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Web parts developement


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Kentico CMS offers you great possibilities of extending the set of existing features and thus enhancing the functionality delivered to the website visitors and CMS users. One of the most powerful elements of the Kentico CMS are web parts. Web parts are controls adding unique functionality to your website. You can develop custom web parts delivering the functionality you need. The session will present you with all the considerations of the web part development process. You will see how to create a web part from scratch and how to use it with Kentico CMS afterwards.

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Web parts developement

  1. 1. Kentico CMS Web parts development Karol Jarkovsky ( Consultant, Kentico Software s.r.o.
  2. 2. Motivation 1/8
  3. 3. Agenda 2/8 Web parts Life Cycle Web parts Architecture Web parts Development Web parts Future
  4. 4. Web parts Life Cycle 3/8 OnContentLoaded Init Init Load Load PreRender PreRender
  5. 5. Web parts Life Cycle 4/8 CMSPortalManager .CMSPortalManager_Init() CMSPortalManager .LoadContent() CMSPagePlaceholder .LoadContent() CMSAbstractLayout .LoadContent() CMSWebPartZone .LoadWebPartsContent() CMSAbstractWebPart .LoadContent()
  6. 6. CMSAbstractWebPart class Web parts Architecture 5/8 Properties bool RenderEnvelope object RelatedData CMSWebPartZone ParentZone bool StandAlone bool StopProcessing string NotResolveProperties string SQLProperties ViewModeEnum ViewMode string CacheItemName string CacheDependencies bool IsWidget Methods GetValue()/SetValue() ClearCache() ReloadData() ReloadConsumers() GetCacheDependency()
  7. 7. Web parts Development 6/8
  8. 8. Web parts Future 7/8 • New base class CMSAbstractLayoutWebPart • Advanced layout as web part • Saves development time Layout web parts • New section in CMS Desk-> My Desk and Site Manager-> Dashboard • Personalized content • Widget support Dashboard • Allows developers define template as ASPX • Allows editors to further enhance template from CMS Desk-> Design tab Portal Engine for ASPX templates
  9. 9. Questions 8/8
  10. 10. Questions