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Business Process Automation Solution


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Business Process Automation Solution refers to activities involved in defining exactly what a business entity does, who is responsible for a process, and how the success of a business process can be determined. Also known as process charting or flow charting, process mapping is likewise one of the oldest, simplest and most valuable techniques for streamlining work

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Business Process Automation Solution

  1. 1. Web: | E-mail: Tel: 91-11-42141242 55, FIE, Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi, India - 110092 Why should you think about Process Automation Solution Most businesses have a greater need for business process automation solution than they realize. And invariably, once a company puts business process automation into practice, the organization immediately identifies opportunities to automate other key processes. All organizations follow some system and some process of operations. They include managing contents, processing forms, data-entry activity, generating reports, sending notification & reminders, evaluation etc. Performing such operations manually is always a time-consuming activity and is error-prone too. Why do you need an expert like us? Using the services of a consultant well-versed in facilitating discovery sessions, process automation, business process mapping and documentation will save you time and money when launching your automation program. Working with a professional in this area will also allow you to gain the knowledge, methodology, training and experience you need to perform future process automation projects. Once you learn the methodology and how to break apart a process into discrete steps, you’ll be prepared to conduct process mapping on your own. For many years now, our team of experts is providing such automation services to various customer which include pharmaceutical company, banks like Standard Chartered Bank, Paints & Chemical industry, Cold Storage, NGOs, Real Estate, Automobile and many more. Kenovate Solutions provides trusted technology consulting and development services to clients across a wide range of industries. Whether you are a small nonprofit or a multinational corporation or a startup, we have the experience to understand your IT and business needs, the industry knowledge to provide effective, sustainable solutions to your challenges, and the commitment to client service to ensure a successful implementation & a fruitful partnership.
  2. 2. Web: | E-mail: Tel: 91-11-42141242 55, FIE, Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi, India - 110092 Our extensive experience and expertise helps us proudly serve a broad range of industries, including:  Automobile  Banking & Finance  Cold store / Warehouse  Construction  Community / Networking  Education  Engineering  Healthcare & Pharma  Non-Profit  Real Estate Sample: Bank's NEFT Request Application Filling Form System As a solution, for one of our customer, Kenovate Solutions has built a web based application which helps to streamline the daily activity with absolutely zero errors and a minutes job to get that done correctly one time, every time
  3. 3. Web: | E-mail: Tel: 91-11-42141242 55, FIE, Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi, India - 110092 With this web based NEFT & Payee process automation management system; users can enter their list of Payee for once and get the NEFT application form auto-filled and printed as per The bank format as quickly as a click of mouse. Since this is a web based application, users can get the forms printed as per the bank’s requirement, pre-filled with their own account details and payee details, from anywhere, be it at home, head office or branch office. Solutions/ServiceWeDo: • Web Application Development • CMS / Dynamic Websites • CRM Solutions • E-Commerce Portal • Blog / Wordpress Implementation • Android App Development • Search Engine Optimization • Website Optimization • Internet Marketing • Google PPC • Press Release Service [] • Lead Management Solution [] FewValuableCustomers