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SPGR Gyre Web - Doing SPGR Surveys Online - from SPGR conference 2019


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SPGR Gyre Web - Doing SPGR Surveys Online.

Presentation from workshop at the SPGR conference in Oslo on 2019-05-13. Introduction to the SPGR Gyre Web system for doing online SPGR surveys and generating reports.

SPGR is a tool for measuring, observing and analysing group dynamics for the purpose of developing and improving teams and leaders.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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SPGR Gyre Web - Doing SPGR Surveys Online - from SPGR conference 2019

  1. 1. SPGR Gyre Web Doing SPGR Surveys Online SPGR conference 2019 2019-05-13
  2. 2. Online Survey Solution for SPGR SPGR Gyre Web ● Create groups and surveys ● Send invitation links ● Access SPGR reports
  3. 3. Survey Types Primary survey types are: ● Individual ● 360 ● Team / Group ● Organization (HUMRES)
  4. 4. Survey Respondent Login link for respondent. Answering survey pages adapted to mobile.
  5. 5. Report Types and Diagrams Several report types using: ● Field Diagram ● Agility Diagram ● Spiral Diagram ● Polarization Diagram ● … others?
  6. 6. Field Diagram 3 Dimensional (PN, FB, UD) Averages and scatter Blue - Control Green - Nurture Red - Opposition
  7. 7. Agility Diagram ● Smidighet ● Fleksibilitet White area: - Behavioural possibility space Black dots: - Typical behaviour and intensity Example from: ”Slik skulle jeg ønske at jeg var”
  8. 8. Spiral Diagram “Unpacked” SPGR Butterfly “ideal” (stylised)
  9. 9. Polarization Diagram Subgroup polarization Reduced group cohesion Possible conflicts?
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention! SPGR Institute AS ● Endre Sjøvold ○ Rubendahl Consulting AS ● Kent Dahl ○