March-April 2003 Roadrunner Newsletter, Kern-Kaweah Sierrra Club


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March-April 2003 Roadrunner Newsletter, Kern-Kaweah Sierrra Club

  1. 1. The Roadrunner Bimonthly Publication of the Kern-Kaweah Chapter of the Sierra Club — March/April 2003 Forest Service Bushwhacks Giant Sequoia National MonumentWhat’s big and tall and gets no respect? The giant the monument to the Forest Service and charged thesequoias managed by the US Forest Service. agency with developing a management plan withFor years Sierra Club activists fought to protect the clear restrictions on logging.giant sequoia ecosystem from logging and road- Folks figured that the Forest Service would try tobuilding in Sequoia National Forest, home to nearly sneak some logging back onto the monument, buthalf of the world’s remaining sequoia groves. what the Forest Service has done with the blessing ofThree years ago, then-President Clinton stood in the the Bush administration has surprised even the mostshade of a giant sequoia grove and signed a procla- hardened activists.mation creating Giant Sequoia National Monument, The Forest Service plan puts logging center stage. Incarving it out of Sequoia National Forest. Activists fact, they want to log more large trees on the monu-knew that they weren’t out of the log yard yet but ment than they’re allowed to on the surroundingfelt that they had made a significant step forward in forest, up to 10 million board feet a year. They evenprotecting the ecosystem and restoring the natural want to log giant sequoias. All of this is based on theprocesses that had created this beautiful place. theory that if these trees aren’t logged, catastrophicClinton’s proclamation assigned the management of fires will destroy the monument. (cont’d p. 2) Kern Kaweah Chapter’s Annual Banquet to be held Saturday, April 5th. “John Muir” Special Guest. Awards, Socializing, Good Food on Menu.It is always a very special evening! Please plan to join us at the East Bakersfield Veterans Hall, Ridge Road,to celebrate good news from the desert to the mountains and to the valley. Socializing will be encouraged! Itis a great time to meet new members, to renew old friendships, and to get revitalized in the community.The entertainment highlight of the evening will be the visit of “John Muir” portrayed by Frank Helling, aregular performer at Sequoia National Park. In costume, he will speak the words and ideas of Muir.Recognition with awards of the special work of many activists in the Sierra Club is always a time thatreignites hope. Hearing of the efforts and often sucesses of fellow members is inspiration to all to continueand often to increase individual involvement in protecting the natural environment and more. Remember, therivers, the air, the mountains, the desert and the animals are counting on us to speak on their behalf. Therewill be displays from various organizations relating to the environment. Tempting raffle items will be onview also.The same wonderful caterers will again cook up the mouth watering entrees that were so tasty last year:Lemon chicken and spinach lasagna are the two main choices. Vegetables, salad, rolls and a dessert will bea part of either choice. The social hour will begin at 5:30 PM. Dinner will be served at 6:30 PM. The priceof $15 dollars will cover all expenses.Please complete the coupon below and mail to: Harry Love, 13500 Powder River Ave.Bakersfield, CA93312. We need your response by Friday, March 28th.************************************************************************Yes, I wish to attend the 2003 Annual Banquet of the Kern Kaweah Chapter of the Sierra Club on Saturday,April 5th. For each person I have indicated I have included a check to cover costs of $15 per person.Number attending ____ ($15 each) Total enclosed________Desired entree (indicate number of each) ___ Lemon chicken ___________ Spinach lasagnaYour name _________________________ Phone or email_____________________________Please MAIL CHECK and COUPON TO Harry Love, 13500 Powder River Ave., Bakersfield, CA 93312. FRIDAY MARCH 28 IS DEADLINEYes, it’s true, they say that they will log the forest to their logging that has imperiled the it. They havent gotten the message that it’s More quietly, buried deep in their environmental
  2. 2. 2 THE ROADRUNNERdocumentation, they admit to wanting to save an Use email orobject of interest unmentioned in Clinton’s procla- Jim Whitfield, Team Leader, Giant Sequoia Nationalmation, the local sawmill. Commercial logging of Monument, 900 West Grand Avenue, Porterville, CAthe monument, they write, “might make the diff- 93257.erence between continued operation and closure of Let the Forest Service know that their preferred al-the one mill available to serve the Monument" ternative (Alternative 6) is the worst they could have(emphasis added). chosen and outrageously inconsistent with the presi-Kent Duysen, the general manager of that mill, is a dential proclamation creating the monument.big fan of the Bush administration “Monument to Its reliance on logging undermines the purposes ofLogging” plan. He told the Bakersfield Californian, the monument and must be rejected.“I think the Forest Service is on target. My onlyquestion, are we going far enough to hopefully While flawed, Alternative 4 is much closer to theprevent catastrophic fire.” ecosystem restoration and recreational use articu- lated in the proclamation.In other words, if the loggers and the Forest Servicekeep exaggerating the risk of fire they can keep the Please send a copy of your letter to your U.S.mill open for a long time. Senators and Representative at the following:Never mind that. There’s nothing stopping the Senator (Barbara Boxer) (Dianne Feinstein), U.S.Forest Service from thinning the forest near houses Senate, Washington, D.C. 20510*** Rep. __, U.S.and businesses. They have always had free rein to House of Representatives, Wash, D.C. 20515protect people and property. Finally, send a letter to the editor of your localNever mind that in meetings with Sierra Club ac- newspaper! Most have a website where you cantivists forest officials have acknowledged that giant easily email in your letter to the letters page.sequoias are not in danger from catastrophic fire. The Sierra Club is working hard to protect GiantAnd forget about pointing out that much of last Sequoia National Monument and to hold the Bushyear’s fire in Sequoia National Forest burned administration accountable for putting it at risk.mainly brush, not trees. Please help with this endeavor now! Sequoia article byIn the same Californian article, George Woodwell, Bill Corcoran, Southern Calif Regional Representativewho served on the science advisory panel appointed RED ROCK CANYON STATE PARK.supposedly to guide the Forest Service in developingits plan, pointed out that the only way the scientists March 22 next mtg, California City.were allowed to provide input was by responding to Two good meetings already held, but morequestions from the Forest Service. Woodwell, environmentalists are needed at the meetings tofounder and director of the Woods Hole Research express their support for preservation of the mag-Center in Massachusetts, said, “I have a personal nificent natural and cultural resources at Red Rockview, which is that the [Bush] administration is Canyon. However, if you can’t come, write. Lettersadvocating more roads and more timber cutting. always help and when you write please:That’s not a sensible policy and certainly not *Support Alternative 3. *Support the designation ofnecessarily in the public interest.” the natural and cultural preserves. *Support the viewThe impacts of this logging, not just on the giant of mountain bikes as unique and separate fromsequoia old growth forest but also on wildlife, are other modes of transportation,potentially severe. Pacific fisher, California spotted *Suggest that Red Buttes road be closed and theowl, and many other ancient forest dependent spe- area be considered for Wilderness Designation.cies are barely surviving in the Southern Sierra. The *Encourage specifying particular areas for star-return to the bad old days of logging may be the watchers and horse blow to their viability. Send your letters to California Department of ParksVisitors to the monument can check out the George and Recreation, Southern Service Center, 8885 RioBush sequoia, named for the elder Bush, who on a San Diego Dr., San Diego, CA 92108 Att: Red Rockcampaign stop a decade ago made a toothless pro- Canyon General Planning Team,clamation to protect the giant sequoias. But at least For further information including meeting times andhe felt like he had to make the gesture. His son’s places, please call Haye at 760.375.8973.administration seems to have foregone even that. SIERRA CLUB CALIFORNIA FOCUSES ON TAKE SEQUOIA ACTION NOW!! AIR POLLUTION IN VALLEY. STATE SENATE Contact Forest Service ASAP HEARINGS SCHEDULED. TRY TO ATTEND Mar 17 Deadline for Comments The Sierra Club California Air Quality Committee
  3. 3. THE ROADRUNNER 3has recognized the San Joaquin Valley as being the 325.9590most important air quality problem in California. WHO CAN IMPROVEThe Committee prepared a letter, co-signed by 12other environmental and community groups, that VALLEY AIR QUALITY?has been distributed to Central Valley legislators. asked the citizen/air pollution control districtPOINTS: The letter calls for a new action plan toclean up the air in the Central Valley. Of particular Not I, said folks who light their home fire placesconcern are: 1) ending the exemption for agri- when the air has enough particulate matter to beculture from air pollution regulation; 2) controlling unhealthy.water and air pollution from concentrated animal Not I, said former Kern County Planning Com-feeding operations (CAFO); 3) reducing sprawl in missioner Ross McClintock who said at the Vander-the Valley; 4) focusing scarce transportation fund- ham Dairy hearing “I do not like to see one smalling on air quality beneficial projects; 5) promoting industry picked on for what is caused to a greatpollution cleanup methods that help economic extent by factors beyond our control.”growth; 6) improving public education about air Not I, said Chevron Texaco, fined $7 million forpollution and its consequences; 7) supporting en- polluting at its El Segundo terminal. Does Clean Airvironmental justice in the Valley. The letter asks that Now, a valley industry group funded with 2 millionthe San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District from Chevron, respect us better now?Board be reformed to include members representing Not I, said a State Senator when he chose anregional and state level interests. expensive SUV as the vehicle the state would provideALLIANCE: The Sierra Club has a special role to for in protecting the Sierra, its national parks, Not I, said President Bush, who relaxed regula-forests, lakes and wildlife. At the same time, wor- tions for factories and power plants when they up-sening health conditions for people living in the date their facilities.Valley are a strong motivating factor to unite variouscommunity coalitions. Sierra Club has been part of Not I, said Supervisor Ray Watson, who said that athe California Clean Air Campaign (www.calclean moratorium on air pollution was a moratorium, which is a project of the Latino Issues development.Forum, Sierra Club’s Mother Lode, Tehipite and Not I, said the dairyman who found anaerobicKern-Kaweah Chapters, Medical Advocates for digestion (AD) too expensive (in AD manure isHealthy Air (Fresno), Center on Race, Poverty and placed in a chamber where bacteria process it intothe Environment, and Earthjustice. This coalition has methane and clean solids)been successful in using litigation to enforce Clean We can improve Valley air quality, said theAir Act requirements in the Central Valley, which responsible Americans as they bicycled off to buythe Kern Kaweah Chapter has supported publicly more compact fluorescent bulbs.and financially many times. Visit them at by A UngerAIR HEARINGS: The office of Dean Florez isscheduling meetings on Air Quality in the Valley. From the CHAPTER CHAIRThose meeting topics and places within our chapter WORKING WITH WINDWOLVES A PLUSarea are listed below. Hearings are scheduled tobegin at 10 AM. We need to have as many Sierra As activists, we often find ourselves in the unpleasantClub members as possible to attend these meetings. role of naysayers. Seldom do we get a chance toIt is understood that there will be opportunitiy to stand up and shout “Great idea,” and to do some-express opinions by all comers. thing constructive. Fortunately, one such great idea is near at hand: Windwolves Preserve, a vast tractMarch 7th. The Agricultural Industry and Central stretching from the San Joaquin Valley floor to theValley Air Pollution, Ag Pavilion, Bakersfield mountains of the San Emigdio range.April 4th. Valley Residents’ Role in Curbing Air Nearly every second Saturday of the month, a hardyPollution. County Admin, Visalia band of volunteers gathers at 9 AM somewhere onApril 17th. Truck and Vehicle Air Emissions. what was once the San Emigdio Ranch. ShepherdedCounty Admin, Hanford by the Preserve’s cheerful manager Dave ClendenenMay 2nd. Dairies’ Growth and Its Effects on Central and his staff, we help restore land damaged by aValley Air Pollution. City Hall, Shafter century of overuse. Whether the work consists ofInformation for this article from Sierra Club California, Ch. “whacking” invasive tamarisk, planting oaks,Jude Lamare and Art Unger. For further questions please feel cottonwood, and willow, removing industrial detritus,free to call Art Unger. 661.323.5569 or Paul Gipe 661. or cleaning up an adobe homestead, it’s rewarding
  4. 4. 4 THE ROADRUNNERfor all. HSR trains require absolute separation from traffic,Like an Amish barn raising, a sense of camaraderie people, and animals, the right-of-way must bedevelops among volunteers. Everyone shares in the completely fenced. In order to preserve wildlifelabor, the banter, and in the pleasure of working corridors, there must be ways over or under theoutdoors with old friends as well as new acquain- tracks. But which methods will work for whichtances. To top it off, the staff fires up a bank of animals? Our local knowledge and participation isgrills at the end of the day for a well-deserved essential to help make sure that the HSR line doesbarbecue, graciously accommodating vegetarians. not become a 700-mile “Berlin Wall” for wildlife.Those who wish to spend the night can camp. STATION SITING needs to be considered care-Clendenen then offers a tour of the preserve’s in- fully. Currently, Kern County is pressuring theterior on Sunday. California High Speed Rail Authority to place theFor many, access to the serene interior of the pre- Bakersfield station outside of town, away from theserve is alone worth the sweat, and as spring nears, city center and transit stops. The City of Bakersfieldnow’s the time to put a Windwolves work party on wants to place the station near the downtown Amtrakyour calendar. Bring your own water and lunch. Be station.sure to call if you want to stay for the barbeque. A variety of pertinent questions is being asked inDress appropriately for working outdoors. Layers discussing these possible locations.are a good idea, says Nancy Nies, one volunteer. It Comparing the two sites,can be quite cold in the evening during the winter *It has been stated that the travel time of air andmonths. high speed rail between Los Angeles and BakersfieldThe Windwolves Preserve is one hour west of Ba- is nearly equal. Does this comparison take into ac-kersfield and one hour north of Los Angeles. It lies count the average time it takes travelers to get to theon the north side of San Emigdio range, west of I-5. departure and arrival places?As work party locations change, phone 661.858. *Do either of the sites affect wetland areas that1115 or send a message to should be protected?and ask for details. By Paul Gipe *What would be the comparative effects on air HIGH SPEED RAIL DRAFT quality?ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT IN THE *What would be the comparative effects of con- MAKING. COMMENT TIME THIS YEAR. struction on the city proper? (Condemnation of Remember: Major airports take up as much space land, traffic circulation, etc.)as the city of San Francisco; some displace our last *How much infrastructure would have to be builtcoastal wetlands. Amtrak is far more energy efficient and or replaced because of the construction?than car or plane travel; we hope HSR will be *If the site were to be the airport, could there be aenergy efficient and kind to air quality. regular train connection directly from the airport BACKGROUND: In November 2004, Californians into the City center using the present tracks?will be voting on a proposal to offer the state a real *Isn’t there a need to consider the time and thealternative to the plane and the car. We should pre- expense of the persons meeting and delivering pas-pare to respond to the Draft EIR sometime in sengers?August 2003. *How much noise is the high speed train going toThe “Safe, Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train create going through the city?Bond Act for the 21st Century” will fund $9.95billion in rail improvements. This money would *What is the anticipated number of trips the highfund the development of a world class High Speed speed train wouild make per day?Rail (HSR) system that would connect the Central *How many stops would the HSR make in Bakers-Valley with Los Angeles and San Francisco initially, field?with a later section connecting San Diego. These are just a few of the questions that needThe bond language contains some nice sounding answering. Alert citizens need to begin to discussenvironmental language; we need to make sure that these high speed rail proposals now as the officialswhat is done lives up to those principles. of Bakersfield and Kern County are further devel-If the bond issue is passed, it will shape the state’s oping their present positions.transportation system for the next 100 years. If not At this time there is no official Sierra Club position.built well, the system could be an expensive, It will be formulated according to the careful con-environment-damaging boondoogle. sideration of available information. The Sierra ClubAn example: wildlife corridors. Because 220-mph of California and all the California Chapters need to
  5. 5. THE ROADRUNNER 5be involved. Info from Pat Woodward, SC HSR Chair, & Art here, not only to the stars, but also to the writing ofUnger. poetry, something that I have avoided all my life for reasons I dont understand. I am aware, though, that CNRCC MEETING TIME HAS COME writing of the kind I have been doing for the AROUND AGAIN. Sat/Sun, March 8,9. Roadrunner all these years, because it involvesWhat is it? At this meeting decisons are made as to nature, is necessarily lyric—so perhaps it has beenSierra Club conservation policies for California and poetry all along. At any rate, here is my first realNevada. People come to this meeting from both poem, with the promise never to do this to youstates to voice their concerns and vote on actions to again:be taken.Who comes? Folks who are deeply interested in Prayer to the Spirit of Black Elkworking on matters that affect our natural environ- Grandfather,ment. There are always newcomers just becoming Where did I last live?involved in Sierra Club activities, while others are Was it in the eyes of wildcats I surprisedrenewing old friendships made over the years Beside a fall of water after rain?through the sharing of their common interests andconcerns. It can be a wonderful experience to be Or in the catch of my breathwith people who are basically like-minded in regards when the muscled bass flashed upto environmental protections but often have had to to snatch a singing blackbird from its reed?deal with different pressures and situations. You canlearn so much. Or in the halting of a solitary walk below black cliffsWhat happens? The day and a half of meetings is under a lowering skyfull of presentations by fellow Sierra Club members before a stormand by the state staff of the Sierra Club, those who when the silence sang of the presence ofare our lobbyists in Sacramento. Voting takes place something unseenon proposed actions. Socializing time is another I was not yet ready to meet?delight.Frosting on the cake. A person can also come a Grandfather,little earlier and stay a little longer to enjoy the Even in darknessdelights of San Luis Obispo area—wonderful walks you did not lose your the sea, swell places to eat, even a little shopping. Now in the lessening light, Help me find mine.Interested further? To stay overnight is $20; to eat(Saturday night and Sunday breakfast) is $10. The Oh, my—now I do feel better. I hope to write morerest of the fees will be picked up by Sierra Club which will be good for me, if not for you. Next timeCalifornia. For those of you who have not attended look for prose. Annthese convocations in the past and have questions Williamabout directions, facilities, etc., ask Lori Ives or call 909.621.7148. Agenda Springtime Beckonsquestions should be addressed to John Monsen, March & AprilChair ( Mineral King Gp Visalia. Every Wednesday, 5:30Time flies faster than you think. Please let Lori PM. Starts March 12. Meet St. John’s River Parkwayknow as soon as possible if you plan to attend. entrance, north end of Lovers Lane, 30 min plus walk. All ages and abilities welcome! For further info: 559.635.2526 Midgebuzzings Conditioning Hike Bakersfield. 4 to 5 mi. Every“We mounted up, so far that I distinguished through Thursday. 7 PM. Meet at intersect of Hwy. 178 &a round opening the beauteous things which Heaven 184. Info? Call Larry, 589.6245, Gordon, 872.2432.bears, and thence we issued out again to see thestars.” Mar 3rd (mon) Four Forest Plan. Forest Service open house. 6–9 PM. Fraz. Park Comm. Cen.These were the words of Dante, upon his emergenceto the light from the shrouded horrors of the In- Mar 8-9th (sat, sun) California Nevada Regionalferno. They are descriptive of my feelings now when Conservation Committee Meeting San Luis Obispo.I leave this valley, so often dark and foul-smelling Meet activists from all over the state. Learn what isfrom the effluence of our daily commerce. of concern to Sierra Club, nationally, statewide and locally. Details? P. 5.In seeking light I have decided to look away from
  6. 6. 6 THE ROADRUNNERMar 11th (tue) Organic Farming Pete Belamini of (adjacent to R/C City Hall). 1 PM. Call PaulLehr Bros, speaker. (Buena Vista Group) “Easier 661.822.9150 for details.said then done; experiences starting from 20 to 250 April 5th (sat) Kern Kaweah Chapter Annualacres of potatoes.” Beale Library 7 PM. Info: 833. Awards Banquet. East Bakersfield Veterans Hall,3795. Ridge Road. 5:30 Social Hour, 6:30 Dinner. See pgMar 13th (thur) Monthly social at Visalia Coffee 1.House, downtown 6:30 p.m. Visalia (Mineral King). April 5th (sat) Flower Hike Pine Mountain ClubMar 16th (sun) CEQA (California Environmental Area. 8 AM. Meet at tennis courts, PMC. EasyQualilty Act) Workshop. 12 noon to 4 PM. By walking. Call Lockhart 661.242.0432. (Condor Gp)reservation only. Call 661.242.0432 for more info. April 8th (tues) Easy Evening Walk in the KernMar 17th (mon) Owens Peak Gp. Program to be River Wildlife Migration Corridor. 6 PM. Bakers-determined. Maturango Museum, 100 E. Las Flores, field. Beginners welcome. Meet at parking lot atRidgecrest. Contact Dennis at 760.375.7967 for Denise Ave. and Manor Drive, near river. Call 661.details. 323. 5569.Mar 17th. (mon) Last day for Sequoia Comments April 10th (thur) Monthly Social at Keo Thipto be accepted. Write. Please Write! See p. 1. Restaurant. Visalia. 6 PM - (Note earlier time!)Mar 19th. (wed) Easy Evening Walk in the Kern April 12: (sat) Outings Planning Meeting at JavaRiver Wildlife Migration Corridor, 6 PM. Bakers- Jungle, downtown. Visalia 4-6 PM. (Mineral King)field. Beginners welcome. Tennis shoes OK, boots Apr 12 (sat) Scodie Peak (High point of the Scodiebetter. Meet parking lot at River and Panorama Mtns, just south of Walker Pass, 7204 ft, 2600 ftBoulevards. Info? Lorraine 661. 323. 5569. gain, 5.0 RT) Good spring workout, Will explore aMar 22 (sat) Cedar Creek Hike. Cedar forests, different, shorter (5 mi RT vs. 11.2 mi RT) route,stream walk. Lockwood Valley area. Mt. Pinos Dst., starting in Cow Heaven Canyon. Late springLos Padres. 8 AM, Tennis Courts, PMC. Call Dale, flowers? Meet at Ridgecrest Cinema parking lot at661.242.1076 for more info. (Condor Gp) 7:30 AM Sat. More info? Call Dennis at 760.375.Mar 22 (sat) Highway Clean Up. Taft Highway. 7967 or Jim at 760.375.8161Meet 9 AM at Gosford Rd, Rt 119. Info: 833.3795. April 21st (mon) Owens Pk Gp. Program to be(Buena Vista Gp) determined. Maturango Museum, 100 E.Las Flores,Mar 22 (sat) CROSS MTN Hope for a spectacular Ridgecrest. Contact Dennis at 760.375.7967 forflower show . Elevation gain, 3400 ft. 7.8 mi RT. Be details.prepared for warmer weather, bring 3 quarts of April 23rd (wed) Easy evening walk in the Kernwater. High clearance vehicle (4WD preferred) to River Wildlife Migration Corridor. 6 PM. Bakers-reach trailhead. Moderate hike. Meet at Ridgecrest field. Beginners welcome. Tennis shoes OK, bootsCinema parking lot at 7:30 AM Sat. More info? Call better. Meet at Albertson’s clock tower, StockdaleDennis at 760.375.7967 or Jim at 760.375.816 and Gosford. Info? Lorraine 661.323. 5569(Owens Peak Gp) April 26th (sat) San Emigdio Canyon to Wind-Mar 24 (mon) Mineral King Ex Comm Meeting 7 wolves. Strenuous but all downhill. Call Dale 661.PM. Visalia . Call 739-8527 to attend. 242.1076 for full details. Call Ches 661.242.0423.Mar 29 (sat) Kern-Kaweah Chap Excom Mtg. April 28th (mon) -Mineral King ExCom Meeting.Ridgecrest. Kerr-McGee Center, 100 W. California 7 PM. Call 739.8527 to attend. state, have done much to protect the natural environ- ment. Sponsored by the Kern-Kaweah Chapter, present and future activists are encouraged to enroll. The workshop will be taught on Sunday afternoon, CEQA WORKSHOP STILL HAS A FEW 12 to 4, in Bakersfield. If interested, call 661.242. PLACES OPEN. CALL 242-0432 NOW! 0432 for more information.The CEQA workshop, to be taught by Brent Newell,(You have seen his name many times in our localpapers as the lead lawyer dealing with the questionsof dairies in Kern County) will give participants theopportunity to learn the basics about CEQA, the Cal-ifornia Environmental Quality Act. The regulationsof this act, which have guided developments in this
  7. 7. THE ROADRUNNER 7 ship, Lorraine Unger; Richard Garcia, Roadrunner, OF POSSIBLE INTEREST! Mary Ann Lockhart; Gordon Nipp; Glenn Shell-Note:These are not Sierra Club sponsored cross; Art Unger.activities Buena Vista Group (Bakersfield) 661. 833.3795Mar 15 (sat) Striving for a Healthier Central Valley Chair, Elaine White; Vice Chair, Glenn Shellcross;II Conference, Calif. Justice Network (Sierra Club Secretary, Kevin Smith; Treasurer., Karen Smith.partner). Fresno 8.30 to 4. Air/water quality, pesti- Condor Group (Pine Mtn Club, Frazier Parkides, land use and more. Call 661.720.9140 or Lor- area) 661.242.0423.raine for details at 661.323.5569 Chair, Ches Arthur; Vice-Chair, Dale Chitwood; Secretary/Membership, Fay Benbrook; Treasurer,Mar 23 (sun) Sand Ridge Botanical Walk, Center for Marta Bigler; Dave Grant; Bernard, Erica Cordes;Lands Management Preserve. Join Calif. Native Plant Harry, Gita Nelson; Rusty, Jean Rustvold; Tom,Society botanist guide. View Bksf Calif cactus. Meet Dayne carpool parking lot just east of Real Road on Kaweah Group (Porterville) 559.781.0594Stockdale Hwy at 8:30 AM; Final meeting place Chair, Pam Clark; Vice-Chair, Lori Kessler; Secre-9:15 at SW side of offramp from Hwy. #58 at tary, Diane Jetter; Membership, Sara Lee Gershon;Towerline Road where the road becomes dirt. No Conservation, Carla Cloer; Outings, Theresa Stump;restrooms available. More info? Call Lorraine at Agriculture, Pam Clark.661.323.5569. Mineral King (Visalia) 559.739.8527April 25-27 (fri-sun) “Valley Wild”, 9th Annual Chair, Harold Wood; Vice-Chair/Publicity, CynthiaKern Valley Bioregions Festival. Weldon/Kernville. Koval; Secretary, Betty Berk; Asst. Secretary, JoaneCall 760.378.3044. Dudley; Treasurer/Environmental Educ., JanetApril 26 (sat) Join the City of Bakersfield Recrea- Wood; Chapter Delegate/Membership, Bev Garcia;tion & Parks Annual Great American Clean-up. Alt. Chapter Delegate, Brian Newton; Outings, MaryStarts 9 AM, lunch provided. Yocuts Park 11 AM. Moy; Fundraising, Richard Garcia; Political, Kim-Contact Terri Elison, Recreation & Parks Dept. ball Loeb; Conservation Committee Chair, Richard665.8033. Mention you are a Sierra Club member Garcia; Agriculture/CAFO/Grazing, Mary Moy; Air,when you volunteer. Kim Loeb, Joanne Dudley; Endangered Species/ Wildlife, Harold Wood; Energy, Kim Loeb; Forests: Cynthia Koval, Harold Wood, Mary Moy; Sprawl, MANY THANKS! Neil Fernbaugh; Parks, Brian Newton; Water, Richard Garcia; Wilderness,: Cynthia Koval, HaroldTO ALL OF THESE MEMBERS WHO HAVE Wood, Mary Moy.TAKEN ON RESPONSIBILITIES FOR Owens Peak Group (Ridgecrest) 760. 375.7967MAKING THE SIERRA CLUB TICK Chair, Dennis Burge; Vice-Chair, Steve Smith; Secretary, Jean Bennett; Treasurer, Dolph Amster.Excom, Kern Kaweah Chpt 661.324.1923Chair; Paul Gipe;Vice Chair, Harry Love; Secretary,Ara Marderosian; Teasurer Larry Wailes; Member- SIERRA CLUB HIKES! EVERYONE (MEMBERS AND NON MEMBERS) ARE WELCOME IF . . .*You are in condition to do the hike of your choice; *You come prepared for the hike (Water, sturdyfootwear a must. Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, jackets, snacks suggested); *You recognize you must followdirections of hike leader(s); *You will sign a liability release; *You have called leaders to say you arecoming. *You know that if unprepared you may not be able to participate. Don’t want to be disappointed?Call day before to make sure there has not been a hike cancellation. Send to WE NEED MORE OF YOU! RoadrunnerAddress or Editor, Roadrunner, P. O. GG. Frazier Park, C A 93222 General Publication Information MANY THANKS Deadline: April 5 for next issue ****Want to sign up to receive ALERTS?**** MICHELLE HOFFMAN, LORRAINE UNGER ANN WILLIAMS, & HAROLD WOOD
  8. 8. 8 THE ROADRUNNER Without their help you would never see a Roadrunner1 This is the time of year we ask you to donate extra Take Action Numbers. Call, Write! funds to support environmental causes that requireFederal Govt. Numbers: $$$. White House Comment Line: 202.456.1111Bush’s e-mail - There is a pecial emergency this year— Saving the Address - 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500 Sequoia National MonumentUS Capitol Switchboard - 202-224-3121. from being gutted by commercial logging.Sen Barbara Boxer: 312 N Spring St., LA 90012-213.894.5000 See page 1 for more information.Sen Diane Feinstein: 11111 Sta. Monica Blvd. S.915, LA90025 People power and $$$ are the only ammunitionDir. Gale Norton, Department of the Interior, 1849 C Street, we have to fight this battle. People cant be alertedNW, Washington to exert their power unless there are funds.Dir. Ann Venneman. U.S. Dept of Ag, 14th & Independence Please dig deep to help out with financing this Ave. SW, Washington, D.C. 20250. campaign. Every penny will be really appreciated.California numbers:Gov. Davis: 1.916.445.2841 Calif.Legislative Switchboard (receptionist will help you ID yourSenator and Assembly member if you are unsure)