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William blake


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Not much to say lawl.

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William blake

  1. 1. WILLIAM BLAKE By Mackenzie Rhead
  2. 2. ROMANTIC PERIOD Late 1700‟s- Early 1800‟sA time for creative minds and expression of emotion.The Romantic period expressed: Individuality Deep love of nature Biblical (religious) ideasAmerican Revolution 1776French Revolution 1789
  3. 3. WILLIAM BLAKE Artistic views and powerful imagination Romantic author and artist Abolitionist During his early years, he‟s focused on his drawings. He began writing poems when he was an engraver. Critics labeled him „insane‟ and a „satanist
  4. 4. WILLIAM BLAKE TIMELINE Born in London, England November 28, 1757 At the age of 14 he got a job as an engraver‟s apprentice. His art style came from the Gothic Churches (Westminster Abbey) October 8, 1779 Blake became a student at the Royal Art Academy
  5. 5. WILLIAM BLAKE TIMELINE CONT. Marries Catherine Boucher August 18, 1782 He continued to engrave as a living. 1800 taught himself Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and Italian.
  6. 6. WILLIAM BLAKE TIMELINE CONT. In1818, Blake became more recognized when he met John Linnell. Was accepted into a group “Shoreham Ancients”.
  7. 7. WILLIAM BLAKE‟S TIMELINE CONT. 1825, He was commissioned to illustrate Dante’s Divine Comedy He finished 7 of the engravings He died August 12, 1827
  8. 8. INFLUENCED Some of Blake‟s works were said to be early children‟s literature He created relief-sketching His art style inspired a lot of graphic novels and comic books (Alan Moore)
  9. 9. IMPORTANT WORKS “Poetical Sketches” 1769-1777 “Songs of Innocence” 1789 “Songs of Experience” 1794
  10. 10. “A POISON TREE” I was angry with my friend: I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my foe: I told it not, my wrath did grow. And I waterd it in fears Night & morning with my tears; And I sunned it with smiles, And with soft deceitful wiles. And it grew both day and night, Till it bore an apple bright. And my foe beheld it shine, And he knew that it was mine, And into my garden stole When the night had veiled the pole; In the morning glad I see My foe outstretchd beneath the tree. William Blake
  11. 11. IMPORTANT WORKS CONT. Bible Illustrations:
  12. 12. IMPORTANT WORKS CONT. “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”1790-1793 “Jerusalem” 1804-1820
  13. 13. CITATIONS I‟ll get to them in a minute…