mail asap. It mustowners given priority for reserving the cabins. be received by or on election day. You may NOTOtherwise cabins would, by law, have to be removed fax your voted the owners expense. Kern/Kaweah chapterunanimously supports this Park proposal as a fair Step10. Sit back and relax—and know that YOUcompromise between public and private use of HAVE VOTED, no matter what .public land.However some cabin owners are unwilling to THE ROADRUNNERrelinquish their exclusive use of public land and PO BOX 3357they asked local Congressman Devin Nunes to BAKERSFIELD, CA 93385support them. H. R. 4058 is the result. This billwould mandate the Park service to renew the cabinpermits in perpetuity. Call Nunes 559.733.3861totell him he should withdraw his bill. KERN KAWEAH CHAPTER CONTACTSExcom Usually meets at the Beale Library,Bakersfield, once a month: call the Chair for specificinformation: Lorraine Unger, Chair, 661.323.5569;Harry Love, Vice-chair;Buena Vista Group: Glen Shellcross, Chair,661.832.3382 Condor Group: Chester Arthur, Chair,661.242.0423 Kaweah Group: Pam Clark, Chair,559.781.0594 Mineral King Group: Harold Wood,Chair, 559.739.8527 Owens Peak Group: DennisBurge, Chair, 760.375.7967 Activist sign up: ArtUnger. 661.323.5569 Roadrunner Mary AnnLockhart, ed. 661.242.0432APPLY FOR YOUR ABSENTEE BALLOTNOW!Registered to vote? NO? Call 1.800.345.VOTE.a state registration form will be sent to you.Next step after registering to vote:THIS IS WHAT TO DO TO GET YOUR VOTE INSURANCE!Step 1. Cut out along the dotted lines the absentee
  6. 6. 6 6 THE ROADRUNNER Here are the addresses and numbers of your county election departments:Kern Cty Elections Office - 1115 Truxtun Avenue - Bakersfield, CA 93301 -661.868.3590 - 661.868.3768 FaxHours 8:00 am - 5:00 pm E-mail: Cty Clerk-Recorder - Government Center -1400 West Lacey Boulevard -Hanford, CA 93230559.582.3211 EXT. 4401 E-mail: Web:http://www.countyofkings.comTulare County Registrar of Voters - 221 South Mooney Blvd., Suite G28 - Visalia,CA 93291-4596559.733.6275 - Fax 559.737.4498 - Web: