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January-February 2002 Roadrunner Newsletter, Kern-Kaweah Sierrra Club


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January-February 2002 Roadrunner Newsletter, Kern-Kaweah Sierrra Club

  1. 1. The Roadrunner Bimonthly Publication of the Kern-Kaweah Chapter of the Sierra Club — Jan./Feb 2002 Straw Bale Construction annually and their numbers will grow and include Sierra Club Seminar minorities that we do not reach as often as we would Tues. Jan 22, 7/9 PM , Beale Libr., 701 Truxtun, Bksf. like. Many of them will be in contact with each other. They know that economic progress is impossibleHuff & Puff without ecological awareness. Members of our But Can you Blow These Straw Bale Walls Down? chapter should come forward now and help them Sponsored by the Buena Vista Group and the achieve their goals.”Chapter Ex-com, Ken Haggard, a registered architectwith the San Luis Sustainability Group, will present a Water Cost And Availability Topic Ofseminar on building with straw bales in the Sierra POWER ConferenceClub’s series on alternative technologies at the Beale Just as gold was central to California’s economyLibrary, 7-9 pm, January 22, 2002. in the nineteenth century and oil was central in the Straw bale construction is an innovative, yet time- twentieth century, the availability of water willless construction technique for building super- determine California’s prosperity in the twenty-firstinsulated homes and offices. Building with bales was century. To learn what public officials think as topopularized with the phenomenal bestseller “The how California can obtain the quality and quantity ofStraw Bale House” by Athena and Bill Steen, pub- water we would like (while avoiding floods andlished by Chelsea Green. restoring the environment), Arthur Unger attended Haggard’s firm specializes in passive solar archi- this year’s conference of “Public Officials for Watertecture and sustainable planning and design. and Environmental Reform” (POWER). This year’s Greg McMillan, the contractor building Barry topic was How Much Should Water Cost?Aubrey’s straw bale home near Weldon, will be avail- There was some discussion of the lessons to beable to answer questions about on-site details of con- learned from the energy crisis. Some said energystruction. deregulation led to energy shortage, and the same For more information, turn to these web sites: could occur if we do not have adequate water regs. Haggard: Neither the Sierra Club nor the participants know Calif. Straw Building Association how much of the price of water should be set by freely operating markets and how much by public CRPE Backed Regional Meeting To policy. Loretta Lynch, President of the California Address Environmental Concerns Public Utilities Commission, thinks that the price of items for which there are no alternatives should be The Center on Race, Poverty and the Environment regulated.(CRPE) sponsored the Central California Environ- Senator Sheila Kuehl and others discussed her SBmental Justice Conference held November 17, 2001 221. SB 221 requires housing developments of overin Fresno. This conference brought together activists 500 units to prove that sufficient water is available.from the Central Valley who are concerned about air Possible loopholes are exemptions for low incomepollution, pesticide use, and water contamination. housing, for developments that are adjacent to otherChapter member Art Unger was one of about 100 developments because they could be considered in-persons attending this conference. fill, and for findings by local jurisdictions that the Speakers at the meeting emphasized the need for project’s social and economic benefits outweigh theworking together to correct region-wide environmen- negative environmental impact of not having prooftal concerns. These speakers spoke from personal of sufficient water. Dividing a project into multipleexperience, as they had been involved in their 499-unit developments is the biggest possible loop-communities in projects as diverse as opposing pri- hole. To gain support for this bill, Kuehl had toson building in rural areas and preventing construc- agree not to pursue legislation on this subject for fivetion of an incinerator within a city limit. years. A workshop was held for young people, providing Ann Vickers, author of “Handbook of Water Usebasic information on environmental concerns and the and Conservation” and keynote speaker of theneed to become activists for support of environ- conference, pointed out that Americans use moremental health. water on their lawns than in their homes and use Art is “almost certain that these people will meet 720,000 gallons of gas per year to mow those lawns.
  2. 2. 2 THE ROADRUNNER 2She hopes we will switch to native plants, but notesthat those who do use natives do not decrease their FROM THE CHAPTER CHAIRwater use unless they stop using automatic sprinklers. By Paul GipeMuch more pesticide per square foot is used on Chapter Budgetornamental land than on farm land. It takes ten times The Sierra Club is a grass-roots organization andas much water to produce an ounce of steak as an as such is member driven. Every member has a rightounce of tofu. Amy Vickers says they are nutri- to attend any Club-sponsored meeting or event, in-tionally the same; do our physicians and nutritionists cluding meetings of the chapter or group executiveagree? committees, or ExComs, in Club parlance. In fact we Kern County 2nd District Supervisoral encourage members to participate as much as pos- Candidates Appeared In Sierra Club sible. Members are what keep us going. Club members also have a right to know how we Forum spend their money. The following summarizes the On December 4, the Buena Vista Group of the chapter’s typical sources of annual income and ourChapter sponsored a candidate forum for the second typical expenses in thousands of dollars.supervisor district of Kern County. Since the in- Incomecumbent, Steve Perez, is a candidate for another Subvention 15 Conservation 3office, the election is wide open, attracting five March Appeal 2 Other 1 Total 21candidates. All of the candidates (Don Maben, Linda ExpensesWhite, Mary Beth Garrison, Bernita Jenkins, and Groups 2 Conservation 6Louis Litwin) appeared that evening. The audience SC deductions 4 Roadrunner 9 Total 21was mixed, with Sierra Club members, members of Accounts on hand 17the community, and high school students. The Subvention is a portion of local members’ duesquestions addressed to each candidate covered the that is returned to the chapter from the national or-topics of urban sprawl, air quality, wind and dairy anization.farms, transportation, energy use and Tehachapi Conservation is the income from our foundationdevelopment issues. Some candidates placed private account for specific, tax-exempt purposes, such asproperty rights over community wishes, while others our lawsuit against EPA.believed that county government should take an March Appeal is the contributions we solicitactive role in directing growth in the county and directly from chapter members. We can do this onlyimproving air quality. Even though they disagreed in March, thus the name.on the role of government in improving and regu- Other is income from the sale of calendars, post-lating environmental issues, they all agreed that Kern cards, and so on.county does have serious environmental problems Typically our annual income totals approximatelythat must be addressed now. $20,000. The audience provided many of the questions Groups is our modest distribution to each group.asked and enjoyed both the serious comments by the We are weighing an increase in our group subven-candidates and those of a flippant nature. Many Club tion. There are now five groups in the chapter.members volunteered their time to set up the debate Conservation accounts for our expenses in non-and to man tables with reading materials. The Buena political activities, such as our legal case against EPAVista Excom would like to thank them for their regarding air pollution in the San Joaquin SC deductions are for our share of Sierra Club The next time voters in the 2nd district get a California expenses.chance to listen to the candidates will be in February Roadrunner is our cost to print and distribute ourin Tehachapi. Please try to attend. By listening to the newsletter, the Roadrunner.candidates, you will definitely be able to make up We try to balance our annual expenses with ouryour mind for the March election. By Harry Love annual income. We have $17,000 in deposits at a local bank as a cash reserve for emergencies. In addition, we have access to the Mel & BeverlyDid you forget to buy a SC Calendar? A few remain Rubin Environmental Fund, managed by the Sierrato be sold for just $5. Please call Georgette Theotig, Club Foundation. Because this fund is in a founda-661-822-4371, to make arrangements for your bar- tion account, we can only use it for carefully auditedgain purchase asap! purposes, such as reimbursement of a limited portion of our Roadrunner expenses, educational expenses, and costs of litigation. Larry Wailes is our chapter treasurer.
  3. 3. THE ROADRUNNER 3 Who Speaks For The Club? discussed on the show. Although you will have only 15 to 30 seconds for your opening question, take the The Club and the chapter are involved in a host of time to tell the host you enjoy the show. Then slip incontroversial actions. As a consequence, members are your question.often asked their opinions on a variety of complex When dealing with the far right, who see environ-environmental issues. While all citizens have a right mentalism as government interference, our Dolphto speak their mind, speaking on behalf of the Sierra Amster recommends addressing matters of fact ratherClub requires familiarity with the issue, with the than opinion. Expect a harsh reply and evenly replycollective opinion of the national Sierra Club, and with a supporting fact. That will probably set the hostwith the position explicitly endorsed by the chapter off, and you may not get another word in. Bear inand group. mind that it would cost the club about $50 a minute Our position on certain issues is sometimes del- to put out the information you just almost did. If youicately crafted after hours of discussion. Members are interviewed, your oral comments should consistare welcome to help hammer out our positions—in of one or two short sentences, with images if possible,fact, we always need more help—and by doing so structured so that they cannot be changed. Tobecome more familiar with the ramifications of each prevent changing my replies in a telephone interview,action. As John Muir said, everything in the universe I sometimes fax my answers, rather than give themis hitched to everything else. over the phone. Unless a member is acknowledged by the exec- Arthur is more than happy to speak with anyone whoutive committee of either the chapter or group as the would like to discuss further the topic above. You canlead activist on an issue, he or she should refrain reach him in the following manner: 661. 323.5569from speaking “on behalf of,” “for,” or even “as a or alunger@juno.commember of” the Sierra Club. Please say what youwant to say, but do so as a citizen, or a member of the Manter Appeal—Story of A Step In Thecommunity. We need more people speaking up for Right Directionthe environment, for clean air, for clean water, and The Manter Appeal refers to an area in Sequoiafor protection of our wild places. By Paul Gipe National Forest that was given the go-ahead for a Pointers For Pressing Points With The timber sale, justified by the Forest Service in terms of Press Persuasively cutting trees in an area that had been run over by fire. The alert watchers of timber sales in that The following article was prepared by Arthur National Forest made an appeal to the Forest Service,Unger, a well known local Sierra Club activist who questioning their judgment that the trees to be cuthas had a great deal of experience dealing effectively were truly dead.with the local media. He has prepared the following The appeal was rejected, but a meeting wassuggestions for utilizing the opportunities the media requested with the District Ranger. In the meeting itoffers for publicizing Sierra Club positions as an aid was discovered that the District Ranger had uni-to give you expertise—and courage to speak up. laterally changed the marking guidelines (the Our talking to the voters, more than lobbying the Protocol) for determining which trees were dead andoffice holders, lessened the harm the 104th Congress which were not. Even though the Environmentaldid, and it can help us with the present congress. All Assessment (EA) used a more permissive, lessof us must continue to reach the voters. First we must protective protocol for the project analysis, the Foresttalk to as many of the people we come face to face Service said they would adhere to the more restrictivewith as we dare. protocol (See below). Had we not appealed, the Then we must use the media. With persistence, one likelihood that the more restrictive protocol would becan occasionally be on radio, TV and in local news- used was small.papers such as the Californian; I have proven that The most restrictive protocol to be followed statesthis does not take talent. For those with too little time, that a tree cannot be considered “dead” unlessletters to the editor and talk radio are the ways to go. at least 95% of the crown is scorched brown, for Follow the issues that interest you in the general pines trees,media and in environmental publications like the at least 90% of the crown is scorched brown, forRoadrunner. Call the listed chapter officers to find fir trees.other sources. For trees that had less than 50% live crown before Gene Tacket, former talk show host, advises that the fire,talk radio shows that originate locally usually receive pines cannot be considered dead unless at leastless than twenty calls an hour. When you call, you 90% of the crown is scorched brown;will first be screened. Usually they only want to know firs cannot be considered dead unless at least 85%that the topic of your call relates to the subject being of the crown is scorched brown.
  4. 4. 4 THE ROADRUNNER 4 How did those persons who worked on the appeal looking, watching the changes of light, memorizingpersuade the Forest Service to change their position the contours of the land. What I was doing wason this timber sale? It took people who have really witnessing, with a mind completely innocent of anyinvolved themselves in the concern of protecting the notion of change and therefore not apprehensive ofSequoia forests to 1. get proof that the original it. To me it was perfect beauty, seen in perfect air, byprotocol had not been followed by going out to the perfect light. I did not know that it was being trans-site in question and taking videos illustrating that the lated through the eyes into the heart where it wouldtrees designated as dead were truly not dead ac- remain, awaiting expression.cording to the Forest Service protocol; 2. meet with I have often observed this witnessing in others.Forest Service personnel to discuss findings; 3. get Before me in a little album is a photograph of aexpert testimony stating that the cutting would be jagged outcrop of rock, black in profile against theharmful to the habitat for the fisher, an endangered pale last light of day. At first glance there appear tocarnivore species; 4. be prepared to continue to be three spires, but a closer look identifies the thirdmonitor the “marking” of trees, according to the as a person, a friend who had climbed the rock lastForest Service protocol agreed upon. summer to witness a sunset in the White Mountains. What was the result of the agreements that came Below is another picture, this one of the land whoseout of these negotiations? shades and contours the watcher is absorbing. The Quoting from a letter written by Chad Hansen, scene is deeply shadowed around long streaks ofmember of National Board of Directors of Sierra momentary light. The same process of translation isClub: “We may be victims of our own success here. occurring, but now in a mind only too well aware ofDue to the pressure that all of the folks working on the accidental and transitory character of naturalthis have brought to bear on the Forest Service, the beauty, and conscious of its importance to the heart.scope and scale of the project has been reduced by In maturity every witness understands that a sceneprobably over 80%. Ironically, this hinders our in nature is characterized as much by unpredictableability to sue them.” variables as it is by its physical composition. Light is Are folks satisfied with this result of the Manter capricious, its quality dependent upon any numberAppeal compromise? Ara Marderosian wrote, “I of situations. Time of day is ordered, but weather iswould prefer that the dead and live trees remain in not, nor, in these days, is the condition of the air. Norplace because all branches and needles, live or dead, do we know what wild creatures might be there, orcollectively add up to the canopy which provides whether they will be moving or stationary, or ifprotection from predators above, shade from early stationary, how long. Furthermore, sound, or thesnow melt, resistance to winds blowing through the absence of it, is profoundly involved in total ex-forest and drying the forest, as well as the increase in perience, as are all the senses and our receptiveness tosoil compaction and sediment in the streams, and them. So it is only accidentally that we enter thosedamage to the naturally occurring sprouts that would moments in nature which are of such exquisitereplace the burned trees.” quality that they become fixed in memory, to recur Here is another example of effort, expertise and through a lifetime by deliberate referral, or byperseverance helping to protect our natural environ- surprise when we are thinking of something else.ment. Can you see in this report an opportunity that Such a beautiful confluence of circumstancesfits your ability to help? Contact Ara Marderosian occurred for me one afternoon last October at thefor further information: 760.376.4434. or 866.533. rim of a vast canyon in Bryce National Park as I7873. Web site is waited, hoping, for more than ordinary light. It came while I was reading, and when I looked up and out I MIDGEBUZZINGS saw it, not falling upon those haunted shapes to The summer I turned thirteen my family built a illuminate them as one would expect, but seeming tohome in a beautiful place five miles or so outside the radiate from them as if generated outwards from thelittle town of Chico. Across the street behind a center of a mystery too intense even for approach.density of foliage Chico Creek rushed icy cold to fill Nevertheless, I raised my camera and opened thethe reservoir at Five Mile Dam; and at the back of shutter, an act that seemed almost a sacrilege. Andour land, beyond a low rise, was a full horizon of film, being neutral, records.butte mountains. A picture does not express experience so much as The transition from childhood to adolescence can it attests to it. But that testament is witness, too, andbe swift and immense. In my case it was made even thus a spring to memory and an invitation to return.more poignant by separation from old friends, and By Ann Williamsby the coincidence of this landscape, so gorgeous asto be almost painful. In a corner of the back fence Ibuilt a board seat where I often spent time just
  5. 5. THE CONDOR FLYER 5 KernKaweah GROUP NEWS Kern Kaweah Chapter Ex-Com usually meets Saturday afternoons once a month, Beale Library, Bakersfield, 12 noon. Call to make sure of place and time. Paul Gipe, Chair. 661.324.1923Buena Vista Group Kaweah GroupMeets at Bakersfield, Beale Library Meets in Porterville. Interested in hikes? Other ac-For further information call Glenn Shellcross, Chair tivities? Call661.832.3382. email: GSHELLCROSS@bak. Theresa Stump, Chair. y y coming events y y Mineral King GroupJan 22 (tues ) 7–9 PM . Straw Bale Construction. Meets in VisaliaBeale Library, 701 Truxtun Ave., Bksf. For further information call Harold Wood, Chair.Feb 23 (sat) 1st Annual Banquet Program: Alison 559.739.8527 email:harold.wood@sierraclub.orgSheehey, “A Look at Wildlife in Kern County.”Installation of Officers. At Hodels, 5917 Knudsen y y coming events y yDr. 6:13 PM . “Attitude Adjustment.” 7 PM Buffet In Visalia;Dinner. $15.80 (includes tax, tip). RSVP by Feb. Feb 7 (thur) Dinner social at Keo Thip Thai1st. Send check to Karen Smith, 10404 Sunset Dr., Mar 7 (thur) Dinner social at Los PortalesBksf., 93311. More info? 664-5808 or 833-3795 Reservations needed. RSVP by day prior to event. Hikes begin in March.Condor Group Group Ex Com meets 4th Monday monthly. All SC members welcome. Call (559) 739-8527 to attend.Meets at Pine Mountain Club Check Min. King Group Website for updates andFor further information call Ches Arthur, Chair, send in your address for regular updates:661.242.0423. email: or call phone number listed above. y y coming events y ySnow and freezing make events questionable. Pleasebe sure to call prior to event.Jan 12th (sat) Excursion to Red Rock Canyon State Owens Peak GroupPark . Full day trip. Sack lunch, water. Call Barbara Meets in Ridgecrestfor more info. 661-242-7024. For further information call Dennis Burge, ChairFeb 2nd (sat) Nordic Ski Patrol and more! 760.375.7967 email: dennis93555@yahooo.comSteve Smashey, active member, presenter. 6 PM,potluck. 7 PM program. Pool Pavilion Room, PMC y y coming events y yclubhouse. Jan 19th Malpais Mesa Hike. 7700 ft. Hunt for lostFeb 9th (sat) Tide Pool Tour. Down to the coast for petroglyphs. Snow alternative: Dome Mtn. Meet atday-trip to view inhabitants of the ocean rarely seen Ridgecrest Cinemas, 7 AM. More info? Call Dennis.unless there is low tide. Call Barbara for more info. Jan. 21st (mon) Kathleen Cox of the BLM will661-242-7024. speak about Searles Valley (Trona) mineral prod-Question Mark Hikes uction, environmental issues. Maturango Museum,SATURDAYS: Jan 26th,, Feb. 23rd. Destinations of 100 E. Las Flores, 7:30 PM .hikes are not announced. Will depend on weather Feb. 18th (mon) “A Birder Goes Traveling”:conditions. Please call if you are interested in Lloyd Brubaker of Kerncrest Audubon, who hasactivity on those dates. recently been to Antarctia and South Africa, willUSFS Study Group. January 14. Gas and oil speak. Maturango Museum, 100 E. Las Flores; 7:30development. January 31st. 4 Forest Management PM . Call Jeanie for more info. 375-8973.Plan. Public input meetings. Place and exact time on Feb 23 (sat) Mayan Peak (top of Kelso Valley)reverse side. More info? Call 242-0432. 6108 ft. Meet at Ridgecrest Cinemas. 7 AM. More info? Call Jim at (760) 375-8161.
  6. 6. 6 THE ROADRUNNER Your quicky calendar January FebruarySat 12 Red Rock Canyon - see Condor Group Sat 2 Nordic Ski Patrol program - see Condor GroupSat 19 Malpais Mesa Hike - see Owens Peak Gp Thurs 7 Meal at Keo Thip Thai - see Min. King GpSat 19 Chapt. Excom. Beale Library, Bksf. Noon. Sat 9 Tide Pool - see Condor GpMon 21 BLM’s Cox: Trona mineral production - see Mon 18 Bird program - see Owens Peak Gp Owens Peak Gp Sat 23 Banquet - see Buena Vista GroupTues 22 Straw Bale Construction - see p. 1 Sat 23 Mayan Peak - see Owens Peak GroupEvery Thursday. Condition Hike. 4-5 miles. Bksf. 7PM . Corner of 178 & 184. Details? 661.872.2432 POTPOURRI OF EXTRAS, CONTINUING EVENTS AND POTENTIAL INTEREST JANUARY FEBRUARYSun 13 Southern Regional Conservation Comm. Mtg Ski Trips- LA (9 AM) 3435 Wilshire 213.387.4287 1-3 (fri-sun) Cross Counry Ski Tour1. Mon 14 USFS Gas and Oil Los Padres hearing. 16-18 (sat-mon) Ski BackpackChuchupate Rg. Station. 6-8:30 PM . 2. Tues 15 BLM Both in Sequoia Monument. Limit 8. Call Gary/in Bksf. 3-5 PM . Presentation, public input. Paulette Landers for details/reservations 714.529.Sat 19 Workday at Wind Wolves.661.858.1115 8154Thurs 31 USFS workshop on 4 Forest Plan. Frazier Fri-Sun 15-17 - Duck Days. Sacramento area. PeakPark Comm. Center. 6-9 PM . bird migration time. Tours, hikes +. 800 425-5001*********************************** BUENA VISTA GRP NEW EX-COM ELECTED CALIFORNIA/NEVADA REGIONAL Congratulations to all the persons elected to this Ex- CONSERVATION COMMITTEE Mtg. LA Com. Serving on the board will be Mary Helen Discussion will include ballot issues and candidate Barro, Shannon Kelly, Karen Page, Alison Sheehey,endorsements coming up in March. This group has Glenn Shellcross, Karen Smith, Kevin Smith, Shelleya vital part in making decisions concerning policy of Stone, and Elaine White. This new Ex-Com is theSierra Club California. Mtg time: 9 AM 3435 Wil- group that will be responsible for making decisionsshire 213.387.4287. Other related mtgs: State Mtg. as to program, etc. for group.Mar. 9-10 Convention June 8th-9th. Both at SanLuis Obispo. All Club members welcome. TABLING (manning a booth at a public affair) is MINERAL KING GROUP INVOLVED IN a grand way to inform the general public about the PROTESTING PROPOSED SAND AND Sierra Club. This fall found Shelly Stone, Larry GRAVEL OPERATION Wailes and son, Monte Harper, Diane Rezavy and Art and Lorraine Unger doing just that at the Neigh- The company Pacific Materials has filed an appli- borhood Festival at Martin Luther King Park and thecation for a 137-acre pit mine to excavate sand and Combined Federal Campaign Fun Day in Yokutsgravel to a depth of 40 feet from a 496-acre site Park. A good way to help spread the word!about 1 mile north of Lemoncove. The site is adja-cent to the Kaweah River and is presently pastureused for livestock grazing. Groundwater occurs justthree feet below the ground surface. After an extended illness, Bette Goodrich passed The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service submitted a away Saturday, Nov 24th, 2001. Bette was an activeletter outlining concerns including the endangered leader of National Outings and served as Chair ofkit fox. The DEIR states that it is improbable that the the Wilderness Threshold from about 1987 untilkit fox are present in the area, but the Service has about 1999. She was one of the founders of and firstinformation of several kit fox sightings within a small Chair of the Owens Peak Group. She received theradius of the project site. In addition to potential Kern-Kaweah Chapter’s Susan Miller Award. Afterhabitat loss of kit fox, the possible effects of noise moving to Mammoth Lakes, she became an activeand lighting on the fox are of concern. The Planning member of the Toiyabe Chapter and was one of theCommission will decide at its meeting on January 16 founders of the Range of Light Group in thatwhether to reject the DEIR and/or the project or to chapter. She will be remembered with great affectiondirect that a final EIR be prepared for certification. and appreciation for all her efforts for the goals ofMineral King is watching this proposal carefully. the Sierra Club.*********************************** Start the New Year off in grand style
  7. 7. THE ROADRUNNER 7Volunteer. "Take Action" Numbers...Call! Write! FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NUMBERS: You have read many times in the past issues of the White House Comment Line: 202.456.1111Roadrunner about the effective work of Sierra Club e-mail : address:1600members whose passion for protecting the natural Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500environment drives them to devote much time to Senator Barbara Boxer, 312 N Spring St. Suitestudy, writing, making public appearances and de- 1748, LA 90012. 1.213.894.5000 email: senator@veloping occasions for educating and alerting the boxer.senate.govgeneral public and officials as to proposed actions Senator Diane Feinstein, 11111 Santa Monica Blvd.,that would be detrimental and expressing our oppo- Suite 915, LA 90025 . 1. 310.914.7300 email:sition accompanied by constructive criticism. Dir. Gale Norton, U.S. Department of the Interior, Please join them. Uncertain how to start? What to 1849 C Street, NW, Washington, DC 20240 See pg 3 of this issue. Check past Roadrunners. 208.3100. Email: www.doi.govCheck Sierra Club online. Clip out "Take Action" Dir.Ann Venneman. U.S. Dept of Ag, Dale Bosworth,box and keep it handy for use when needed. Talk to US Forest Service, 14th & Independence Ave. SW,other members. Washington, D.C.20250. You will soon relish the learning opportunities, the 1.202.720.2791satisfaction and comradeship of others who share the CALIFORNIA NUMBERS:similar views. Enjoy! Gov.Davis: email: 1-916-445-2841 EX-COM CANDIDATES FOR 2002 Calif. Legislative Switchboard (receptionist will helpPaul Gipe has served on the ExCom, is currently Chapter you contact your Senator and/or Assembly memberChair, and has worked on energy-related environmental issues if you are unsure): 1-916-322-9900for almost three decades.Mary Ann Lockhart has served as Condor Group Chair and BALLOT FOR CONDOR GROUPon KK Chapter Ex-com; presently is Editor of Roadrunner. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, 2002Art Unger Arthur Unger has held chapter offices and received All Sierra Club Members in the area of Pine Mountainawards. He thanks you for donating your time to our chapter Club, Frazier Park, Lebec and Gorman are eligible to vote.and thus to the earth. Contact any chapter officer or Art or 661 323-5569 to help you VOTE FOR NINE:become more active.Glenn Shellcross Served as Chair of the KK Chapter, now VOTER 1 VOTER 2Vice-Chair. Chair of Buena Vista Group. ____Ches Arthur ____ ____Fay Benbrook ____ BALLOT FOR KERN-KAWEAH CHAPTER ____Marta Bigler ____ EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. 2002 ____Dale Chitwood ____ ____Bernard Cordes ____All Sierra Club Members in this Chapter are eligible ____Erica Cordes ____to vote. Dave Grant ____Voter 1 ____ Barbara Kelley ____VOTE FOR FOUR ____ Katherine King _______Paul Gipe____Mary Ann Lockhart ___Glenn ____ Harry Nelson ____Shellcross____Art Unger ____ Gita Nelson ________Write in______________________________ ____ Candy Posson ____ ____ Jean Rustvold ____Voter 2 ____ Rusty Rustvold ____VOTE FOR FOUR ____ Dayne Yancy _______Paul Gipe____Mary Ann Lockhart____Glenn ____ Tom Yancy ____Shellcross____Art Unger ___________Write In _______________Write in______________________________ Place voter(s) signature(s) on outside of envelope.Place voter(s) signature(s) on outside of envelope. Send to Lockhart, Att. BALLOT. PO GG, FrazierSend to Kern Kaweah Chapter. Att: Ballot, PO 3357. Park, CA, 93222 or bring to Feb 2nd mtg. whereBallots must be received by January 31, 2002. results will be announced.Please cut out list below and keep handy
  8. 8. 8 THE ROADRUNNER cccccccccccccccccc Cut up the Roadrunner? Never heard of this before? Why should you do it? so you can... Vote (p. 7) Volunteer (pp. 3/7) Take advantage of the new "quick look" sheet to find out easily who is doing what, when and where! (pp. 5&6) cccccccccccccccccc Roadrunner Information LAST MINUTE ADDITIONS OF INTEREST General Publication Information Congratulations: The National Sierra Club Board of Deadline: Feb 5th, 2002 Directors’ minutes of Nov. 16-18, 2001 show Joe for March-April issue Fontaine as one of the new honorary Vice Presidents of the Club. What an honor for our “home boy.” Great News: 1,540 acres of private land known as Web questions? the Dillonwood Grove and filled with second-growth sequoias has now become part of Sequoia National Want to contact Roadrunner? Park. Combining these trees with those in the adjoin- email: ing Park we come up with this Grove becoming one of the five largest in the world! How did it happen? or reg mail: Editor, Roadrunner, The family owning the land did not sell into other PO GG, Frazier Park, CA 93222. private hands and Save-The-Redwoods League and Silicon Valley Foundations provided the $$$ to make it possible. Wow! ****Want to sign up to receive ALERTS?**** Send to Mineral King Folks: If you live in Tulare or King WE NEED MORE OF YOU! Counties you are invited to submit your e-mail address for updates of activities that have not ap-Very extra special thanks to the mailing, Michelle Hoffmann peared in the Roadrunner. Please include your name, and Ann Williams, for working on this issue during the street address and telephone number to harold.wood holidays in order to get it to you on promptly in the New Year of 2002.