January-Febrary 2003 Roadrunner Newsletter, Kern-Kaweah Sierrra Club


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January-Febrary 2003 Roadrunner Newsletter, Kern-Kaweah Sierrra Club

  1. 1. The Roadrunner Bimonthly Publication of the Kern-Kaweah Chapter of the Sierra Club — Jan./Feb. 2003 TEJON INDUSTRIAL Air Quality: Both Los Angeles and Kern Counties COMPLEX DEVELOPMENT have severe air pollution and traffic problems. These types of development of the Tejon Ranch will in- HEARING TUES. JAN 21. crease traffic, pollution and dust levels in these WE NEED YOU TO BE THERE; already-impacted areas, resulting in increased health YOU NEED TO KNOW WHY! risks in children and adults and more congestion onTejon Ranch Corporation controls the largest con- local and regional road systems.tiguous landholding in the state. It is a biological Destruction of Protected Farmland: Tejon Ranchwonderland that one Tejon Ranch representative de- contains 245,000 acres of grazing land and 24,000scribed in a public meeting as becoming the future acres of prime cropland. Portions of the TIC East sitesite for 100,000 homes. This is a “vision” that needs are currently under Williamson Act contract, whichto be brought to the full attention of the public and means that owners have received compensation inand particularly of the five supervisors who will exchange for keeping the land in farming. Thismake the final decision on the Tejon industrial farmland cannot be replaced, and its pavingcomplex. represents an irreversible loss to California’s $27What has already been done by Tejon? Those fa- billion farm economy.miliar with the south end of our valley know that in Threats to Endangered Wildlife: Tejon Ranch isthe past years Tejon Ranch Corporation has spon- home to dozens of declining and endangered speciessored the construction of a single standing motel, a such as the San Joaquin kit fox, the California con-commercial center with fast food places plus ware- dor and the blunt-nosed leopard lizard, and provideshousing facilities, and yet another motel. an important habitat linkage between the SierraNow they have officially proposed further develop- Nevada and Transverse Ranges. Therefore, wement on the opposite, east side of I-5. strongly support the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’sBesides the usual commercial enterprises, this de- call for the preparation of a conservation plan priorvelopment could possibly include more industrial to the adoption of any general plan amendments oncompanies such as automobile manufacture, phar- the Ranch.maceutical production, and chemical storage. OUR DECISION MAKING SUPERVISORSIt would be triple the size of the west side develop- NEED TO KNOW OUR VIEWS.ment. LETS ASSURE THAT HAPPENS.It also important to know that Tejon has also pro- Contact your supervisor as soon as possible, beingposed a 23,000 home development just twenty miles ready to express the above as well as other concernsfurther south, in Los Angeles County near the you may have.intersection of I-5 and 138. Use the telephone, write letters directly to the super-Common wide-spread opinions held by environmen- visors and to your local newspapers. Get your othertalists on this proposal are as follows: influential folks to do the same. Contact:Piecemeal: Adding one project after another without Jon McQuiston, District 1 Steve Perez, District 2addressing related effects is known as Piecemeal De- Barbara Patrick, District 3 Ray Watson, District 4velopment and that equals bad planning. One cannot Pete Parra , District 5assess the cumulative effect of a series of individualactions when there is no knowledge of the final pro- Address: 1115 Truxton Blvd. Bakersfield, 93301duct. None of these proposals should be considered Call: 1.800.552.5376 email: board@co.kern.ca.us.in the absence of a comprehensive analysis of the fax 661.868.3190ranch’s unique natural resources and a full disclo- Please write before January 21st. Better yet, try tosure of overall development plans. CEQA (California write before January 9th so your letter will beEnvironmental Quality Act) requires that Kern included in the packet given to each supervisor.County fully consider the cumulative impacts of all DO PLEASE TRY TO COME TO THE JANUARYthese developments. The FEIR (final environmental 21 MEETING. IT WILL BE AT KERN COUNTY’Simpact report) fails to do so. GENERAL OFFICES BLDG AT 1115 TRUXTON AVE IN BAKERSFIELD AT 2 PM.
  2. 2. 2 THE ROADRUNNERKern County’s Planning Commission already gave mini-response from the administration. But it did gettheir approval, 4 to 1, at a Dec. 12th session that some response! So, throw our hands up and give up?incidentally featured 30 minutes allowed to 25 Never!speakers, later increased by 15 minutes. Few Future national topics. With Congress now, alas, inquestions were asked, with Commissioner Fitts Republican leadership hands again, it does not meanbeing the only nay vote, expressing her view that the end of the world. The majority number in thethe public had not had time to become fully aware Senate is just 1 at this writing. And in that body 60of the project. We dont want this to happen again. votes are required to pass a bill without a fillibuster. Topics such as oil drilling and lumbering on public LUCKY CALIFORNIA lands, watering down of environmental laws, reducing funding for basic research, and reducing LOOKING at 2002 opportunities for public input will come up againTaken from Legislative report written by Bill Magavern, and again.Senior Legislative Representative. So what to do???Compared to the rest of the country, we Californiansare lucky. Due to the actions of our state legislature, Keep up. Number 1 thing to do is keep informed.pressured by Sierra Club and others, we have Read your local newspapers, use the web to check in on the LA TIMES, which is doing an outstanding job Gas emission limits. We have an Air Resources on reporting on state-wide environmental concerns inBoard working on the first-ever limits on greenhouse particular.gas emissions from motor vehicles because ofpassage of Fran Pavley’s bill. Go on line to check the Sierra Club Home Page for the latest as well as a review of the past in regard State growth priorities. We have a new law estab- to environmental issues. As of this writing there is alishing state growth priorities that favor infill devel- good section on how to answer opinions of the non-opment and more compact suburban growth and informed, confused and over-zealous folks in regardsprotect the most valuable natural and agricultural to environmental questions. Lots of fun as well asresources. informative. Don’t forget, if you’re not online Public access to coast. We have a new law that yourself, try your nearest public library!requires the Coastal Conservancy to preserve oppor- Sign up for Art Unger’s hotline to get back-tunities for new public accessways along the coast. ground and calls for action on news affecting usToo often wealthy landowners resist allowing the locally.public to enjoy some of our finest beaches. Be ready to be determined and keep writing those Alternative energy. Power companies must now all-important letters and sending off those environ-buy 20% of their energy from renewable resources. mentally pushy postcards that come to us through Good appointees. We have some good people the mail and in the Sierra Magazine.appointed, finally, to the Forestry Board and the Fish Do it! Your efforts, with the efforts of others, doand Game Board. have power! Taking those simple, easy measures will Obviously we don’t have everything we worked help in preserving and protecting our natural en-for, but some bills that failed were very close calls, vironment giving us and our offspring the oppor-and then there were those which passed the legis- tunity to enjoy it—one of the main goals of thelature but were vetoed by Davis. Sierra Club. All these steps forward required pressure and sup- Red Rock Canyon State Parkport from the likes of you and me. We are using the Its really happening. Join in!power of the combined public voice which is vital toachieving these gains. The General Plan for the 1994 addition to the Park is FINALLY progressing. At least 11 enviros attendedON THE OTHER HAND ... the first public meeting, and it went pretty well. We Bush is going on his merry, sorry way. What can believe the really tough issues like mining and OHVwe do? use will crop up more in further meetings. Those will continue for a while, perhaps starting as early as Bush Pullbacks. First, remember that pressure January. As it is, one man stood up and said hefrom folks all over the country has forced pullbacks intends to do active mining within the Park. We’refrom some of his original stances. The uproar about looking into that. For more information, please callarsenic in the water caused a rethinking of policy. Oil Stan or Jeanie Haye at 760.375.8973.drilling in Alaska Wildlife Refuge was put on theback-burner for a little while at least. The uproar ofthe failure to attempt to reduce SUV emissions got a
  3. 3. THE ROADRUNNER 3 CALENDAR Feb 13th (thur) 6:30 PM Dessert/Coffee Social at Vintage Press Bar, 216 N. Willis, Visalia (MineralEveryone is welcome, Sierra Club members and non- King Gp)members, to join in any of the outdoor activities listedbelow. Requirements: persons participating be in condition, Feb 17th. (mon) 7:30 PM. Trip to Argentina andequipped appropriately for the activity, and prepared to sign a Chile, includes attempt up Aconcaqua. Presented bySierra Club release from liability. Unprepared for the Steve Smith. Maturango Mueseum. Ridgecrestprospective hike? The leader will have to ask the hiker not to (Owens Peak Gp.)participate. Good hiking shoes, plenty of water, are a must; Feb 22nd (sat) 7:30 AM. Eureka Dune ( 3497 ft,sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and jackets suggested. The leader 700 ft gain, 2.5 mi). Seemingly highest sand dune inhas full responsibility for the hike, and his/her directions the country. See unique grass and help to protect it.must be followed. Please inform the leader ahead of time thatyou are intending to participate. Feel free to consult with the Mar 16th (sun) CEQA workshop Opportunity toleader as to your fitness to go on the hike. gain insight into California Environmental QualityEvery Week Act. Presenter will be Brent Newell, lawyer who has done a greal deal of CEQA work with dairies inBakersfield. Conditioning Hikes: (thurs) 7 PM. 4-5 Kern. Noon to 4. May be a small charge to covermiles. Corner of highways 178 & 184. materials. Place with directions to be announced in661.872.2432 or 873.8107 (KK Chapt.) next edition of RR.Mineral King. Weekly walks discontinued until fur- April 5th (sat) Annual Awards Banquet for 2003 tother notice. be held at East Bakersfield Veterans Hall on RidgeJan 7th (tues) Beale Library. 7 PM. Ron Mackie, a Road, off Mt. Vernon Ave. Highlight of this tradi-longtime Sierra Club activist and former ranger in tional gathering will be an impersonation of JohnYosemite, will discuss his service and give a behind- Muir presented by Frank Heiling. Those that havethe-scenes look at National Park. (Buena Vista Gp) witnessed this performance declare it a winner.Jan 11th (sat) Kern Kaweah Chapter Ex-com. Dinner offers will be the same, both delicious:Visalia. Call Paul Gipe for directions and details. Lemon chicken and vegetarian lasagna. Cost: $15 perJan 12th (sun) Sierra Club Nevada Regional Con- person, includes pre-dinner drinks and tip. Socialservation Committee. Los Angeles Sierra Club office. hour will begin at 5:30 PM, dinner at 6:30. If you want to be an early bird, just mail your check toJan 16th (thur) Dinner Social at Mediterranean Harry Love, 13500 Powder River Ave., Bakersfield,Market & Restaurant, 2253 W. Caldwell, Visalia 93312. Deadline: March 25th. Please indicate your(Food 4 Less Shopping Center) (Mineral King Gp) full name, address, telephone and choice of meal.Jan 18th (sat) Jurassic Peak (Haiwee Ridge) (5952 ft, SEQUOIA NATIONAL FOREST DRAFT1000 ft gain, 4 mi RT) provides excellent views of ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENTwinterscape of the southern Sierra. Easy/moderate RELEASED. Get informed! Take Action!hike. Approach through Cactus Flat, mining artifacts.Meet 7:30 AM, Ridgecrest Cinema parking lot. Call Just as we were about to send the Roadrunner to the printerDennis 760.375.7967 or Jim 760.375.8161 for more Sequoia National Forest released its long awaited Draft Environmental Impact Statement for managing the Giantinfo. (Owens Peak Gp) Sequoia National Monument. The Sequoia Task Force hasJan 20th (mon) 7:30 PM Environmental monitoring not read the document yet.and restoration. Presented by rep from BLM The following quotes from Forest Service spokes-(probably Randy Masmer). Maturango Museum, persons will give you the flavor of what they wouldRidgecrest (Owens Peak Gp) like to do.Jan 25th (sat) Snow determines what happens. Call They propose logging up to 10 million board feet ofChes 661.242.0423 or Dale 661.242.1076 for timber each year in the Monument.details. (Condor Group) Logging would be more intensive in the MonumentJan 27th (mon) 7 PM Ex-Com Meeting. Call 739. than it would be in the surrounding National Forest.8527 to attend (Mineral King Gp) They might cut some Giant Sequoias if they are tooFeb 1st (sat) Ecopsychology: Nature and People. crowded.Sarah Edwards. 6 PM Potluck, 7 PM program. PMCClubhouse. (Condor Gp) Trees up to 30 inches in diameter could be cut.Feb 5th, (wed not tues) 7 PM. Beale Lib, Bksf. Ted A spokesman for the timber industry said "I think theJames Dir, Kern Planning Dept in charge of Kern Cty Forest Service is on target."land use processes. (Buena Vista Gp) All of this in spite of the language in the Procla-Feb 8th (sat) Kern Kaweah Chapt. Ex-com. Beale mation that says; “The forest needs restoration toLibrary. Noon. All Sierra Club members welcome. counteract the effects of a century of fire suppression
  4. 4. 4 THE ROADRUNNERand logging. *No portion of the Monument shall be Chapter Members Go Solarconsidered to be suited for timber production. Buying a fancy solar system more satisfying than*Removal of trees, except for personal use fuel buying a fancy car.wood, from within the Monument area may takeplace only for purposes of restoration, maintenance Two homes of Kern-Kaweah chapter membersor public safety. have recently gone solar. Taking advantage of at-The Sierra Club’s Sequoia Task Force believes the tractive state subsidies, Eva and Gordon Nipp andlanguage of the Proclamation clearly prohibits Mitch Bolt have each installed 2.5 kilowatts oflogging. Logging and fire suppression caused the photovoltaic cells on their homes. The subsidies, theproblem. most lucrative in the nation, cut the cost of theCarla Cloer says “the Forest Service has selected an $25,000 installations nearly in half.Alternative that would log and manipulate the The Nipps, longtime Bakersfield activists, boughtecosystems of the Monument far more than had the their home light plant from Dennis Long ofMonument never been created. Indeed, they are Unlimited Energy during the 2001 power crisis.promoting more logging and roadbuilding inside theMonument than will be allowed outside it, truly Now, after a full year of operation, they report thatchanging the intent of the Monument to benefit their the system of 25 panels and electronic inverterown desire to log.” generated 40% of their electricity.First: Remember: Not to be outdone, Bolt set out to eliminate hisThe Sierra Nevada forests provide much of the electric bill. Sharpe Solar installed his system in latedrinking water that Californians require. summer of 2002. During the weakening sunlight ofForests reduce global warming by absorbing carbon autumn, explains Bolt, the panels produced two-dioxide from the atmosphere. thirds of his electricity. The panels will produceThe Sierra Nevada forests are nearing the “point of more than he needs during the summer months.no return” as a result of over a century of logging. Both the Nipps and Bolt benefited from the solarThe Forest Service claims that logging improves for- buy-down program that was part of the statesest health and prevents catastrophic wild fires. disastrous experiment with utility deregulation. In Not true! addition to the direct subsidy, both homeownersResearch shows that “logging increases fire severity also qualify for a state tax credit.more than any other recent human activity.” Bolt, membership chair of the new Buena VistaOf course, it must be admitted that if you log all the Group, notes that the panels don’t detract from histrees, you won‘t have a forest fire. But you would house. In fact, they’re an attractive addition, he says.ultimately end up with a more deadly situation. The bright blue panels match the trim of his house.Logging and thinning Both power systems were installed professionally *removes the least flammable of the forest by local vendors who handled all the paperwork fuels, the tree trunks. *removes the forest with the utility and building officials. To qualify for canopy that keeps the forest moist and cool, the subsidies, the solar systems must meet building preventing desertification. *allows the sun to and electrical codes and receive a contract from the shine on the forest floor, creating surface winds in the forest, utility. Neither the Nipps nor Bolt encountered any problems with PG&E, though Gordon Nipp says he all of which increases fire danger. got a quizzical look from the county building The Sierra Club is aligning with other organi- inspector.zations to fight this destructive plan all the waythrough the court system if the Forest Service won’t Though the panels require no maintenance, bothlisten to reason and manage the Monument as the homeowners say that periodically hosing down theProclamation intended: for protection and perpetua- panels in dusty Bakersfield measurably improvestion of the Giant Sequoias and the entire ecosystem performance.of which they are a part. The Sequoia Task Force will Both the Nipps and Bolt are walking the talk. “It’sstudy the draft management plan carefully and will the right thing to do,” says Eva Nipp. “Some buy abe in touch with all Sierra Club members about whatcan be done. Call Joe Fontaine at 661.821.2055 if fancy car, but we bought a fancy solar system.”you would like to help in responding to the Draft. They are also setting an example. After the Nipps’Call Ara Marderosian at 760.378.4574 if you could panels went in, their neighbor installed a systemhelp protest proposed logging plans. twice the size!
  5. 5. THE ROADRUNNER 5Unfortunately, the future of the subsidy program in Chair, Chair, Treasurer, and held various other offices. Lastthe topsy-turvy politics of California is uncertain. year I took over the responsibilities of the position of Council Delegate. This group is an advisory body to theFunds for 2003 are available on a first-come, first- Club’s National Board of Directors and governance com-served basis. If youre considering solar, now’s not mittees on chapter and regional concerns. The position isthe time to hesitate. extremely interesting, because I act as a liaison and help withThe Nipps and Bolt welcome inquiries from club what we call “housekeeping” by working on policies, by- laws, and serving as a resource for the chapter and groups onmembers. “I keep a ladder there, if anyone wants to club services. With the recent change in our by-laws thesee the panels,” says Nipp. You can reach Eva and Council Delegate is now required to be on the Chapter Ex-Gordon Nipp at 661.872.2432 and Mitch Bolt at com.661.387.1351. Club Mourns Passing of Sally ReidElections Coming Up Everywhere. Meet The Sierra Club is mourning the recent death of your candidates here! Sally M. Reid, a member of the national Board of The Kern Kaweah Chapter will be holding its elec- Directors from 1984 to 1990 and vice president fromtions with deadline for turning in ballots January 1987 to 1989.31st. Ballots can be found on page 8. Sally was chair of the Angeles Chapter in the late 70s,Write-in candidates will be the only opposition to the as well as of the Southern California/Nevada Regionalpresent incumbents of the Chapter Ex-Com and the Conservation Committee. When the new Sierra ClubCondor Group Ex-Com. California state-wide entity was formed, one of theBeing an ex-com representative requires persons to group’s annual awards was named after her and herattend meetings, usually on a Saturday afternoon, husband Les.once every six weeks or so. Responsibilities include Sally, who was honored with the Club’s William E.discussing topics of concern in the areas of Tulare Colby Award in 1990 and the Walter E. Starr Awardand Kern County and making decisions as to actions in 1994, considered her role in enactment of theto be taken. Actions often relate to expenditures Condor Range and River Protection Act of 1992 herfrom the Chapter’s funds. greatest personal achievement. She also worked on To give the reader an insight as to whom they are the California Wilderness Act of 1984 and on theelecting, read on through the statements provided by campaign to save Alaskan public lands. In 1987, shethe candidates for your information: chaired the Sierra Clubs Hetch-Hetchy Restoration Task Force.Richard Garcia (Visalia): The Kern-Kaweah Chapterwas/is very supportive of our groups efforts to fight the A biology graduate of Stanford University, Reidlining of a free flowing channel with cement. This would taught in the Los Angeles City Unified Schoolhave destroyed beautiful mature willows as well as District for more than 20 years before retiring inpreventing water from reaching farmers. It feels as if it is my 1980. When she and her husband Les retired to Pineresponsibility to continue to support Chapter efforts for our Mountain Club in the Frazier Park area, they learnedgroup and others. they were now living in the Club’s Kern-KaweahHarry Love (Bakersfield): My role as an Ex-Com Chapter jurisdiction. They got involved locally,member is to represent the Club in public forums and to helping out as mentors for the new Condor Group.portray the Club as an organization of principles, making a Les and Sally made many friends in the Kern-positive statement for the good of the community. The Kaweah Chapter, who mourn her long illness andsecond role of a member is to be sure the social and final passing. Harold Woodrecreational needs of the members are met by the Chapter. WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT?Gordon Nipp (Bakersfield): I have decided to run againfor the Ex-Com because I think that my long-time activity Read onand experience in the Sierra Club can be valuable assets in Arthur Unger, one of the Sierra Club’s activistmaking the best conservation-oriented decisions in the current champs, went to a joint meeting of the Bakersfield-anti-environment climate. I have been a member of the Ex- County Land Planning Commissions. At this meetingCom for eighteen years, serving three years as Chapter Chair. these two groups were to discuss development ofI feel strongly that we must use every available tool to general plans for both areas.preserve the gains of the past from being devastated by the Gordon Nipp, another activist champ in this area,current administration. (read his candidate biography) spoke so succintly,Lorraine Unger (Bakersfield): I joined the Sierra Club movingly and determinedly that Arthur, who can be24 years ago. In 1982 we relocated to Bakersfield and I went rather cynical about these things, sat through thesearching for kindred souls. Before I could say no, I was on whole meeting, deeply inspired by what words werethe Executive Committee. Since then I have been Vice- said and how they were said.
  6. 6. 6 THE ROADRUNNER Quoting Gordon: “The major impacts which population on the east coast, and frantic road con-you’re being advised to accept as unavoidable are struction going on everywhere in hopeless attemptsincreased air pollution, increased traffic congestion, to keep up with it. I could talk about the decliningincreased noise, and more prime ag land conversion. quality of the forest in the Blueridge Mountains asWe understand that it’s difficult to deal with these hardwoods die out and exotic species invade. Orproblems, but this Plan doesn’t come close. It’s just domination by the Weyerhaeuser Lumber Companymore of the same. We think that there are some in the south and its effect on the quality and aes-progressive things that can be done, albeit not with- thetics of southern forests, along with the ubiquitousout some pain, that could help address these adverse kudzu choking old growth trees. Or I could dwell onimpacts and keep Bakersfield the livable community the demise of small communities as giant corpora-that it is now.” tions take over commerce and farming in a dreary Some of the solutions that Gordon presented to march across the country that has resulted in longthis group included a need for a plan for overall and seemingly endless miles of the same things overdevelopment in Northeast Bakersfield (not just react and over.to one developer’s proposal after another), control of On the other hand, I could tell stories of charminglight pollution, need for viewshed ordinance, control people speaking American English in varieties ofof OHV use in area, consideration of historic accents and shades of meaning, going out of theirelements, potential traffic modified by light rail and way to be helpful and kind. Gracious ladies inmore buses. Lexington, Virginia, saw us standing uncertainly on a Gordon finished his presentation saying: “You as corner and stopped to ask if they could help. Aleaders must make some difficult decisions. Don’t young man on the ferry from one outer bank islandaccept all these undesirable impacts as unavoidable. to another spoke rapturously of his fishing job andSend this Update back to the planners. Tell them to pointed out the most treacherous cross-currents thatcome up with alternatives for actually mitigating the have given that part of the eastern seaboard its repu-adverse impacts, alternatives that would give you and tation as a ship’s graveyard.our community a real choice and a real chance for On several other occasions people saw us poring overprogress.” maps and offered help. One gentleman left a hot Arthur Unger heard it. Gordon Nipp said it: “ T h e dinner to go out to his van and fetch a ferry sche-hope is that with enough repetition these notions will dule, which he insisted we keep. When a tire went badbecome mainstream, even in Kern County. Others in heavy rain, a young man in a service station said,need to push also.” “Shoot, it’s just a little old nail. You ladies stay inside and watch the weather report. I’ll have it fixed Need more be said to you, the readers? Others in a minute.” And he did, for under ten dollars.need to push also. Finally, my hosts, the young poets, were in every way MIDGEBUZZINGS more brilliant and loving than I had imagined.In a little over a month last fall I observed so many As we move together into the post-democratic era offacets of American life that I have been undecided American history, and come to understand the socialabout what to focus on this time. Shortly after the and environmental implications of a trans-worldembarrassment of riches in Monterey which I de- corporatocracy, we are not without comfort. Classicalscribed earlier, I was, briefly, thanks to the kindness literature, from the Greeks and Romans to the Oldof our captain, at the helm of a thirty-five foot and New Testaments and Shakespeare, through thetrawler on the Chesapeake Bay steering a course great Russians, especially Tolstoy, and on to suchthrough hundreds of crab pots and keeping an eye moderns as Orwell, Koestler and Arthur Miller,on the compass and the depth finder. makes us familiar with where we are and informs us of the transitory nature of all human power. What isFrom there, two of us drove a rented car across unfamiliar is how few places there are for emigratingeastern America from the Blueridge Mountains, and starting again, the earth being so far spent. Butthrough Cape Hatteras and the Outer Banks of North keep your trust in the young. In Venice I learnedCarolina, into the antebellum South, and finally to a that they are better read than I knew, that they under-mountain music festival in the Arkansas Ozarks. stand and, most importantly, that they care.Two weeks later I was among young poets in the Ann Williamsremarkable community of Venice, California, on anovernight visit with a favorite student from a par-ticularly shining class I enjoyed twenty years ago.From an environmental point of view I could discussthe condition of the Chesapeake Bay, the burgeoning
  7. 7. THE ROADRUNNER 7 KernKaweah Mineral King Group Meets in Visalia GROUP NEWS Need more info? Call Harold Wood, Chair. 559.739.8527 email: harold.wood@sierraclub.org Kern Kaweah Chapter Ex-Com usually meets Saturday afternoons once a month, Beale Library, Group Ex Com meets 4th Monday monthly. All SC Bakersfield, 12 noon. Call to make sure of place members welcome. Call 559.739.8527 to attend. and time. Paul Gipe, Chair. 661.324.1923 Check Min. King Group Website for updates and send in your address for regular updates:Buena Vista Group http://kernkaweah.sierraclub.org/mineralking Our evening meetings all around the town haveMeets at Bakersfield, Beale Library been a huge success. We soon will be able to write aMore info? call Elaine, 833.3795, Glenn at 832. restaurant guide. We are still celebrating our channel3382 successes and are working to help preserve theWant to help plan activities? Only a few extra hours beauty of entrance roads to Visalia.monthly. Call to volunteer. It’s fun. Want to join us? Want to help us plan all the Super speakers coming up. See calendar. Ted coming events of this group? Call Beverly Garcia,James is the man to meet. He deals with the Kern 559.592.9865 for more info. We would love to hearCounty Habitat Conservation Plan as well as the from you.Conunty Bakersfield General Plan. Owens Peak GroupCondor Group Meets in RidgecrestMeets at Pine Mountain Club Need more info? Call Dennis Burge, Chair 760.375.7967 email: dennis93555@yahooo.comNeed more info? call Ches Arthur, Chair, 661.242.0423. email: ches@frazmtn.com Very much on the minds of this group these days is Last Chance Canyon, attached to Red Rock CanyonA long awaited hike into one of the proposed State Park and development of the general plan forwilderness areas took hikers’ breath away—in more land annexed to Red Rock State Park some yearsthan one way. Going down, and we mean down, first ago. More meetings will be held in this new year andwarned us that going back was going to mean a lot of we hope that you can write if you cannot attend inpanting, but it was well worth it. The views off Robert person. Great winter hikes coming up too. Come joinScott Road were breath-taking literally. Steep us. Call Dennis for the latest, and do plan to help outcanyons, mountain meadows, thick woods. Great on this matter.contrast to the south facing slopes of the local mts.Kaweah Group Executive Committee 6 6 1 . 3 2 4 . 1 9 2 3 Paul Gipe, Chair; Vice Chair, Harry Love; Ara Marderosian,Meets in Porterville. Interested in hikes? Other ac- Secretary; Larry Wailes, treasurer; Lorraine Unger, Membershiptivities? Call Theresa Stump, Chair. 559.781.0594 Buena Vista Group (Bakersfield) 661.833.3795Kaweah Group in the Porterville-Lindsay Area Elaine White, Chair; Glenn Shellcross, Vice Chair; Kevin Smith, Secretary; Karen Smith, Treasurer.NEEDS YOU! Lots of jobs and offices both big and Condor Group (Pine Mtn Club, Frazier Park area)small are waiting to be filled by willing volunteers. 661.242.0423. Ches@frazmtn.comNo pay, but lots of fun, gratitude and satisfaction for Ches Arthur, Chair; Dale Chitwood, Vice-Chair. Candy Posson,helping to make the world a better place. ABSO- Secretary, Marta Bigler, Treas.LUTELY NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Contact Kaweah Group (Porterville) 559.781.0594Theresa at 559.781.0594. Theresa Stump, Chair; Dianne Jetter, Vice Chair; Boyd Leavitt, Treasurer. Mineral King (Visalia) 559.739.8527 Harold Wood, TEJON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: Chair; Mary Moy, Vice-Chair; Cynthia Koval, Secretary; JanetNeed latest or more information? Contact Lockhart Wood,Treasurer.at jmal@frazmtn. com or 661.242.0432. Owens Peak Group (Ridgecrest) 760.375.7967 Dennis Burge, Chair; Steve Smith, Vice-Chair; Jean Bennett, Secretary; Dolph Amster, Treasurer.
  8. 8. 8 THE ROADRUNNER √ Take Action Now Ballot For Condor Group Executive Committee, Call, Write! and vote, vote , vote! A ll Sierra Club Members in the area of Pine Mountain Club, Frazier Park, Lebec and Gorman are eligible to vote.Federal government numbers:President: White House Comment Line: 202.456.1111 2003 2003George W. Bush’s e-mail - president@whitehouse.gov VOTE FOR NINE:Address - 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500US Capitol Switchboard - 202-224-3121. VOTER 1 VOTER 2Sen Barbara Boxer: Sen Diane Feinstein: Common address: 1130O Street, Ste 2446 Fresno, CA 93721 ____ Ches Arthur ____Boxer phone: 559.497.5109 - Fax 559.497.5111 ____ Fay Benbrook ____Feinstein phone: 559.485.7430 - Fax 202.228.3954 ____ Marta Bigler ____California government numbers: ____ Dale Chitwood ____Gov. Davis: 916.445-2841 ____ Bernard Cordes ____Calif. Legislative Switchboard (receptionist will help you ID ____ Erica Cordes ____your Senator and Assembly member if you are unsure): 9 1 6 - Dave Grant ____322-9900. ____ Katherine King ____ Want to sign up to receive Alerts? ____ Harry Nelson ____ WE NEED MORE OF YOU! ____ Gita Nelson ____ e-mail: alunger@juno.com or ____ Jean Rustvold ____ regular mail: Unger, 2815 La Cresta Dr, Bksfld, CA 93305 ____ Rusty Rustvold ____ ____ Dayne Yancy ____Want to get Chapter news on the web the easy way? ____ Tom Yancy ____ Just go to Google (bookmark it) __________ Write In ___________ Type in Sierra Club Home Page Place voter signature(s) on outside of envelope. Pause to look over national news, actions Send to Lockhart, Att. BALLOT. P.O. Box GG, Look for place Frazier Park, CA, 93222 or bring to Feb 1st mtg. Look for Chapters where results will be announced. Find Kern-Kaweah and there you are!Access to our local affairs thru the Roadrunner and theCondor Flyer (under Condor Group) and extra general andlate-breaking items will be there at your fingertips. OUR GIFT GIVING POSSIBILITIES Check out the Charitable Gift Annuity offered bySierra Club. You provide funds for Sierra Clubactivities AND income for yourselves. Contact JohnCalaway, Director of Gift Planning, 85 Second Street,San Francisco, CA 94105. Call 415.977.5639. E-mail: planned.giving@sierraclub.org. Please Vote:BALLOT FOR KERN-KAWEAH CHAPTEREXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. 2002Voter 1 VOTE FOR FOUR ____ Richard Garcia____Gordon Nipp____Harry Love _____LorraineUnger Write in____________________________Voter 2 VOTE FOR FOUR ____ Richard Garcia____Gordon Nipp____Harry Love _____LorraineUnger Write in____________________________Place voter signature(s) on outside of envelope. Sendto Kern Kaweah Chapter. Att: Ballot, PO 3357.Ballots must be received by January 31, 2002.