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From Click to Call to Conversion - Kenshoo and Ifbyphone Webinar


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Presentation from the June 17th webinar, From Click to Call to Conversion: Using Big Data to Optimize PPC delivered by Kenshoo, Ifbyphone, and SQ1. Presenters discussed 5 ways PPC marketers can use Big Data, specifically call data, to build better-converting campaigns.

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From Click to Call to Conversion - Kenshoo and Ifbyphone Webinar

  1. 1. Steve Griffiths VP Marketing & Product Strategy Ifbyphone Kelly Wrather Senior Manager of Content Marketing Kenshoo webinar From Click to Call to Conversion: Using Big Data to Optimize PPC Shaun Parnell Senior Director of Performance Sciences Sq1 #BigDataPPC
  2. 2. Agenda 2 1. Bid data landscape 2. The importance of mobile in big data 3. Integrating call tracking and bid management 4. Customer case study: Sq1 5. Tips for using big data to improve ROI
  3. 3. Big Data Landscape
  4. 4. The Rise of Big Data 4 2.5 exabytes Amount of data created each day 61% Percentage of marketers who believe that Big Data represents equal parts opportunity and obstacle
  5. 5. Marketer Challenges and Opportunities 5 > Data acquisition cited as top priority by marketing leaders > Top barriers to entry for acquiring Big Data - Budget limitations - Data Quality - Limited tools and technology
  6. 6. Applications for Big Data in Your Marketing 6 Consider the channels and devices across which consumers interact with brands and what this means for… > Optimization - Large amount of variables at play - Algorithms provide scale and intelligence > Attribution - Touch points across the consumer lifecycle can be tracked - Industry moving away from last click and toward valuing interactions
  7. 7. Big Data Considerations for Local Search 7 > High Volume and Scale: multi-location > Offline Conversions: in-store and via phone > Mobility: consumers on the go Location Marketing  Call Tracking  Offline Conversions  Regional Targeting  Store Reporting
  8. 8. The importance of mobile in big data
  9. 9. It’s A Mobile World 9 Source: BIA Kelsey (2013) 25% of total search volume is from mobile devices
  10. 10. Mobile Search Generates Phone Calls 10 73 billion inbound sales calls expected in 2018 Source: BIA Kelsey (2013) $65 billion is spent annually on ads to generate phone calls
  11. 11. Click-to-Call vs. Web Form 11 VS
  12. 12. of mobile searchers say it’s important that businesses give them a phone number to call of mobile searchers will research other brands if the initial company had no click-to-call option of mobile searchers have used the “call” button Adding a phone number to mobile search ads results in an average click through rate increase of 8% Calls Are Especially Important In Mobile Search 12 Source: Google (2013) 61% 41% 70% 8%
  13. 13. More Calls Is Great News for Marketing & Sales 13 38.4% 38.7% 26.1% 28.7% 19.2% 15.8% 28.0% 19.5% 28.0% 15.0% 9.5% 9.7% 66.4% 58.2% 54.1% 43.7% 28.7% 25.5% 0% 20% 40% 60% Good Excellent Source: BIA/Kelsey Local Commerce Monitor™ (LCM) Wave 17, Q3/2013 (and prior waves, if relevant). Methodology: Online panels.
  14. 14. Every Call Generates a Wealth of Data…. 14 > What keyword search drove the call? > What ad, campaign, or piece of content drove the call? > What web page did they call from? > What web pages did they see before and after the call? > Where in the country did the caller call from? > What day and time was the call made? > What phone number was the caller calling from? > Where was the call routed? > Was the call answered? > How long was the caller kept on hold? > How long did the call last? > Is the caller an existing customer? > Why was the caller calling you? > Did the caller become an opportunity or sale? …But Are You Leveraging It?
  15. 15. Integrating call tracking and bid management
  16. 16. Call Tracking Software for Marketers & Agencies 16 Social MediaEmail & Direct MailSEO and PPC Your Website TV & Radio Print & Billboards Content Display Ads > Track calls back to the exact source that originated them – and through to revenue > Works for any marketing source – online, mobile, or offline
  17. 17. How Call Tracking Works for Search Ads 17 > Routing calls by source to the right agent improves conversion rates > Knowing what keywords and PPC ads lead to calls and sales improves bidding and ROI
  18. 18. Analyze Phone Lead Data with Real-Time Reports 18 See days of the week and hours of day your marketing drives calls See the keywords, ads, and other sources that drive calls and conversions See high-level graphical reports of call volumes and durations
  19. 19. Kenshoo Platform 19
  20. 20. Close the loop with Kenshoo Call Conversion Optimization (CCO) 20 Move beyond just tracking phone calls to actually optimizing your campaigns based on the keywords that generate the most profitable phone calls
  21. 21. Optimize Calls and Sales from PPC 21 > Ifbyphone call tracking analytics data included in Kenshoo’s optimization solution > Provides marketers and agencies with complete data to optimize PPC bids, conversions, and ROI from search and social
  22. 22. Customer Case Study: Sq1
  23. 23. Situation 23 Challenge > Needed to track calls from their national website to specific dealer locations > Specifically looking to improve CPA by optimizing to phone calls instead of store locator searches on site. Solution > Sq1 used Kenshoo and Ifbyphone to show client the keywords that were really driving calls > Able to determine true value of search keywords to improve bidding strategies > Optimized campaigns to increase call quality and volume Goal > Expand brand footprint in the US by driving leads to local AC dealers on a per market basis Sq1 client is the largest HVAC manufacturer in the world with a growing presence in the United States
  24. 24. Results 24 > Able to quickly scale our client’s local search marketing efforts from 10 local markets to 50 within 5 months > Increased site-side call conversion rates by 75% and decrease cost per call by 65% over a 5 month period “The task was to introduce a new brand in a low interest category and generate sales during the off-peak selling seasons with a 90 day project deadline. Not only did Sq1 readily accept the challenge, they designed a program that resulted in active sales leads within a couple of days followed by a continuous flow of qualified sales leads. Needless to say, we are a happy client.” — Client Director of Communications
  25. 25. Key Integration Benefits 25 > Use call analytics data to optimize PPC bids, increase conversions, and improve ROI from search and social > Leverage call tracking technology to weed out robo-callers and auto- route callers to nearest location. > Automatically reallocate budgets to the highest performing keywords and ads to meet and exceed your goals > Generate detailed reports to prove to clients and execs how your marketing is impacting their business
  26. 26. Tips for Using Big Data to Improve ROI
  27. 27. Utilize geo-targeting to boost local conversions 27 Radius targeting + call tracking + call routing using geo-location
  28. 28. Use your big data to cut out waste 28 > Negative matching keywords > Filter out calls that are not sales calls (e.g., careers) > Replicate lessons learned across search engines > Underperforming geographies > Times of day
  29. 29. Leverage cross-device and cross-channel signals 29 > Harness the intent and interaction signals from search and social - Collect - Analyze - Optimize > Put signals in context of the device used > Follow consumers throughout the path-to-purchase and activate signals to create a tailored experience
  30. 30. Optimize for Sales, Not Clicks 30 > You want your campaigns to generate opportunities and sales, not just leads > Optimize PPC campaigns based on cost per opportunity and cost per account > Measure ROI by revenue generated, not raw lead totals
  31. 31. To learn more about Ifbyphone: Visit for eBooks, additional webinars and other research Call 855-891-9782 to request a demo or learn more Next Steps 31 To learn more about Kenshoo: Visit for a host of resources and subscribe to our blog at Email to learn more or request a demo To learn more about Sq1: Visit to learn about technology driven solutions for your business Email to request a consultation Thank You!