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music video presentation

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  1. 1. What makes a good music video?
  2. 2. There are different types of music videos  Performance – shows a performance of a an artist within the video, for example performing on stage.  Narrative – the video of the song tells a story in some way – will most likely link to the lyrics.  Concept – concept videos tend to be based around one particular idea. There are 2 types of concept videos  Thematic –tends to have a lot of common themes within the videos, depending on the genre of music. e.g. fast paced songs would tend to have action  Symbolic – Lots of symbols will be used to create a meaning. Also, lighting is used to reflect the mood within the video. It is generally fast paced and contains a montage of images.
  3. 3. Examples 0B66E5&index=16 Bruno Mars – Grenade Based on narrative – tells story through the lyrics. -7EHqig2fiZRyBtLq8jde John Newman – love me again Based on Performance – Character is the main focus of the clip. The Game – My life Symbolic – use of graveyard portrays death.
  4. 4.  What makes a good music video?  Using animation will help to enhance the video in general and the use of special effects will make it stand out in comparison to others.  Listening to the song over and over to get the vibe of the song which will help you to think of a video that will relate to the lyrics.  Making sure it includes either: performance, narrative or concept.  A clever idea witch will intrigue the people who watch the music videos and keep them entertained throughout.