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The persevering-puppy-fable


Published on A story about taking a leap of faith
and believing in yourself

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Published in: Self Improvement
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The persevering-puppy-fable

  1. 1. The Persevering Puppy Fable A story about taking a leap of faith and believing in yourself Patrick, the Great Dane puppy, was a bundle of energy. It puzzled him to no end that he couldn’t jump across the stream. Then, one day, he made an amazing discovery… Discover more free tools at
  2. 2. The Persevering Puppy Jumping across the stream at lunchtime was a favorite pastime of Patrick's older brothers. They weren’t fully grown yet, but they were still able to stretch their legs and make it across. On many occasions, Patrick attempted to jump across, but landed in the stream with a splash. Whenever he came out with his head down, his mom would say, "Don’t worry Patrick. I know you want to jump like your brothers, but maybe it's a little too soon." Patrick felt sad but kept his mother's advice in mind. He landed in the stream each time he jumped, but didn’t lose faith that his time would eventually come. One day, Patrick sat by the bank as his brothers happily jumped across the stream. As he watched, he started to wonder why he was unable to do what his brothers did. He looked at himself and realized that his legs were a wee bit shorter than his brothers' legs. "That's the reason," he exclaimed. "I just haven’t grown to their size yet!" Patrick skipped around with excitement after discovering that his height was the only thing holding him back. He knew his legs would eventually grow much longer. Two weeks later, Patrick woke up at sunrise. "There's something different about me today," he exclaimed. "I think today is my day to Short Story 2Discover more free tools at
  3. 3. do something amazing!" He ran down to the stream. Without a second thought, he jumped and landed squarely on the other side. "I did it! I did it, mom," he screamed. His mother had come outside just in time to see him accomplish the feat. He was filled with pride, not just because he did it, but also because he persevered. Moral: Believe in yourself and keep moving forward toward your goals, despite your current situation. 3Discover more free tools at
  4. 4. The Persevering Puppy The sky was the limit for Patrick. Although not being able to jump to the other side of the stream made him sad at times, he was committed to persevering. Thanks to his mother's advice, he continued to believe that his time would eventually come. Think back to a time in your life when it seemed like everyone around you was doing well. When you compared their circumstances to your own, you felt cheated because your life wasn’t at the same stage as theirs. But look at you now! There’s no greater joy than experiencing success after perseverance. Knowing that you didn’t give up makes the victory so much sweeter. There isn’t a guarantee in life that you'll achieve what you want at the time you want it. But luckily, hard work produces satisfying results. Be patient. Use your drive and motivation to keep working towards your goals. In the meantime, enjoy what life has to offer you today. Be at peace with your circumstances and give thanks for what you’ve achieved. One of the shortest routes to where you want to go is to be happy with where you are today. Gratitude brings benefits of its own! Personal Reflection 4Discover more free tools at
  5. 5. Self-Reflection Questions: 1. When have I felt like giving up because I was unable to achieve my goals by a certain time? 2. How can I ensure that I am grateful for life's small blessings? 3. Why is it important to seek advice from friends and family members during difficult times? 5Discover more free tools at