March-April 2010 Roadrunner Newsletter, Kern-Kaweah Sierrra Club


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March-April 2010 Roadrunner Newsletter, Kern-Kaweah Sierrra Club

  1. 1. A BI-MONTHLY PUBLICATION OF THE KERN-KAWEAH CHAPTER OF SIERRA CLUB MARCH/APRIL, 2010The RoadrunnerATTORNEY BABAK NAFICY WILL ADDRESS CHAPTER ISSUES Chair Georgette Theotig invites members to attend March 13 banquet honoring local activism TRADITION . . .it’s a part of attorney and valuable legal Nipp will be served for dessert.our lives which provides a sense counsel in over 30 agreements The charge is $24 per person,of history, of honor, of continuity. with developers in our efforts to which includes tax and tip.The Kern-Kaweah Chapter has mitigate the impacts of air Please fill out the dinnermany traditions which have pollution, greenhouse gas reservation coupon on the lastshaped our distinguished emissions, and loss of prime page, and mail it to: Georgetteexistence for 58 years. farmland. His presentation will Theotig, P.O. Box 38, Tehachapi, You are cordially invited to focus on “Past Accomplishments CA, 93581, so it is received byparticipate in our annual chapter and Future Challenges.” This is a Wednesday, March 10.banquet, a tradition we look great opportunity to learn whatforward to every year. This year’s the Chapter has been working on IMPORTANT: We mustbanquet will be on Saturday, as well as what the future holds receive your reservation byMarch 13, at Benji’s French- for us! March 10. There can be noBasque Restaurant, 4001 A no-host bar and social hour payments at the door. Our dinnerRosedale Highway, in will be from 5:30–6:30 p.m. A policy states that if you make aBakersfield. complete dinner will be served reservation and do not attend the This spring gathering is our from 6:30 –7:30 p.m., followed dinner, we cannot refund yourannual tradition to meet new by awards presentations and our check. Cancellations must also bemembers and renew friendships. guest speaker. received by March 10.Highlights of the evening include The dinner includes a complete DIRECTIONS: From north orhonoring Chapter members with Basque set-up: French bread, south on Highway 99, exit westawards, receiving updates from salsa, soup, beans, green salad, on Rosedale Highway. Benji’s isChapter activists, visiting over a marinated tomatoes, pickled on the left, three lights from Hwydelicious Basque meal, and tongue, hot vegetables, French 99, and less than three blocks.enjoying a special speaker. fries, and two entrées—roast tri We urge attendees to carpool, as We are very fortunate to have as tip and baked skinless chicken parking is limited and it’s goodour guest speaker, Babak Naficy, breast. For vegetarians, we offer for the environment!from the Santa Lucia Chapter. a garlic spaghetti entrée. A —Georgette TheotigBabak has served as our Chapter delicious homemade cake by Eva Chapter ChairBLACK BEAR TASK FORCE AIMS TO IMPROVE MANAGEMENT OF BEAR POPULATION The newly established California Nevada Obispo County, expand areas where dogs can Regional Conservation Committee (CNRCC) be used, and permit the use of GPS devices on Black Bear Task Force will be working to hounds, among other changes. improve the management of California bears. This year’s priority campaign will be to try This year the California Fish and Game and put a stop to the state sanctioned practice Commission has proposed changes to mammal of hounding bears with dogs. If you are hunting regulations, which is very bad news interested in working with other Sierra Club for bears. activists to protect wildlife, you can join the The California Department of Fish & Game Black Bear Task Force mailing list at is proposing to increase the bear kill quota from 1,700 to 2,500 or eliminate a cap —Richard J. Garcia altogether, expand hunting into San Luis Chair Black Bear Task Force
  2. 2. THE ROADRUNNER MARCH/APRIL, 2010RIO BRAVO DECISION BREAKS NEW Chapter sponsorsGROUND TO MITIGATE WARMING conference to informBAKERSFIELD—After years ofintense negotiations, officials in offset all of the health-related air pollution associated with the about protecting localthe large Rio Bravo Ranch project project and to preserve an equal San Joaquin kit foxhave agreed to take significant amount of agricultural landsteps to mitigate the project’s elsewhere as farmland conversion The Chapter sponsored a one daycontribution to global warming. mitigation. However, the City had conference on Dec. 9 to discuss the Mitigation measures include required no mitigation whatsoever current status of the San Joaquin kitenergy-efficient construction for the 120,000 tons/year of fox, an endangered species foundtechniques and the installation of greenhouse gas emissions that the mostly in the south Valley. Eightsolar panels on buildings in the project would have generated. speakers representing a variety ofdevelopment, as well as Negotiations between the Sierra expertise on the kit fox presentedsubstantial investment in solar Club and the Nickel family about data on the current population,energy to run large-scale the global climate change issue location, and habitat that supports theagricultural operations. stretched out over several years. kit fox. The Rio Bravo Ranch project is As a result, the Rio Bravo Ranch The most critical part of thea Nickel family project and lies at project agreed to substantial green presentation was what steps,the mouth of the Kern Canyon. building and extensive use of mitigation measures, and policiesWhen built out, the project will solar technology. need to be adopted by city andcontain 4,688 residences and a With green building, residential county entities to preserve thehalf million square feet of buildings will accumulate 90 species and, hopefully, increase itscommercial uses on 1,878 acres, points on the Build It Green population.much of which is currently checklist and commercial The audience was made up offarmland. buildings will build to LEED invited representatives from city and “This agreement is a step in the Silver standards. county government along withright direction. We applaud the Additionally, at least 25 percent biologists from regulatory agenciesNickel family for taking of the residences will have solar and environmental consulting firms.responsibility for addressing their photovoltaic panels to generate Over 35 people attended, along withproject’s global warming electricity from the sun. The local Chapter volunteers who helpedpollution,” said Gordon Nipp, Nickels will also build $1 million to organize the event. The six hourvice-chair of the Kern-Kaweah worth of solar photovoltaic panels event resulted in most plannerschapter of the Sierra Club. to generate electricity for their agreeing that steps need to be taken "We hope this agreement sets a agricultural operations. They to preserve the species and one of thenew benchmark for climate will also prepare a new best practices is to avoidchange mitigation for large Focused EIR relating to global development in key areas and todevelopments, which can have a climate change before any provide corridors for populations totremendous impact on global building occurs. move.warming." The Chapter has taken on the role Largely as a consequence of —Kristina Johnson/ Sierra Club of educating public officials. TheSierra Club’s past activism, the Deputy Press Secretary best way is to fund conferences, suchproject had already agreed to as this one, which bring together the specialists and policy makers. In the past a solar energy conference placed FOR PDF VERSION OF NEWSLETTER together solar providers with housing developers. E-mail Lorraine Unger at Future conferences on similar issues will definitely occur. In my and ask to be taken off the hard copy list. Log on opinion, this is one of the best ways to to spend Chapter funds. —Harry Love and join the KERN-NEWS email list. Kit Fox Conference Coordinator
  3. 3. THE ROADRUNNER MARCH/APRIL, 2010 FROM THE CHAIR Theotig encourages participation in club activities Spring is a symbol of of our conservation program and Last, April 21 and 22 mark John regeneration, of revitalization, of an appeal for your financial gifts. Muir’s Birthday and Earth Day. new growth. With the green A big thank-you is extended to Celebrate these season just around the corner, the Harry Love for his outstanding significant days Chapter is growing new oppor- job of organizing the Kit Fox by joining in a tunities for your participation! Conference on Dec. 9 for city and Chapter activity. First, the annual banquet will be county planners. Make a difference on Saturday, March 13, at Benji’s by renewing your Restaurant. Don’t miss this Also, we want to express deep commitment to reduce and evening of fine dining, awards, appreciation to Gordon Nipp and recycle. and a special speaker. Babak Naficy for their hard work By making one small change in Second, see the article offering in successfully reaching an our lives, we can affect change on scholarships to attend the Western agreement with Rio Bravo Ranch a grand scale. Be part of the Wilderness Conference, to be and the City of Bakersfield. solution! held April 8-11, in Berkeley. This new accord has set a See you at the annual banquet! Third, look for the annual March higher standard for the mitigation appeal letter, which is a summary of global warming impacts. —Georgette Theotig Chapter ChairEx-Com offers scholarships to attend CLAIR TAPPAAN LODGEU.C.-Berkeley wilderness event Group giving grants to youth groups Most of us are familiar with Henry David Thoreau’s The Clair Tappaan Lodge Committee is proud to announceprofound statement, “In wildness is the preservation of the a new scholarship fund in the Sierra Club Foundation. Itsworld.” Many of us hold our treasured wilderness purpose is to supplement funds needed by youth groups toexperiences dear to our hearts. For those of you who care participate in the environmental education program at Clairabout wilderness protection, there is a big event that you Tappaan Lodge in Northern California.don’t want to miss coming up this spring! Proceeds from the successful Gala Anniversary The Western Wilderness Conference 2010 on Thursday, Celebration in August 2009 went into this special fund andApril 8–Sunday, April 11 will be on the campus of the are earmarked for exposing young people to the beauty,University of California, Berkeley. Nearly 50 workshops on ecology, history and need for conservation of the Donnerwilderness advocacy will be led by the nation’s most Summit area of the Sierra Nevada.effective wilderness advocates. Recent successes will be To qualify for the funds, call the Lodge at 800.879-.6775celebrated, and you will be taught the tools and strategies to to obtain an application. Fill it out and send it to thestrengthen wilderness campaigns. Scholarship Committee for review. The mailing address is Now for more good news. The Chapter Executive on the application form. The funds must include at least oneCommittee has offered five $200 scholarships for five overnight stay for environmental education at Clair TappaanChapter members to attend this important event in April. Lodge (CTL.) A grant from the CTL fund at the Sierra ClubRegistration for the full conference is $160 (excluding Foundation can be used to augment funds raised by themeals) so the $200 will cover your registration in addition to school or group itself.other expenses you will incur. If you would like to help youth groups learn more about If you are interested in one of the five Chapter the environment, please share this information with localscholarships, please contact one of our Executive school teachers, Boy or Girl Scout leaders or other youthCommittee members (listed in the Roadrunner) to discuss groups, to inform them about the Lodge and the wonderfulyour participation in the Western Wilderness Conference, program available there.before March 15. Also, learn more about the conference at: Another way to help is to make a If you use one of contribution to the Clair Tappaan Lodge fund in the Sierrathese Chapter scholarships to attend, we ask that you share Club Foundation. Please make your check payable to Clairyour wilderness conference experience with the Executive Tappaan Lodge – Sierra Club Foundation and send it toCommittee so we can also benefit from your attendance. Peter Lehmkuhl at the Lodge at PO Box 36, Norden, CA 95724. —Georgette Theotig —Olivia Diaz Chapter Chair Clair Tappaan Lodge Committee
  4. 4. THE ROADRUNNER MARCH/APRIL, 2010KERN KAWEAH ROUNDUPPLEASE READ CAREFULLY IF YOU PLAN TO PARTICIPATE IN SIERRA CLUB HIKES:Everyone is welcome, Sierra Club members and non-members, to join in any of the outdoor activities. Requirements: Youmust be in condition for the type of hike, equipped appropriately for the activity and prepared to sign a Sierra Club releasefor liability. You must be willing to follow the leader’s directions. Be sure to bring any personal medicines you might need.Customary appropriate equipment includes good hiking shoes, plenty of water, snack, sunglasses, suntan lotion, and layeredclothing. The following might be helpful but definitely is not required: compass, whistle, matches or lighter, and a good firstaid kit. Long paints are recommended. Unprepared for the prospective hike? It will be a no-go for you. Participation mustbe leader approved. Please let the leader know ahead of time that you are intending to participate. Check individual grouplistings for the desired means of communication.Since unexpected change of plans may be necessary, it is recommended that YOU contact the hike leader the night before tobe assured that the hike is still going to happen.New California legislation designed to protect the consumer requires us to publish this notice: CST 2087755-40. Registration as a seller oftravel does not constitute approval by the State of California. This legislation is designed to protect the user of outdoor activities thatrequire cash payments of more than $50 for participation.BUENA VISTA GROUPMore info? Call Donnel Lester at 661.831.6784 or e-mail or Isabel at661.246.6195.Tuesday conditioning hikes of 4 or 5 miles are at 7 p.m. at the corner of Highways 178 and 184. Contact Gordon( or Larry (661.873.8107) for more information. Saturday, March 6— Breakfast. Gordon Nipp will present “Addressing Sprawl and Global Warming in the General Plan Update.” Join us at 10 a.m. Camino Real Restaurant, 3500 Truxtun Ave. at the corner of Truxtun and Westwind, just west of Oak St. Optional brunch is served for $7.50/person + tip. Info: 661.246.6195.Saturday, March 20— Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup. Meet at 9 a.m. Old River Road and Hwy 119 (Taft Hwy). Park at theMonte Carlo lot. We will bring equipment. Bring a hat, good hiking shoes/boots, and water to drink. Inclement weathercancels this event. Call to confirm your attendance: 661.246.6195.Saturday, April 3— Breakfast. “Saving domestic water in Bakersfield.” Join us at 10 a.m. at Camino Real Restaurant,3500 Truxtun Avenue at the corner of Truxtun and Westwind, just west of Oak St. Optional brunch is served for $7.50/person + tip. Info: 661.246.6195.Monday, April 12— Drop-In Dinner. Join the Buena Vista Group at 6 p.m., Carrows, 922 Oak St. just south of CaliforniaAve. Discuss conservation issues with the Ungers. Dutch treat on dinner. For more info: 661.323.5569Saturday, April 17—Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup. Meet at 9 a.m. Old River Road and Hwy 119 (Taft Hwy). Park at theMonte Carlo lot. We will bring equipment. Bring a hat, good hiking shoes/boots, and water to drink. Inclement weathercancels this event. Call to confirm your attendance:661.246.6195.Buena-Vista Group Election Results: GlennShellcross is the new chairperson; Isabel Stierle,vice-chair; Jeff Hathorn, treasurer; Lorraine Unger, outings chair; Donnel Lester, membershipchair; and Arthur Unger, conservation chair.
  5. 5. THE ROADRUNNER MARCH/APRIL, 2010CONDOR GROUPMore info? Mary Ann Lockhart (661.242.0432). Hikes? Dale Chitwood (661.242.1076)Saturday, March 13—Hike. Meet at the crossroads within Windwolves at 10 a.m. (or from Frazier Park, meet at 8:30 at thePMC parking lot). Bring lunch, etc. Special excursion day: Flowers (we hope) at Windwolves. Also attend the Chapterbanquet in the evening. Call 661.242.0432 to make reservations.Saturday, April 10—Program. Carrizo National Monument: Memories, Today and Tomorrow? will be the programpresented by Craig Deutsch, long time supporter of this special grassland and earthquake fault area. Meet at 7 p.m. in PineMountain Clubhouse.Saturday, April 24—Carrizo Plain Trip. Hawks? Condors? Antelopes? Flowers? and Earthquake Faults for sure on a tripto the Carrizo Plain. Approximately an hour west of Pine Mountain Club. Easy walking, bring lunch, etc. Leaving PMC at9 a.m. More info? For sure make reservations. Call 661.242.0432KAWEAH GROUPMore info? Call Pam Clark (559.784.4643)or Diane Jetter (559.781.8897).OWENS PEAK GROUPMore info? Chair Dennis Burge (760.375.7967) ore-mail Jim Nichols, hikes (760.375.8161) or e-mail, March 20—Flower Hike. One of the bestflower sites we can find at lower altitude; details to beannounced, max elev. 3000-4000 ft, 1500 - 2000 ft elev.gain, 4 - 8 mi RT). This year should produce a magnificentdisplay of flowers in a variety of hot spots. We are having a late wet winter, so we cant predict locations and abundancesjust yet. We are therefore dedicating both our March and April hikes to visiting wildflower outbursts and hiking theassociated terrain. We will find the most interesting flowers, hike to that, and maybe bag a peak in the process. The hikewill be announced a week before via email or you can call the numbers below. This will be an easy/moderate hike and agreat photo opportunity. Meet at 7:30 a.m. at the Ridgecrest Cinema parking lot. For more information, call Dennis Burgeat 760.375.7967 or Jim Nichols at 760.375.8161.Sunday, April 11—Petroglyphs. Little Petroglyph Canyon on the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station max elev 5918ft, 260 ft elev. gain, 3 mi RT). As an extra bonus this year, we are offering a guided tour to the best petroglyphs in the west!We are limited to 20 hikers, so get your name in early if you want to go. There is a 90 mi RT car trip, but we will carpool.We must have all the info by Mar 28 for submission to the Navy on Mar 29. We will need FULL NAME; TEL NO; DATEOF BIRTH; PLACE OF BIRTH; AND SOC. SEC NO. At this time, only American citizens are given access to the base tosee the petroglyphs. Bring your camera with the big zoom. This is an easy hike. For more information, call Dennis Burgeat 760.375.7967 or Jim Nichols at 760.375.8161.Saturday, April 24—Flower Hike. See March hike write-up. We want to see how the patterns develop before picking theexact locations. The hike will be announced a week before via email or you can call the numbers below. This will be aneasy/moderate hike and a great photo opportunity. Meet at 7:30 a.m. at the Ridgecrest Cinema parking lot. For moreinformation, call Dennis Burge at 760.375.7967 or Jim Nichols at 760.375.8161.Monday, April 26—Maturango Museum. 7:30 p.m. program to be arranged. If you would like to be informed of thedetails, please send me your email address at
  6. 6. THE ROADRUNNER MARCH/APRIL, 2010MINERAL KINGPlease visit for more info.Wednesday, March 17—Dinner/Social. Please join us at 6 p.m. for a "no host" dinner at Thai Basil Restaurant, 1423 E.Noble Ave., Marys Vineyard Shopping Center, Visalia. Contact Beverly for reservations or at 559.624.0199.Saturday, March 20—Marble Falls Hike. This is a moderate 6.5 mile hike with 2000 foot elevation gain. The trailswitchbacks up the side of Marble Canyon and leads to Marble Falls. Rain cancels. Call or email Dave Keller at 688.4813or e-mail COACHK24@aol.comMonday, March 22—Executive Committee Meeting. At 6 p.m. meet at Colimas Restaurant, 500 South LinwoodAvenue, Visalia. All members are welcome to attend.Saturday, April 10—Annual Wildflower Hike. Come join us on our annual wildflower hike at Salt Creek in Three Rivers.This is a moderate 5-mile round trip hike that is sure to please. Call Joanne or David at 733.2078 for details. California/Nevada Regional Conservation Committee Desert Committee OutingsFor questions about, or to sign up for a particular outing, please contact the leader listed in the write-up. For questions about DesertCommittee outings in general, or to receive the outings list by e-mail, please contact Kate Allen at or661.944.4056..Saturday-Sunday, Feb. 27-28--Mecca Hills Carcamp. Join us as we explore the Mecca Hills Wilderness Area east of Indio, Calif. Wewill hike through the gravel washes and rocky hills to several spectacular sites. Saturday we visit Hidden Springs and the Grottos, andSunday we will explore Painted Canyon. Carcamping will include potluck supper, and campfire Saturday night. Limit 12 participants.Ldr: Craig Deutsche, 310.477.6670. CNRCC Desert CommitteeSaturday-Sunday, March 6-7--Death Valley National Park Exploratory Tour. Beginning in Shoshone on Saturday morning, we willtravel north on Hwy 178 with a stop at Badwater, and easy two-mile hikes at Natural Bridge and Golden Canyon. Camp at Texas Springs($14/site). If time allows, drive to Zambriskie Point and Dante’s View. Sunday morning, visit the museum and visitor center in FurnaceCreek, see the rare pupfish at Salt Creek, and take a two-mile hike to the highest sand dune. Possible hike into Mosaic Canyon. For thosewho want to stay Sunday night, camp at Stovepipe Wells ($12/site). Option of primitive camping on Friday night. For reservations,contact leader, Carol Wiley at or call 760.245.8734. CNRCC Desert CommitteeSaturday-Sunday, March 13-14--Fence Removal, Hiking & Carcamp - Carrizo Plain. Come help remove fences on the Cal Dept ofFish and Game Reserve. At this time of year, the Carrizo may be turning green, and if the winter has been wet, there should bewildflowers. Work Saturday, camp and potluck dinner that evening. Hike Sunday. Bring leather gloves, warm clothes with long sleevesand legs, dish for potluck on Saturday night. Leaders will be at Selby Camp on Friday night for those who want to arrive early. Leaders:Cal and Letty French, 805.239.7338. Prefer e-mail Santa Lucia Chapter and CNRCC Desert Committee Saturday-Sunday, March 13-14—Ghost Town Extravaganza. Come with us to this spectacular landscape near Death Valley to visitthe desert leprechauns and explore the ruins of Californias colorful past. Camp at the historic ghost town of Ballarat (flush toilets & hotshowers). On Saturday, do a very challenging hike to ghost town Lookout City with expert Hal Fowler who will regale us with tales ofthis Wild West town. Later well return to camp for Happy Hour, a St. Pattys Day potluck feast and campfire. On Sunday, a quick visit tothe infamous Riley town site before heading home. Group size strictly limited. Send $8 per person (Sierra Club), 2 sase, H&W phones,email, rideshare info to Ldr: Lygeia Gerard, P.O. Box 294726, Phelan, CA 92329, 760.868.2179. CNRCC Desert Committee.Saturday-Wednesday, March 13-17--Death Valley Photo Trip. Join retired photographer & teacher Graham Stafford on a car camptrip to Death Valley, a photographer’s wonderland. Visit Eureka Dunes, dunes at Stove Pipe Wells, dunes at Saratoga Springs, theRacetrack, and Artist Drive. All levels of photography experience accepted---beginners encouraged. Lessons with class handouts willcover all aspects of your digital camera and general photography. See Graham’s work at Leader: GrahamStafford (775)686-8478 Great Basin Group-Toiyabe ChapterSunday-Saturday, March 14-20—Glen Canyon NRA, Escalante River Canyon - Service Trip/Backpack. Assist the National ParkService in eradicating Russian Olive from the Escalante River. Working under the direction of Park Ranger Bill Wolverton, we willgather up slash from previous service trips and burn it. Since 2000, over half of the river has been cleared. Meet in Escalante, UtahSunday morning, March 14, caravan out to the trailhead and hike in. Work four days, day hike one day and hike out Saturday morningMarch 20. Expect knee to thigh deep river crossings, overnight lows near freezing and mild temperatures during the day. Participants willbe responsible for their own leather work gloves (highly recommended), food, and gear on the trail. Contact Leader Paul Plathe at209.476.1498. Delta-Sierra Group (Mother Lode Chapter)
  7. 7. THE ROADRUNNER MARCH/APRIL, 2010Monday-Saturday, April 5-10-—Wildflowers and Fence Removal at Carrizo Plain National Monument. This outing will include three and a half days of service to the monument, removing and modifying fencesto allow resident pronghorn to travel more widely. This is the spring wildflower season, and our scheduleallows at least a day for exploring, either hiking or driving back country roads. With longer daylight hoursthere may also be time to visit sights in the monument after work. Because we are privileged to be stayingat one of the old ranch houses, our trip is limited to 14 participants. $30 covers five dinners. Contact leader:Craig Deutsche, at 310.477.6670, CNRCC Desert CommitteeFriday-Sunday, April 16-18-—Mojave National Preserve Service Trip. Come help restore an historic water feature to provide waterfor wildlife. The work involves protecting several springs by earthwork, stabilization work, putting up a fence and some infrastructure inand around a qanat. Our effort will be directed by staff from the Mojave National Preserve. A hike is planned for Friday for those arrivingin the morning, if the rains are good this year, there may be plenty of wildflowers. We will work all day Saturday and until noon onSunday. There will be a ranger talk about the Preserve on Saturday evening. Camping will be rustic. Email or call leader for reservationinformation. Leader: Rich Juricich,, 916.4922181. CNRCC Desert CommitteeSaturday-Sunday, April 24-25—Owens Valley Work Project. Project will probably be bashing tamarisk along the Owens River, butcould change. Work on Saturday and enjoy the extensive birding opportunities on Sunday. Camp at Diaz Lake just south of Lone Pine.Group potluck on Saturday night Bring all camping gear, or stay in a motel in nearby Lone Pine. For more information, contactleaders Cal and Letty French at Santa Lucia Chapter and CNRCC Desert Committee Saturday-Sunday, April 24-25—Exploring the Mojave National Preserve. Wewill meet Saturday morning 9 a.m. at the Teutonia Peak trailhead on Cima Road and hike to Teutonia Peak and out on Cima Dome. Primitive car camp at Sunrise Rock. Sunday morning, visit the museum/visitor center at Kelso Depot and then on to hike Kelso Dunes. These dunes have various nicknames including the singing dunes and the moaning dunes due to the sounds that they often make, but whatever you call then, they are impressive. For those who want to spend another night, we can camp at the Granite Mountains. For reservations contact leader: Carol Wiley at 760.245. 8734 or CNRCC Desert Committee Saturday-Sunday, April 24-25—Rock Art in Eastern California. Comfortable spring weather is an ideal time to go exploring. On Saturday, we visit three rock art sites in the southern Owens Valley area bordering the Coso Mountains. On Sunday we will be escorted to (the astonishing) Little Petroglyph Canyon on the China Lake Naval Weapons Station. As government restrictions apply here, all arrangements and confirmations must be completed by April 1 (no joking). High clearance 2WD sufficient, day hiking, Saturday evening potluck. Group limit, 14 participants, Contact leader Craig Deutsche at 310.77.6670, CNRCC Desert Committee
  8. 8. THE ROADRUNNER MARCH/APRIL, 2010 STATEWIDE INITIATIVE: Kern Kaweah members areBRIEFLY: gathering signatures to support a statewide initiative for the November 2010 ballot called the California State Parks andART RECOGNITION OUTREACH: The Buena Vista Group Wildlife Conservation Trust Fund Act of 2010. The initiative ispresented 46 green ribbons to young artists (K-12) participating designed to support state parks and conserve wildlife byin the annual Kern Superintendent of Schools art show at a establishing a trust fund to be spent only on state parks, wildlifeBakersfield Museum of Art parent/student event Jan. 30. The and marine conservation and state conservancies. Funding willspecial ribbons were attached to art works “representing come from an $18 surcharge on California vehicle registration.sensitivity to nature and the environment,” according to Maria Members interested in helping to gather signatures should callPolite, who helped to organize the presentations. The event gave Lorraine Unger at 661.323.5569 or lorraineunger@attn.netSierra Club members a chance to tell young people and parentsabout Sierra Club and the importance of protecting theenvironment. In coming months, the committee would like to CHANNEL ISLANDS: The Angeles Chapter Politicaldiscuss plans to sponsor an art competition with possible cash Committee is again extending an invitation for Sierra Clubawards for high school youth. —Marjorie Bell, Roadrunner members to explore the windswept islands of Channel IslandEditor National Park during one or more of the upcoming sessions (May 7-9, July 16-19, August 6-10 or Sept. 10-12).FARMER’S COOPERATIVE: Participants will have chances to hike the windswept trails,South Central Farmers Cooperative kayak the rugged coastline and snorkel in pristine waters.representatives Tezozomoc and Ray These live-aboard, eco-tours depart from Santa Barbara aboardGalvan, spoke to a group of about the 68-foot twin diesel ship, Truth. The fee is $590 for May20 at the Buena Vista Group program and September; $785 for July and August. This includes an on Saturday, Feb. 6. Through a assigned bunk, all meals, snacks, beverages, plus the services ofPower Point presentation and a a ranger/naturalist who will travel with the lead hikeswell organized talk, they described and present evening programs. For reservations, mail a $100how the organic, community supported agricultural (CSA) check, payable to Sierra Club to: Joan Jones Holtz and Donoperation provides fresh, pesticide-free produce to farmer’s Holtz, 11826 The Wye St., El Monte, CA and charitable organizations from Bakersfield to L.A. For more information: 626.443.0706: jholtzhln@aol.comThose who would like to sample their products locally can visittheir booth at the Saturday Farmer’s Market out at the Golden LEADERSHIP TRAINING: There is a Leadership TrainingState Plaza parking lot on “ F” Street at Golden State Highway. opportunity coming up on April 10, in the Eaton Canyon Nature The cooperative operation of the South Central Farmers (SCF) Center in Pasadena. The cost is $25 and the Chapter will pay theallows one to “subscribe” to their produce by paying a monthly fee. We are looking for new leaders ! If you are interested, or ifor yearly subscription fee and pick up a box of whatever is you know someone who is interested in becoming a Sierra Clubcurrently being grown on the farm. Over the period of a year Outings leader, this is a great opportunity. The deadline isthey produce a variety of over 100 products. If a customer March 27. Let the Excom know if you attend so we can supportprefers, they may pick up a box of produce for $15 on a pay-as- your basis without subscribing. The SCF also has a foundation that promotes healthy food VALUES OF COMPOSTING: A new Sustainable is Attainableconsumption, primarily in youth. This is a non-profit that works workgroup has formed to address the need for moving awayin partnership with schools, churches, hospitals and community from biomass incineration in the Valley and towards composting.organizations to promote healthy eating habits for those who are Benefits of such a shift would range from less burning andmost heavily impacted by unhealthy foods and eating habits. fewer diesel truck trips to having an effective use of manure to The SCF Cooperative has near future plans for brining another returning nutrients (and carbon!) to the soil...and much more.80-acre plot online sometime later this year, as soon as they can The workgroup came out of the December CVAQ Legislativerefurbish an existing well. They also are looking at growing and Summit and is now exploring drafting legislation and policyprocessing there own bio-diesel right on the farm to become related to this issue. Please contact me directly to join thismore self-sustaining. As Tezo remarked, they see themselves as work group or if you know of any organizations/ individuals thatthe future of farming in California and elsewhere. we should be in contact with. My office phone is 559.442.4771 —Donnel Lester, Buena Vista Membership Chair (x 13) and cell phone is 559.281.8224.   —Jenny Saklar, Campaign & Programs ManagerGREATER BAKERSFIELD GREEN EXPO: On April 17, Central Valley Air Quality (CVAQ) Coalitiongroups will be joining with Bakersfield Mayor Harvey Hall andGreater Good for Kern County to showcase recycling and FONTAINE’S NEW BOOK: Retired Kern County sciencerenewable energy businesses throughout Kern County while teacher and past national Sierra Club president Joe Fontaine hasrecognizing student talent in all 44 county high schools. An completed his new book about the Kern Plateau. The title is Theattendance between 5,000-10,000 is expected at Yokuts Park. Kern Plateau and Gems of the Southern Sierra. All of the areasRepresentatives from Keep America Beautiful and Keep in his book are located in Kern County.California Beautiful will also be present along with other state, Of particular interest to locals should be Fontaine’s history ofcounty and city officials. Students and vendors with the ability the campaigns and successes of the Sierra Club and especiallyto download applications for the event should check this site: the Kern Kaweah Chapter. The book can be viewed All fees for the 85 booth spaces will go and purchased on-line for $24.95.It isdirectly to student scholarships. Fees should be sent to the Arts also available by contacting the author at 661-821-2055 orCouncil of Kern, one of the event’s sponsors. Application is March 1
  9. 9. THE ROADRUNNER MARCH/APRIL, 2010MIDGEBUZZINGS When we think of environmental matters, or speak of ourselves as environmentalists, we usuallyrefer to the natural world and to our concerns about it. Lately, though, I’ve begun to regard the word“environment” as much in its social context as in any other. Certainly for most of us the social atmosphere iseven more in our consciousness than is the quality of the air we breathe, especially now with the invasiveeffect upon our lives of constant exposure to media, particularly television and radio. The tragedy in Haiti has inspired people all over the world to respond with sympathy for the Haitiansand to seek ways to assist them through agencies such as Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children andThe Salvation Army. These people demonstrate the best in human nature, not only by their materialcontributions but also with their spontaneous and ongoing empathy and concern. I like to think of suchcompassion as being typical of us as human beings, and I believe it is. At the same time, however, the Haitian nightmare has brought some of the most venomous andmonstrous comments we have ever heard oozing from their sources and contaminating the very atmospherethat surrounds us. This response has been shocking to hear and appalling to see quoted in print. It is alsoessentially unhealthful and dangerous to society as a whole. Last Christmas I had an opportunity to join others in providing fulfillment of Christmas wishes forchildren of parolees. My child was a ten-year-old girl who wished especially for books. There was a littlenote to the effect that she is an “A” student. What a draw! Shopping for books was a special pleasure in thiscase. Besides some pleasant reading, I wanted this child, obviously living in less than ideal circumstances, toexperience vicariously the difficulties that other children have had. I started with a history of Anne Frankwritten for older children, and also with The Diary of Anne Frank. Then I purchased a book entitledSurviving Hitler, A Boy in the Nazi Death Camps. What a mistake! I brought it home, read it, and realizedwell before I finished it that I could not give her this book. Even after a lifetime of memory of those horrors,I was chilled as if I were learning about them for the first time. Written for advanced child readers, it isnevertheless appropriate for them only in a controlled atmosphere guided by wise adults, which was unlikelyin this case. We cudgel our minds to try to understand how a whole nation could be gulled into silence or intostudied ignorance of Nazi atrocities. The good people of Germany have agonized over the same questionand have made amends that are dramatic and effectual. However, with what we are hearing in publicstatements from hateful people in our own nation, I think the question is immediate to us here and now. For my own part, I’ve disciplined myself to cut the names of these people out of my vocabulary. Ineither speak nor write them. That helps me, but it is hardly a solution to a growing problem in this countryarising from casual and constant access to such egregious speech. This, I believe, is becoming our numberone environmental problem, and I think so even more with every day that goes by. —Ann WilliamsExecutive Committee of the Kern-Kaweah ChapterChair: Georgette Theotig (Tehachapi), 661.822.4371. Vice-chair: Gordon Nipp (Bksf), 661.872.2432. .Treasurer: Lorraine Unger (Bksf), 661.323.5569. Donnel Lester (Bksf), 661.831.6784. Richard Garcia (MinKing), 559.624.0199. Ann Williams (Bksf), 661.324.1055. Arthur Unger (Bksf), 661.323.5569. Peter Clum(Min King), 559.561.4661. Ara Marderosian (Kernville), 760.378.4574.Chapter ExCom Meetings: All Sierra Club members are always welcome to attend these meetings. Call661.323.822.4371 to confirm all meeting dates as well as location and time.
  10. 10. THE ROADRUNNER MARCH/APRIL, 2010 The Roadrunner Non-Profit Org. U.S. POSTAGE 2815 La Cresta Dr. PAID Bakersfield, CA 93305-1718 Permit No. 498 Bakersfield, CASTAYING INFORMED: Join our KERN-NEWS & KERN FORUM e-mail lists at: Submit articles (your own or suggestions for reprints) to The Roadrunner at email photos of events or people in the JPG format. To contact The Roadrunner editor MarjorieBell by phone, call 661.322.4891. The Roadrunner is printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper. Banquet Reservation Form Due by March 10 for the March 13 banquetI wish to attend the 2010 annual Chapter banquet of the Kern-Kaweah Chapter, Sierra Club,on Saturday, March 13. I include a check @ $24 per person, which includes tax and tip.PLEASE PRINT:NAME(S)______________________________________________________________________________PHONE NUMBER_______________________________NUMBER ATTENDING______________________TOTAL $ AMOUNT________________________________________NUMBER OF VEGETARIAN ENTRÉES (GARLIC SPAGHETTI WITH THE BASQUE SET UP)IMPORTANT: PLEASE WRITE YOUR CHECK IN BLACK INK.WRITE CHECK OUT TO: KERN-KAWEAH CHAPTER, SIERRA CLUBSEND CHECK TO: GEORGETTE THEOTIG, P.O. BOX 38, TEHACHAPI, CA, 93581CHECKS MUST ARRIVE BY MARCH 10. THANK YOU!