Sharesy: Creating a launch strategy for a new social game


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The Brief:
Create a launch approach for a new social game to impact a crowded games market.

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  • “Remind me to tell you how to double your coins next time you pop by for a chat”
  • Sharesy: Creating a launch strategy for a new social game

    1. 1. Sharesy Social Launch approach
    2. 2. Overview  What do we want to achieve?  The research bit  The insight bit  The strategy  How we bring it to life  Summary of approach
    3. 3. What do we want to achieve? 3
    4. 4. Your brief Create a launch approach to show how Sharesy can shake up and make an impact in a crowded game and gambling market – e.g. impact Jackpot Joy dominance
    5. 5. The social objective Drive awareness of Sharesy across social channels and encourage people to play the Sharesy game
    6. 6. What is Sharesy?  Sharesy is a new slots based game aimed at the Bingo market that allows users to play in teams and share their winnings with friends.  An informal, friendly, approachable, fun and light hearted, entertaining environment.  Users can get 100 coins free to use on slots (£5 value) when they join
    7. 7. Who is the target market? Females aged 24-40 - women that are homebound and use games as a release with winning being important as well as meeting people and the community aspect
    8. 8. What are the challenges for social? Unbranded product Crowded marketplace No existing fanbase Zero awareness No online presence Gambling regulations
    9. 9. The research bit
    10. 10. What are competitors doing? • • • Owned by Bash Gaming • Facebook and Mobile Facebook: • 190k fans • Reward post engagement with coins Forums: • Used to drive traffic and promote game offers Jackpot Joy Bingo Bash Bingo Lanes Owned by Gamesys Facebook and mobile Facebook: • 4.3m fans • Promote offers and site features and run competitions on posts Twitter: • 501 followers • Promotes offer, RTs advocates, Customer service Forums: • Fans use forums to find and add each other • BB awards credits for engagement • The only site to appear on page 1 of Google when searching for Bingo or Slots Facebook: • 1.1m fans • Rewards points for engagement • Host competitions within posts Twitter: • 4.2k followers • Promote winners, TV ad, events, competitions and RT advocates YouTube: • 478 subscribers • 253k views since 2006 • Negative comments No moderation, responses or conversation with fans by Jackpot Joy or Bingo Lanes on Facebook
    11. 11. What are people saying about them? Don’t want to pay/want to win when they do Look for ‘friends’ on Facebook to help them win Like frequent free bonuses and offers
    12. 12. The insight bit
    13. 13. 3 Key insights 1. Most players use the game’s Facebook page to talk about the game 2. Players use Facebook to connect with each other, talk about the frequency they play and their generosity 3. Driven by free offers but don’t mind paying if it means they win more
    14. 14. What this means  We need to attract influential Facebook users who are well-connect and engaged with the social gaming community  We need to provide an easy way for users to connect and help each other progress through the game  We need to supply frequent rewards
    15. 15. The strategy
    16. 16. An insight-led approach Facilitate player-toplayer connections Reward participation 2 3 Introduce Engage Evangelise Inspire influencers within our target audience to visit Sharesy Make it easy for players to invite friends, find new friends and create winning teams Build advocates by rewarding players who invest time in the game Attract influential users 1 Build an engaged Facebook fanbase
    17. 17. How do we bring this to life? 17
    18. 18. Inspiring key influencers We post influencers a package of coins, keys and tickets. All have codes on them to unlock free gifts and currency on Sharesy and give to their friends as gifts. Also supported by sending virtual gift packages via Facebook advertising and partnerships Introduce Engage
    19. 19. Facilitating player-to-player connections We introduce a Tinder/Klout style in-app function that allows users to add each other as friends We award users a status based on their wins and social currency Players can pick their friends and teams based on their status and new users can cut deals with high influencers to buy into better teams Engage Evangelise
    20. 20. Rewarding participation We hero players with the highest wins each week across the app, website and Facebook page We also award the highest scoring teams The most active users receive verified account status Engage Evangelise
    21. 21. Always on engagement We brand the game with clever characters that help players progress faster and act as community hosts within the chat rooms. Players buy into chat rooms with coins to speak to their chosen character: • The Top Dog: Provides tips for how to win • The Wise Owl: Recommends players to help you advance with • The Cat: A schemer who reveals hacks and cheats • Players can pay the cat to sit beside them during a game and guide them to success We utilise the characters on the Facebook page to communicate the friendshipbased approach the game Introduce Evangelise Build an Engaged Facebook Fanbase
    22. 22. An insight-led approach Facilitate player-toplayer connections Reward participation 2 3 Introduce Engage Evangelise Inspire influencers through targeted gift and offer package In-app friend-add function, team selector tool, new player buy-in Hero highest scoring players, reward winning teams, award verified status for frequency Attract influential users 1 Build an engaged Facebook fanbase Character-led engagement
    23. 23. Thank you 23