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Boost your productivity with Clojure REPL


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rebel-readlineでClojureのREPLをリッチにしよう(*> ᴗ •*)ゞ

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Boost your productivity with Clojure REPL

  1. 1. Boost your productivityBoost your productivity with Clojure REPLwith Clojure REPL
  2. 2. カマイルカ /laʒenɔʁɛ̃k/カマイルカ /laʒenɔʁɛ̃k/ lagénorhynquelagénorhynque (defprofile lagénorhynque :name "Kent OHASHI" :languages [Clojure Common-Lisp Scheme Haskell English français] :interests [programming language-learning mathematics] :contributing [])
  3. 3. plain Clojure REPLplain Clojure REPL
  4. 4. lein repllein repl
  5. 5. cljclj
  6. 6. helper functions/variables doc, find­doc source javadoc *1, *2, *3, *e completion no syntax highlight no multiline editing
  7. 7. rebel-readlinerebel-readline
  8. 8. Clojure CLI + rebel-readlineClojure CLI + rebel-readline ~/.clojure/deps.edn {:aliases {:rebel {:extra-deps {com.bhauman/rebel-readline {:mvn/version "0.1.4"}} :main-opts ["-m" "rebel-readline.main"]}}}
  9. 9. clojure ­A:rebelclojure ­A:rebel
  10. 10. Leiningen + rebel-readlineLeiningen + rebel-readline project.clj :aliases {"rebel" ^{:doc "Run REPL with rebel-readline."} ["trampoline" "run" "-m" "rebel-readline.main"]}
  11. 11. lein rebellein rebel
  12. 12. e.g.e.g. lein figwheellein figwheel * >= 0.5.15lein- gwheel
  13. 13. Further ReadingFurther Reading Leiningen Clojure - Deps and CLI Guide rebel-readline CIDER Spacemacs Clojure layer Clojure development with Spacemacs & Cider ClojureでREPL駆動開発を始めよう- Qiita