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Web Experience Management (WEM) is one of the newest buzzwords in the WCM field. Traditional Web Content Management is shifting to more marketing oriented platforms. As customers become the focal point instead of content, a new holistic approach is required to achieve the best customer experience on your website. The kind of experience that will build a closer connection with your visitors and allow you to convert more of them to clients. You will see what trends we find important and how Kentico plans to tackle them. Trends in CMS space.

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  • Hello everybody, welcome to the second day of the Kentico Connection Conference.

    In this session, I’d like to talk about CMS Trends as we see them.

    I talked about Web Engagement Management in my opening keynote and in fact, most of this session is about providing more details about WEM and how Kentico supports it or will support it in version 6.0.
  • Most websites communicate with visitors only in one way and they deliver the same message to all people. They don’t provide any possibility for clients to interact with website and communicate with the company.
  • However, today’s customers are more and more demanding. They are used to communicate through facebook and twitter, they want to access your website through mobile devices, they want to shop on-line and they want more a personal approach and an option to talk to a real person. And the challenge for today’s companies is to manage the communication with the client across all these channels, in real time.

    For example they want to make sure they get the message from the client who complains about their product on twitter and that they are able to address it appropriately and in real time, not after one week when they get an approval from their PR department how to respond.

  • … and if you think about this, it’s clear that your website plays an important role in the new marketing. Your website should help you engage with your audience and provide them with what they’re looking for.

    X interruption marketing
  • According to Brice Dunwoodie from CMS Wire, the Web Engagement Management stands on these 5 pillars.

    The first pillar is content optimization. You need to optimize the content delivered to the clients so that it leads to highest possible conversions. But you also need to personalize this content so that it resonates with the client.

    The second pillar is multi-channel management. You need to make sure that your message, brand identity and customer experience is consistent across devices and channels, both on-line and off-line.

    The third pillar is conversational engagement. You need to open communication between you and your clients through multiple on-line channels. Whether it’s your website or social networks.

    The fourth pillar is demand generation. This is about how you can identify the needs of the client and deliver the content that will actually lead to client engagement.

    The last pillar is sales automation. This component ensures integration of your on-line activities with your sales activities. It integrates the world of on-line marketing and sales.
  • Cms trends

    1. 1. CMS Trends Petr Palas
    4. 4. Traditional Approach
    5. 5. Managing Customer Communication Across Channels
    6. 6. The Evolution of Marketing "In this reinvention of marketing, it is the fast, the unique, the innovative and creative, the socially connected and, most importantly, those who engage their audience that will win.“ Denise Shiffman
    7. 7. Evolution, Not Revolution of WCM • WEM leverages many existing WCM-related technologies that have been here for many years. • But it combines them in the way that enables on-line marketers to communicate with clients more efficiently and achieve better results.
    8. 8. Traditional vs. WEM Traditional: WEM: We are … Who is this visitor and is she looking for? We sell XYZ Which product is the best fit for this visitor? # of visitors # of conversions Talking at customers Talking with customers
    9. 9. 5 Pillars of WEM According to Brice Dunwoodie/CMS Wire Content Optimization •Analytics •Personalization •A/B, MVT •SEO Multi-channel Management •Consistency across devices and channels Conversational Engagement • Communities • User generated content •Commenting •Micro-blogging •Social media integration •Social media monitoring Demand Generation •Need recognition • Relevancy enhancements • Engagement triggers Sales Automation • Two-way CRM integration • Social CRM • E-mail marketing •Campaign integration Web Engagement Management
    10. 10. Content Optimization • Analytics • The limitations of Google Adwords – Lack of personal records for every visitor – Not real time • SEO • A/B testing, MVT testing • Personalization Kentico CMS 6.0: • Improved analytics • Visitor-level data, available in real time • SEO Advisor • A/B, MVT • Personalization
    11. 11. Multi-channel Management • Consistency across devices and channels – Desktop browser – Mobile browser – Rich Internet Applications (Flash, Silverlight) Kentico CMS • Re-usable, structured content • Transformations • API and RSS/XML feeds for RIA integrations • Mobile website support
    12. 12. Conversational Management • Communities • User generated content (reviews, wiki articles) • Commenting • Micro-blogging • Social media integration • Social media monitoring Kentico CMS • Social Networking • User Contributions, message boards with rating • Blog comments, ad-hoc forums • Integration with Facebook, Twitter
    13. 13. Demand Generation • Need recognition • Relevancy enhancements • Engagement triggers Kentico CMS 6.0 • Segmentation • Personalization
    14. 14. Sales Automation • Two-way CRM integration • E-mail marketing • Campaign integration • Social CRM Kentico CMS 6.0 • Dynamics CRM and two-way integration • Newsletter improvements • Campaign management and tracking
    15. 15. Social CRM
    16. 16. Evolution from CRM to SCRM
    17. 17. A/B Testing • One variable, multiple values (options) – e.g.: – Completely separate layouts of the page (variable = page) – Multiple versions of the same page with one element changed at a time
    18. 18. Multivariate (MVT) Testing • Multiple variables, multiple values (options) – e.g. – Testing multiple parts of the page and their combinations at the same time • Useful for sites with > 1,000 page views per week
    19. 19. Segmentation and Personalization • Segmentation – identifying the type of the visitor based on her: – Behavior – Profile attributes • Lead Scoring – Similar to segmentation – Rule-based evaluation of lead values • Personalization (content targeting) – delivering the right content to the right customer segment at the right phase of the sales cycle
    20. 20. WEM and Technology Life Cycle Personalization Optimization Multi-channel Sales Enablement WCM Analytics Social Networking E-commerce $$$