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Semantic web


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Semantic web

  1. 1. Semantic Webs1190013 Keiji Yahata
  2. 2. Do yo know what HTML is?
  3. 3. HTMLHyperText MarkupLanguage
  4. 4. HyperText"Text with hyperlinks"Hypertext is textdisplayed on acomputer display orother electronicdevice withreferences(hyperlinks) to ...
  5. 5. Markup Language"System for annotating a document"…Authoredby John.Updatedyesterday.DescribedHaskell.QuotedfromWikipedia.Hypertext is textdisplayed on acomputerdisplay or otherelectronicdevice with ...Hypertext is textdisplayed on acomputerdisplay or otherelectronicdevice with ...
  6. 6. MarkupHere is paragraph.<p>Here is paragraph.</p>
  7. 7. But, in the real world...
  8. 8. Semantic and Non-Semantic<p>I am a pen.</p><p itemtype="Person"><span id="yahata" itemprop="name">Keiji Yahata</span><span itemref="yahata">I</span> am<span itemtype="Thing" itemprop="sameAs">a pen</span>.</p>Non-SemanticSemantic
  9. 9. Linked Open Data
  10. 10. What is Linked Open Data?It has been advocated by Tim Berners-Lee(W3C). A method of publishing structured dataso that it can be interlinked and become moreuseful for computing.Web of documents Web of data
  11. 11. Definition of LOD1. Use URIs to denote things.2. Use HTTP URIs so that these things can be referred toand looked up ("dereferenced") by people and user agents.3. Provide useful information about the thing when its URIis dereferenced, leveraging standards such as RDF*,SPARQL.4. Include links to other related things (using their URIs)when publishing data on the Web.
  12. 12. ImplementationSupplierRDF(Resource Description Framework)HTML with microdataJSON-LDUserSPARQL(SPARQL Protocol And RDF Query Language)
  13. 13. Triple ModelSubject ObjectPredicateTriple
  14. 14. I a penama mansame asKeijiYahatanameTriple Model
  15. 15. I a penama mansame asKeijiYahatanameVocabularyLiteralTriple Model
  16. 16. I a penama mansame asKeijiYahatanameMy ServerOther ServerTriple Model
  17. 17. mydef:I mydef:am "a pen"mydef:I owl:sameAs <>:manRDF
  18. 18. SPARQLPREFIX mydef: <>PREFIX ex: <>PREFIX owl: <>PREFIX foaf: <>SELECT $whatWHERE {$x mydef:am $what .$x owl:sameAs $y .$y foaf:name "Keiji Yahata" .}
  19. 19. LOD Cloud
  20. 20. Advantages- Easy to resolve relations between data.- Easy to access other database.
  21. 21. Drawbacks- Hard to replace existing database with RDF- Hard to standardize vocablaries
  22. 22. ConclusionThere remain a number of problems to clear. Atthe same time, LOD has hidden potential fornext generation of web.Web 3.0 is just around the corner!